10 Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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10 Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes You’re Probably Making

By : angelina
A kitchen is considered one of the dirtiest places in any house. From a greasy stovetop to messy countertops, filthy kitchen appliances, to dirty dishes, all can harbour lethal germs and bacteria that can cause various health problems. Maintaining sanitary living conditions has become the need of an hour.

Following good cleaning habits can prevent the spread of germs in your cooking area. Whether it is about doing dishes or de-greasing an oven, these chores can help you stay active and also keep your kitchen clean.

However, some of the cleaning tips are making things worse. Due to a lack of skills and knowledge, people could be making silly cleaning mistakes and end up ruining the entire kitchen. If you are at the end of your lease, hire seasoned professionals for a quality end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast. They follow tried and tested methods to tackle household dust, stubborn stains and grime.

Unfortunately, there 10 common kitchen cleaning mistakes you are probably making when doing it yourself. So, keep them in mind and rectify the existing blunders:

1. You Don’t Clean Rags and Sponge (Cleaning Tools)

Buying expensive and fancy cleaning tools won’t help you achieve great results. If you are wiping the stains and spills off the countertop and other surfaces with a dirty rag, you are making a big mistake.

Using the same rag/cloth or sponge on different surfaces can spread germs and bacteria.

To make the most out of your efforts, regularly clean and sanitise your cleaning tools like microfiber cloth, kitchen sponges and brushes.

To kill germs, you can either toss a dirty scrubber in the dishwasher or wash rags and cloths in hot and soapy water. Make sure you always use clean cleaning tools before treating stains or grime.

2. You Randomly Clean Surfaces

If you are mopping the floors first and then wiping your countertops, you are making a common cleaning mistake. It is always good to start the process from the top of a room.

Remove dust, dirt and grime from ceiling walls, light fixtures, cabinets, kitchen counters, and make your way towards floors to prevent the crumbs and spills from falling on clean surfaces. This will save you time and help you cover all nooks and crannies without any stress. You can try natural products to banish stubborn grease from your home, including kitchen areas.

3. You are Overloading Dishwasher

It is okay if you don’t have enough time for housekeeping chores, but don’t commit this mistake again. Overloading a dishwashing machine can lead to serious damage.

Instead, you can set a schedule and wash your dirty dishes, pans and other kitchen utensils accordingly. You can teach this task to your partner. Also, wash the knife, cast iron skillet and other sharp objects on your own because they are not ideal for a dishwasher.

4. You Aren’t Disinfecting Faucets

Believe it or not! Kitchen faucets are the breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. If you are overlooking taps in your kitchen, you are inviting bacteria. Make sure you disinfect these germ-laden surfaces using a product that has at least 70 per cent of alcohol concentration.

Make sure you clean and disinfect it every day during the COVID-19 outbreak.

5. Overlooking Kitchen Appliances

Do not ignore your oven, microwave and other kitchen appliances while sprucing up your kitchen. The built-up grease, grime and stuck food particles in your oven or microwave can harbour germs and make your job difficult.

To promote a healthy indoor environment, make sure you deep clean your kitchen appliances using eco-friendly products. You can apply white vinegar and warm soapy water to de-grease your oven and microwave. Use the same solution to clean your fridge and dishwasher inside and out.

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6. You Are Not Wiping the Cooktop

Most of us don’t wipe the cooktop after cooking the meal. This can convert food spills and splatters into tough stains grime. It is important to clean the cooktop surface as soon as you see spills.

You can use a damp microfiber cloth to remove mild stains, grease and grime from the stovetop. Use white vinegar solution or baking soda paste for sparkling results.

You can try innovative kitchen cleaning hacks for a rental inspection if you want to impress your landlord.

7. You are not Cleaning Kitchen Sink

Do you clean and sanitise your kitchen sink daily? This is one of the most common kitchen cleaning mistakes. A dirty sink can invite various harmful germs, such as E.coli, etc.

So, first, wash dirty dishes and apply baking soda paste to clean and disinfect the sink. You can also use hydrogen peroxide for sparkling results. Leave it for a few minutes before scrubbing the surface.

8. You Are Not Disinfecting Chopping Boards

Chopping or cutting boards can spread harmful bacteria and germs if you don’t disinfect them properly. After every use, rub the board using a lemon and salt. Cut the lemon into two pieces, apply the salt and rub it on the surface.

The citric properties of lemon will help you kill germs with ease.

9. Spraying White Vinegar on Countertops

This is one of the biggest mistakes while cleaning your countertop. According to cleaning professionals, white vinegar or any acidic cleaning product can cause damage to natural stone surfaces, such as marble. So, never use vinegar solution on your kitchen counters.

Instead, apply baking soda paste and wipe it down using a clean cloth. This will help you remove spills, stains and grime with ease.

10. You Are Not Mopping Floors Properly

Sweeping the kitchen floor is not enough. It can become stubborn if you don’t mop the surface. So, make sure you mop the floor using warm water and mild dishwashing liquid solution.


Keeping a kitchen clean and organised requires time, energy and proven methods. Make sure you avoid these common cleaning mistakes and achieve a tidy kitchen like a pro. In case you are at the end of your tenancy, book professionals for detailed end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast and secure your bond money.