10 Incredible Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks

Woman with magic eraser in hand

10 Incredible Magic Eraser Cleaning Hacks

By : angelina
Over the years, melamine foams have become household staples for cleaning and sanitising. Their ease of use, affordability and extra-strength cleaning abilities make them suitable tools for removing most stains, grime, gunk and mould spots.

All you need is water to activate these erasers then swiftly treat any unclean spot. Due to its effectiveness and efficiency, the product is suitable for end-of-lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast and other deep cleaning activities.

Thus, here is your complete guide outlining ten incredible magic eraser cleaning hacks to help keep your home neat and tidy at all times. Have a look.

1. Freshen Tile Grout Lines

Grout lines in the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms of the house are constantly neglected during regular cleaning. Thus, they become hot-stops for gunk and mould over time, looking black and smelling bad. Scrub them with a magic eraser to revive them instantly without using special cleaners or rubbing for hours

2. Wipe-off Crayon Marks

When you have small children at home, crayon marks on walls, floors, baseboards, appliances, and other household surfaces are inevitable. To wipe them off without applying elbow grease, wet the sponge and gently scrub the marks. They should come off immediately, and you can save a lot of time & energy.

3. Remove Food Carbons & Burnt Grime From Stoves

Instead of scrapping food carbons and burnt gravy stains from the cooktop, use a magic eraser to loosen and remove them completely. This hack works well when you don’t have the time or motivation to saturate the messes with a cleaning solution and want to remove them immediately.

4. Clean Scuff Marks From Baseboards

While vacuuming and mopping floors is on everyone’s home cleaning checklist, overlooking baseboards is common. But, you should clean these surfaces regularly to avoid scuff marks that look unpleasant. You can use a magic eraser to wipe every mark in one go and keep the surfaces cleaner for longer.

5. Remove Glue Residues From Glass, Metal & Other Surfaces

Everyone has gadgets, utensils, appliances and other items with stickers that are difficult to remove and often leave glue residues. You can remove them with a scrapper, but it threatens to scratch the surfaces. Instead, remove them in a minute with the melamine foams and make your life easier.

6. Degrease The Oven & Microwave Door

The glass doors of these appliances get mucky due to splatters, grime and gunk while cooking or heating dishes. To get rid of stubborn grease stains, wet the magic eraser with water and gently scrub the fixture. Move in a circular motion, as it is a professional technique of experienced end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast to loosen the grime in less time.

7. Remove Hard Water Stains

Exposure to hard water is common for fixtures in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. Thus, they can have cloudy stains that mar the appearance and threaten the structural integrity of fixtures. Old stains take a lot of elbow grease to remove, but you can manage the task within a few minutes with a magic eraser.

Just take a big sponge, wet it with water and wring out the excess, then scrub the fixtures gently until they are clean.

8. Clean Window/Door Frames & Tracks

These are hard to reach spots that accumulate dirt, mould, allergens, and other contaminants that pollute indoor air quality. You can vacuum these pots using the crevice tool, but to effectively remove grime, stick the magic erasers in the narrow spaces and wipe. If the sponge is wide or big, cut it to a size that can easily fit in the nooks.

9. Spot Clean Carpets

Avoiding spills and stains on carpets is impossible, but you can keep the fixtures spotless with magic erasers. If you have stubborn stains that won’t come off with soap and water, scrub them with a damp magic eraser.

However, be careful because the sponges can damage the surface if used incorrectly. So, like the professional who offers end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast, test the sponge on an inconspicuous spot first to gauge the results.

10. Polish Silverware & Chrome Fixtures

Silverware, especially those made with sterling silver darken due to repeated exposure to oxygen and moisture. On the other hand, chrome fixtures get mineral deposits, grime, smudges and marks. You can use a damp magic eraser to make these items clean enough to reflect like a mirror.

But, make sure you wipe gently to avoid scratches and never use the extra durable sponges because they are for sturdier things.


If you don’t have magic erasers in your cleaning kit, add them to sanitise your household surfaces and fixtures anytime without any special cleaner. Use the quick and safe DIY clean hacks shared above to keep your home neat and tidy all year round.

However, hire professionals performing end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast if you are ending a tenancy and need to clean the premises.