7 Things You Should Never Clean With Magic Eraser

7 Things You Should Never Clean With Magic Eraser

By : angelina
Since their launch in 1960s, Magic Erasers have become popular household cleaners. They can remove stubborn stains, spots and grime from multiple surfaces/fixtures effectively and efficiently. You only need water to activate these cleaning foams made with melamine resin, formaldehyde and other chemicals.

Therefore, magic erasers are versatile cleaners that are eco-friendly and economical. You can use these tools during regular house cleaning or detailed bond cleaning Sunshine Coast to save, time, energy and money. Even professionals use magic erasers to get optimum results.

However, magic erasers are not the answer to cleaning everything in your home. Thus, here is a complete guide outlining seven things you should never clean with magic eraser. Have a look.

1. Don’t Scrub Polished, Finished, Painted & Other Delicate Surfaces

Magic erasers are abrasive foam cleaners that are effective at treating stains and spots on sturdy surfaces. If you use them on polished, finished, painted or waxed surfaces, they will strip the protective coating leaving noticeable discoloured patches on the surfaces. If you are a tenant, these patches can make you lose your rental bond.

Therefore, use microfibre cloths, soft sponges and other gentle cleaning tools to clean delicate surfaces in your home.

2. Never Spot-clean Electronic Devices with Magic Erasers

Electronic devices have painted, coated and plastic surfaces which are susceptible to starches, swirls and other forms of damage. Therefore, using magic erasers for cleaning isn’t the brightest idea. To clean electronic devices rubbing alcohol and terry towels are the best combination.

Also, dry cleaning with microfibre products is the best way to remove dust, dirt and smudges from electronics safely.

3. Don’t Wash Non-stick Cookware with Melamine Foam

Cleaning non-stick pans, pots, flat grills and other cookware with magic erasers is a common mistake. Since the cleaners can strip the cookware of its protective coating and non-stick properties. Companies who make the cookware don’t reimburse for damage caused by using abrasive cleaning tools. You can end up nulling the warranty of your cookware by not cleaning it correctly.

Thus, follow the instructions on the user manual to ensure the pots, pans and other utensils remain functioning for long.

4. Avoid Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces

Marble, granite, sandstone, quartz and other natural stone surfaces are popular materials for floors and countertops. They can get grimy, stained and spotted due to repeated exposure to dust, boilovers, spills and other messes.

Therefore, you might be tempted to clean natural stone surfaces with magic erasers but you shouldn’t as the tools will scratch and damage the delicate finishing. To clean these surfaces, you need a pH-neutral cleaner that won’t bleach or corrode the stone fixtures and won’t damage the surface and make you lose your bond.

5. Don’t Use Magic Erasers on Chrome or Stainless-Steel Surfaces & Fixtures

Contrary to popular belief cleaning stainless steel or chrome surfaces with harsh cleaning tools like scouring pads, SOS pads or others is a big no. Prolonged cleaning with magic erasers of stainless-steel or chrome fixtures can lead to dullness, scratches and patches especially if you scrub too hard and clean against the grain.

Thus, the best method of cleaning these surfaces and fixtures is to mix water and white vinegar in equal proportions. Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the solution for increasing it potency.

6. Don’t Clean Leather Upholstery with Magic Erasers

Whether your house has furniture with natural or manufactured leather upholstery, cleaning it with magic erasers or other harsh tools is a big mistake. You need to use specialised cleaners recommended by the manufacturer if the furniture is under warranty. If you’ve had the furniture for longer than the warranty period, you can clean it with vinegar and water mixture. Just ensure the cloth saturated with the solution is damp and not wet while wiping.

Also, wipe the upholstery with a dry cloth immediately after wiping it with the damp cloth to prevent moisture from seeping into the upholstery and developing mould.

7. Never Scrub Antique and Vintage Items with Magic Erasers

Many people have vintage or antique furniture, heirlooms, home décor items and other belongings. Cleaning these items can be challenging as anything harsh or strong can cause irreversible damage.

Thus, using magic erasers to remove oxidation, dust, dirt and other contamination from these items is a serious mistake. It can make you lose your bond money if you make this mistake while performing bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

Wrapping Up

Using magic erasers for cleaning stains, grime, spots and other messes from household surfaces is a quick fix. However, using these magic cleaners for sanitising every surface or fixture in your home is a mistake.

Thus, follow the insights shared above to never clean the seven things mentioned above with magic erasers and learn the right way to clean them without causing damage.