7 Expert Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

7 Expert Tips to Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays

By : angelina
With the holiday season approaching, it is time to take out your Santa hat and Christmas tree and start the festivities. But before you start decking the halls, you must ensure that your home is spotless. This is especially true since family and friends will start arriving from near and far to visit your home for the holidays.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 6,351 people from overseas visit their family and friends during this season in the Land Down Under. Therefore it is time for you to spruce up your home and do a deep cleaning to make it warm and cosy for your guests.

To help you get your home ready for the holidays, bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast have recommended seven expert tips below.

1. Start Planning

It is always a good idea to start getting your home ready for the holidays as early as possible so that you are well-prepared. You should start by creating a timeline of all your holiday tasks, from gift shopping to cleaning the guest room and preparing your decorations.

You can get professional cleaners who offer end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast to do your deep cleaning closer to the holidays so that it is easier to maintain. You can also prepare your meals in advance and keep them in the freezer, so you have more time with your family and friends.

2. Declutter Your Home

Now that you have your timeline ready, you should start by decluttering your home so that you clean and organise it more efficiently. You can then start visualising where you can prop your Christmas tree or hang your wreaths and Australian ornaments like statues of koalas, bilbies, and more.

This will also help you put away or sell extra things you don’t need and thus create more space for your Christmas decor. Donating your extra items, you can also spread goodwill and give back during the holidays.

3. Tidy Up Your Front Porch

Your front porch and entryway are the first things your guests will notice, so it is a good idea to start tidying this part first. Sweep and mop the front porch daily, and you can get holiday-themed welcome mats. You can also organise the front porch by setting up a hanging area for coats and jackets.

Besides this, you can place boxes or trays to keep shoes in and have warm cosy slippers ready for your guests. Also, hang some wreaths and mistletoe to give it a festive look.

4. Deep Clean Your Home

Next, it is time to vacuum, mop, dust and clean all your surfaces to eliminate dust mites, bacteria and germs and keep your home free of allergens. You can hire bond cleaning experts on Sunshine Coast to do a deep cleaning of your home, or you can clean your home independently.

If you are deep cleaning on your own, remember to use natural cleaners like vinegar and baking soda to eliminate mould and mildew, treat tough stains on carpets and shine up your surfaces. These eco-friendly solutions will also help prevent germs and bacteria and thus make your home free of allergens.

Important Tip

When deep cleaning your carpets, you should use a vacuum with HEPA filters to suck up even tiny dust particles. Also, move the vacuum in a zig-zag manner to eliminate all the embedded dust in the twisted loops of your carpet fibres. This will eliminate stubborn food particles and allergens and extend the life of your carpet.

1. Bring In The Holiday Decor

Once you have deep-cleaned your home, you should start arranging and decorating your home. You can add warmer and more traditional red and green colours for your bedding, couch and patio. Use holiday garlands and candles around your home to set the holiday mood. You can also decorate your home with statues of native Australian animals dressed in Santa Hats to give it a more fun appeal.

Since Christmas in Australia occurs during summer, it will be too hot to switch on your furnace. However, you can still add a festive and aesthetic touch by using a firescreen to make your guests feel cosy.

2. Set Up Your Lights

One of the major highlights of the holiday season is the beautiful lights all around. You should also set up your lights but be safe and careful and do not overload your circuit. You should also avoid using indoor extension chords for your outside lights as they might not be able to take their load.

You should ask your electrician for electrical safety tips on how to set up your lights or get a smart chord that will send you an alert if the load is too much.

3. Clean Out Your Air Ducts

Lastly, if your guests plan to stay for a couple of days, you must make them feel as comfortable as possible. Besides setting up warm and cosy rooms for them, you must also make sure all your essential utilities are working.

Check your water pressure and electricity meter, and clean your air filters to ensure your indoor air quality is free of allergens. You can always ask your bond cleaning experts on Sunshine Coast to thoroughly clean your air ducts and air conditioning vents before your guests arrive.


Get into the holiday spirit and use the above tips to prepare your home for the festive season. Once you have deep cleaned your home, set up decorations and spruced up your living room and front porch, you can sit back and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.