10 Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy Parents

10 Quick Cleaning Tips For Busy Parents

By : angelina
When you have kids, house cleaning can take a back seat because you lack time or energy. Maintaining household hygiene with kids, especially curious toddlers, is challenging. However, keeping your home clean and sanitary is essential to prevent household members from falling sick repeatedly.

It can happen because children dirty household surfaces by making messes, cluttering areas and touching everything with sticky fingers. If you don’t clean and disinfect common touch points, rugs, carpets, upholstery, and other household areas, they will become hot-spot for millions of germs.

You can hire professionals for end-of-lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast or daily/weekly house cleaning.

However, even when you can or do get professional help, knowing how to clean your home with kids is essential to keep it sanitary.

Therefore, if you don’t have time to sanitise your home, use these ten quick cleaning tips for busy parents.

Sanitise Household Surfaces with Cleaning Vinegar & Baking Soda

As busy parents, you need effective and efficient cleaners that are non-toxic and safe to use around kids. Therefore, always keep cleaning vinegar and baking soda in your pantry to sanitise household surfaces without any hassle or worry.

You can use these products diluted with water, dishwashing liquid or as it is to remove stains, spots, grime and more from almost any surface in your home.

Time Every Task

Don’t have hours to clean dirty rooms? Complete a task and time it to learn how long it takes. Set a timer next time to do chores quickly and save time. Give other household members house cleaning tasks and have fun by competing against each other.

Ensure Cleaning Supplies are Accessible

Accidental spills, stains and dirty prints can happen anytime with children, and if you are busy and want to save time and hassle while cleaning them, ensure the supplies are nearby.

You can create a simple cleaning caddy with basic supplies like a multipurpose cleaner, baking soda, white vinegar, liquid soap, sponges, brushes, and microfibre wipes. Keep this caddy where it is easily accessible for adults but not your kids.

Create A Personalised Quick Cleaning To-Do List

Walk through your entire home and identify commonly cluttered areas, dirty surfaces and other things that need your attention during house cleaning. Organise cleaning tasks according to importance and urgency to make a daily quick cleaning checklist. Use this list to streamline your tasks and make your home neat and improve its indoor air.

Get every Household Member to Pitch in House Cleaning

A common mistake busy parents make is to take the responsibility of cleaning only themselves. However, you must treat your house as a unit and get everyone involved.

If you have adolescent or teen kids, give them house-cleaning chores and set rewards. For young kids, delegate easier tasks like decluttering or folding laundry. Additionally, involve them to inculcate good habits early.

Invest in Smart & Time-Saving Cleaning Equipment

A robotic vacuum cleaner for floor and carpet cleaning is a must-have for busy parents. It can free these surfaces of dust, debris, pet hair and more contaminants.

In addition, you must get an energy-efficient vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments, a steam-cleaning mop and other smart equipment that make cleaning fun. These tools will come in handy while performing end-of-lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

Clean Up at the End of the Day

Sleeping when the house is messy and dirty surfaces is challenging and stressful. Clutter can overwhelm you visually and release cortisol, the stress hormone. Therefore, you must develop the habit of giving your home a quick spruce before hitting the bed.

You don’t have to take on any extensive scrubbing or washing chores. Just wash the dishes, pick up laundry, keep toys in a container, tidy bedding/couches and sweep or vacuum the floors/carpets.

Add Antimicrobial Essential Oils to Cleaning Solutions

When you have kids, getting rid of bad smells is difficult. Adding antimicrobial essential oils to cleaning solutions is a quick and safe hack for this issue.

The best options are tea tree, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, lemon grass and cedarwood. Most of these oils are also effective pest repellents, which is a plus when your house has kids.

Take Out the Trash Daily

A house with kids can have a ton of trash every day, including organic waste, plastics, dust, leftover food, expired goods and more. Therefore, take out the trash daily if you want your home to remain garbage-free. Ensure everyone recognises waste and puts it in the trash to make this task easier and manageable.

Keep Cleaning Wipes Handy

You can buy commercial cleaning wipes or make some at home as per preference. They will be handy when you want to sanitise a specific area, high touch points, stains or spots made by kids and other messes.

Cleaning wipes are also necessary when you are end-of-lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast, especially when you need disposable tools. End of lease cleaning is an important task as it a tenants responsibility to keep and leave rental property reasonably clean.

Wrapping Up

Keeping your home neat with kids is challenging when you are a busy parent with work commitments. Therefore, prioritise tidiness over organisation and take quick steps to spruce your home without spending hours. Use the above ten quick cleaning tips for busy parents to get started.