8 Simple and Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips

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8 Simple and Effective Commercial Cleaning Tips

By : angelina
Whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, nobody likes dirty and messy workspace. Cluttered commercial space not only leaves a bad impression on clients but also reduces the overall productivity of an organisation.
However, most of the business owners focus more on increasing the productivity of their employees. But they forget about sanitizing the dirtiest areas of their office such as reception, workstations, kitchen and washroom. If you are concerned about the health of your employees, you should engage more in professional commercial cleaning.
Being an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to give your staff a neat, hygienic, and positive working environment for the success of your business. No matter whether your office is big or small, regular cleaning is vital. You can arrange fun-loving tasks to bring awareness about cleanliness among your employees. You can also approach towards the Green-clean policy to sustain healthy and hygienic workspace.
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If you don’t want to hire professional cleaners, you can trail the following 8 simple yet effective commercial cleaning tips:

1. Keep Everything Organised

Keep your office organised on a daily basis if you want a clean and mess-free working environment. Take a look at your workplace and de-clutter it if you are seeing papers all around the office. Also, provide drawers to your employees to let them manage their files and other paperwork in one place. You can also use desk trays and wall pockets to store all the essential paperwork. This trick can work amazingly if you encourage your employees to keep your surroundings neat and clean.

2. Create a Cleaning Checklist

Before taking up the commercial cleaning task, make sure you create a well-defined checklist that will help you get the job done on time. The checklist will include all the areas of your office that need cleaning, including reception, conference room, workstations, desks, kitchen, washrooms, etc. This will reduce the chances of mistakes and also save your precious time.

3. Thorough Carpet Cleaning

Carpet vacuuming and cleaning becomes imperative because most of the hidden dust tracked onto the carpet and sifts down inside its fibres. Since it collects most of the harmful bacteria and dirt, make sure you give it a deep cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.
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4. Follow a Green-Clean Policy

Whenever you engage in commercial cleaning, make sure you follow a green-clean policy. In this policy, you only have to use biodegradable cleaning products and solutions. There is a myth that eco-friendly cleaning products are not as effective as the chemical based ones. But the reality is something different.
Today, most of the leading cleaning companies also use non-toxic cleaning products to ensure a safe and sound environment. So, you should also move towards environmentally friendly options such as a solution of vinegar, baking soda and water. You can make it yourself and let your cleaning staff use it on a daily basis.

5. Use Only Latest Cleaning Equipment

Being a business owner, it is important for you to keep your cleaning staff updated with the latest equipment. If you are expecting good results, you should invest in a good quality of cleaning technologies such as vacuum cleaner, mops, floor dry cleaner, etc. This will make their life easier because these equipment ensure deep and professional clean while promoting safe and sound working environment.

6. Desk Cleaning is Essential

Make sure all your employees keep their desk and cabinets clean. Encourage them to organise papers, files, folders and other items properly to keep their surroundings neat and clean.

7. Dusting Computers And Keyboards

Computers and keyboards collect most of the dirt magnets. In fact, most of the germs transmitted from hands to the mouth because of the dirty keyboards. If you really want to improve your worker’s productivity, you have following a strict cleaning schedule. You can sprinkle a cleaning spray on a cloth to wipe off computers and keyboards.

8. Toilet Sanitation

When it comes to a safe and sound working environment, toilet sanitation should be placed on the top of the cleaning checklist. Since most of germs and bacteria breads on the toilet seat, ensure that you clean it using a right cleaning product. Also keep the doorknobs, taps, washbasin and other areas of your washroom clean. This would prevent your employees from getting sick.