10 Mopping Mistakes That Are Actually Damaging Your Floors

10 Mopping Mistakes That Are Actually Damaging Your Floors

By : angelina

Floors come in all shapes, sizes and patterns to add character, durability and elegance to homes. They are long-lasting and easy to clean, making them common in houses and apartments in Sunshine Coast.

While these fixtures are low maintenance, they require regular cleaning to keep their structural integrity and appearance. You can hire professionals performing the best bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast to deep clean the floors plus other areas in your rental property. It will increase your chances of getting a 100% bond back when ending a lease agreement.

Moreover, you must avoid the following 10 mopping mistakes that are actually damaging your floors. Using these insights, you can get excellent results without stress or hassle.

Not Sweep/Vacuum Before Mopping

Dust, food bits and other physical contaminants can gather on floors, making them gritty and unhygienic. You must sweep or vacuum the surfaces before mopping to prevent dirty floors and keep them debris-free.

It is also effective in cleaning the surfaces and eliminating physical contaminants that can shield germs from the disinfectant.

Disinfecting Without Cleaning

A common mistake many people make is using only a disinfectant to sanitise floors. Disinfectants are necessary for killing dangerous pathogens that cause contagious and communicable diseases. But, when you apply them without cleaning first, the physical contaminants and grime shield the germs, making your effort to clean and disinfect both useless.

Professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast always clean then disinfect surfaces, as it is the correct way to remove contaminants and germs. Thus, change your habit immediately if you are disinfecting without cleaning.

Cleaning With Dirty Mops

Even new mops become hot spots for germs after one use, which is why reusing dirty mops spreads pathogens making your efforts fruitless. Therefore, you must wash and disinfect cleaning mops after every use to make them safe for reuse.

Not Using Correct Cleaning Techniques

Most people don’t pay attention to how they mop floors, but using the right techniques makes a sea of change and prevent damage. Professional bond cleaners save time, energy and effort during house sanitation because they are trained to clean accurately. If you want to mop effectively make ‘W’ pattern while mopping.

Using Too Much Product

It is never wise or productive to use more than the recommended amount of store-bought cleaners and disinfectants. But, it is common to use too much product and this mistake makes floors dirtier because the products are harder to wash/wipe.

Thus, they leave a thin film of residue to which dust, dirt and germs stick faster. Additionally, prolonged and excessive exposure to commercial cleaners and disinfectants causes respiratory conditions.

Cleaning Without Proper Supplies

You need proper floor cleaning products, equipment and tools to sanitise a rental property for the final inspection. Starting the process without adequate preparation can cause a lot of stress, hassle and waste of time. Therefore, you must have a vacuum cleaner and microfiber cleaning mops, you need the following supplies.

Not Checking Expiration Dates of Products

Every floor cleaner or disinfectant has an expiration date, and using a product past this date is counterproductive because germs are not removed, and you dirty floor with it. Therefore, always check the expiry details on the label of products before using them. Some products may mention a best before date, which means the product is the most effective before that date and afterwards will not kill germs as effectively.

Use Harsh and Dangerous Floor Cleaners

Repeated and prolonged exposure to harsh and chemical-ridden cleaners can cause serious respiratory conditions, aggravated allergies, asthma, eye/skin irritation and much more. Ingredients in cleaners like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), ammonia, chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and PERCs, among others are harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.

Using Extremely Abrasive Tools

If you use extremely abrasive tools on your floors then you are doing more harm than good. Using such products and tools cause irreparable damage to floors. To clean most stubborn stains and spots, you need to give the product time to work and use elbow grease like the professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast. 

Waiting To Book Cleaners Until The Last Moment

Not everyone has the patience, skills or expertise to cleaning floors without damage during bond cleaning, which is why many hire professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast. If you plan to do the same, don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last moment to book them, especially during peak moving season.

Wrapping up

Floors are among the dirtiest areas in your home, as they are exposed to grime, dust and germs regularly. Therefore, you must mop them routinely and avoid the mistakes mentioned above to prevent damage. Hire professionals for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast if the floors or other areas in your rental property are heavily soiled and can lower your chances of getting a complete bond repayment.