9 Best Cleaning Tips For Every Room In Your Home

9 Best Cleaning Tips For Every Room In Your Home

By : angelina
Microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, mould spores, dust mites, and others are common on household surfaces. Eliminating them completely is impossible, but you must keep them from proliferating to morbid amounts because they will make you and your family ill repeatedly.

Therefore, to have a healthy home all year round, develop a house cleaning routine to sanitise every room in your home effectively and efficiently. However, not everyone has the time, energy or patience to clean their home routinely.

If you are among them, consider hiring a professional house cleaning service to clean your home daily, weekly or monthly. You can also seek professional assistance for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast at the end of a tenancy.

However, if you want to clean and tidy every room in your home, it is essential to know the right tricks and hacks to save time and effort. Thus, below are the 10 best cleaning tips for all rooms in your home.

Invest in a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t have the time to vacuum carpets and floors frequently? Get a robotic vacuum cleaner for scheduled floor cleaning anytime. Most automated vacuums can map the entire floor plan of your house, avoid obstacles and clean while you are busy with other work. These cleaners are godsent if you have pets, children or multiple household members.

Keep White Magic Erasers on Hand

Made with Melamine resin, formaldehyde and other chemicals, these magic foam erasers are versatile and economical cleaners. Just activate them with water and remove scuff marks, crayon lines, permanent market, pain stains, rust, mineral deposits and other messes instantly from almost every household surface.

Wash Bedding, Curtains, and Fabric Covers Regularly

Dust mites reside in these items in large numbers, which is why you should wash them with hot water at a temperature of 60 degree Celsius or more. Hot water kills dust mites instantly and ensures your laundry comes out clean.

However, always read the label to ensure the fabric can be washed in hot water and detergent. If possible, invest in covers, bedding, and curtains that can be washed easily in hot water setting without getting damaged or bleeding colour.

Use Microfiber Cleaning Products

Microfiber cleaning products are made with synthetic fabrics that have an asterisk design enabling them to trap dust, dirt, bacteria, and even allergens like dust mites. To make your home free of these pests, invest in microfiber cloths, towels, wipes, mops, dusters and sweepers. You can use the products wet or dry as per requirement.

These versatile cleaners are used by professional bond cleaners in the Sunshine Coast because they are easy to use and clean almost any surface. While purchasing these products, get ones with a good fibre count and grade to ensure longevity, durability, and excellent results.

Complete One Task At A Time

Perform tasks you need to complete in every room, in the whole house, instead of performing them individually. When you do a chore one at a time, it helps save time, cleaning products and energy.

For example, if you need to dust the lights, fans, other fixtures, and household surfaces, do it in every room before moving on to another common or specific task. This technique will also prevent you from feeling stuck in a loop.

Use The Right Techniques

Whether you are vertically scrubbing, wiping, dusting or any surface or object in your home, always move top to bottom. Also,

  • Scrub in circular motions to loosen dirt, grime or stains.
  • Wipe, making a wide ‘S’ pattern to collect maximum residue in single strokes.
  • While dusting and wiping fixtures and surfaces in a room, move right to the left in a circle. It is the fastest way to clean a room.
  • Never disinfect before cleaning, as the physical contaminants shield the germs, and you get half-baked results.

Add Essential Oils to Cleaning Solutions

Want every room in your house to smell great every day? Add 5-10 drops of an antimicrobial essential oil to cleaning solutions. You can use this trick whether you are using a commercial cleaner or making a natural cleaning solution at home with white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, salt, dishwashing liquid etc.

Use Baking Soda + Lavender Oil to Refresh Carpets and Upholstery

Sprinkle the mixture on carpets and fabric upholstery and wait 20 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum the surfaces thoroughly to collect dust, allergens and debris and clean carpets or upholstery like a professional. Baking soda and lavender oil are both deodorisers, and baking soda also helps absorb moisture which creates a musty smell.

Sanitise Electronics With Rubbing Alcohol

Mix rubbing alcohol and distilled water in equal proportions in a spray bottle. Sprinkle it onto a microfibre cloth and wipe the dirty electronics. Avoid wiping printed numbers, instructions or other information with a damp cloth, as rubbing alcohol can dissolve the ink. Wipe these areas with a dry cloth.

Wrapping Up

Maintaining household hygiene and sanitation is challenging when you cannot keep a routine. Therefore, use the tips and tricks shared above to ensure every room in your house is free of dust, germs and other contaminants all year round.