8 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean and Dust in Your Home

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8 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean and Dust in Your Home

By : angelina
Are you working hard to keep your home clean and sanitised but fail to achieve the desired outcomes? With so many household tasks to do, it is easy to miss places where dirt and dust tend to accumulate.

While cleaning the entire house, including the floors, carpets, furniture, walls, kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles, make sure you focus on dust gathered on the cabinet top, underneath the kitchen appliances and between the door tracks as well.
It is important to clean every nook and cranny of the property, especially if you are preparing it for the property inspection. You can either hire highly-qualified end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast or research for some brilliant DIY cleaning tips to secure your deposited money.

But before getting into the cleaning process, have a look at 8 places you are forgetting while cleaning and dusting your home. Get ready to dislodge dust particles and allergens from the corners and most neglected areas in your house!

1. Fan Blades

Cleaning an entire room from top to bottom can be a backbreaking chore for you. Of course, you have removed dust and cobwebs from the walls, furniture, windows and floors, but you have missed something important. Yes, they are fan blades.

Working professionals in metropolitan cities like Sunshine Coast don’t get enough time for detailed cleaning, and that’s why they engage in the household chores on weekends. This is the best time to spruce up the dirty areas.

But most of us forget about dusting off ceiling fans. It accumulates dust and grime, which in turn, pollutes the air inside your home.So, the next time you engage in house cleaning chores, remove the dust from your ceiling fans.

Quick Tips to Clean Fan Blades

One of the easiest ways is to use an extendable fan blade duster. It lets you gather the dust and cobwebs without using a ladder.

This method is also effective. All you need to do is to clean the fan blades using a vacuum cleaner that come with a dusting attachment. It allows you to affix a brush so that you can wipe off the dust from hard-to-reach areas like a ceiling fan.

Remove the thick layer of dust from your fan blades using a pillowcase. Slide a pillowcase over each blade and wipe them in minutes. This method requires a step stool or a ladder.

2. Undersides of Couch and Bed

This is one of the overlooked places when it comes to cleaning a house. When you look under the couch or bed, you will find a thick layer of gathered dust and tumbleweeds rolling around.

Make sure you wipe the undersides of your furniture using a dust mop. It can help reach the layers of dust, cobwebs and other loose dirt clinging to the bottom of the table and bed frames. You can also use a handheld dust wand to get the job done with ease.

3. Door Frames

The places like door frames are hard-to-reach areas, and anyone can forget to clean it. If you want a tidy and dust-free home environment, then keep your door frames clean. Use a feather duster or a microfiber cloth to wipe the sides, top and whole surface of door frames to remove accumulated dust and dirt.

Tip: Professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast take extreme care of hard-to-reach areas while cleaning the rental premises. So, consider hiring them at the end of your lease period.

4. Electronic Items

Computers, laptops, television, phones and keyboards also need dusting when you are cleaning your home. These are dust magnets and can quickly breed germs and bacteria.
So, don’t forget to wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth, dipped in an eco-friendly disinfectant. Remove the dust and wipe behind and underneath television, speakers and computers. Use a flexible feather duster to clean the gaps between your keyboards.

5. Underneath Kitchen Appliances

You can’t ignore the areas behind and underneath the refrigerator, microwave or a dishwasher when it comes removing dust. The tight spaces under appliances gather layers of dirt, grime, crumbs and dust.

You can use a cleaning brush or vacuum cleaner with an extendable attachment to wipe down the dust under the kitchen appliances. Also, wipe down the bottom, all sides and floor of your refrigerator using a damp cloth. Repeat the trick for microwave, oven, and your dishwashing machine.

6. Air Vents

Exhaust fan’s vents and air conditioner filters are a breeding ground for unwanted dust, dirt and grime. The worst part is that they can blow dust mites back into the air inside your home. So, make sure you clean them using a vacuum cleaner along with a brush attachment.

Tip: Call for the best professional cleaners in Sunshine Coast for the thorough cleaning of your house and to avoid any end of lease cleaning mistakes.

7. Curtains and Window Blinds

Don’t skip dusting off your curtains and window blinds while deep cleaning your windows. Curtains and blinds collect dust, pollen and even mould and mildew.
So make sure you wash your curtains in a washing machine. For blinds, buy a three-blade microfiber duster to collect the dirt from the tight gaps without much elbow grease.

8. Toothbrush Holder

Whenever you clean and sanitise your bathroom, make sure you spruce up your toothbrush holder as well. Many people forget to clean toothbrush holder- which accumulates a thick layer of dust and dirt. Remove all the toothbrushes and wipe the holder with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to rinse it clean water.


Now you have a list of the most overlooked areas in your house, make sure you keep them clean and dust-free. Take some time out of your busy schedule and make a cleaning checklist to organise things in a better way.

For those who are leaving out of their rental premises can hire experienced professionals for the best end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Professional cleaners take care of all these areas and return the premises in a clean state for the sake of your bond money.