9 Things You Should Never, Ever Vacuum

young woman vacuuming the floor with a cordless vacuum

9 Things You Should Never, Ever Vacuum

By : angelina
It is no secret that the vacuum cleaner is the most useful cleaning tools you can have in your house because you can use it regularly to keep your home sparkling clean. That is why it always has a demand in the market and even for professionals, who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast, it is an essential cleaning tool. However, like every other thing, it also has some restrictions. If you overlook the restrictions, the efficiency of the machine can reduce, and you can also end up damaging the machine permanently. So, if you have a vacuum cleaner or planning to buy one, you should know what things you should avoid cleaning. Here is a list of things you should never, ever vacuum. Let’s have a look!

1. Small pieces of Broken Glass

If you think that your vacuum cleaner is the safest way to get rid of small pieces of broken glass from the floor and carpets, you are wrong! However, it can be a terrible idea to deal with such a mess. Most of the models of vacuum cleaner have a bag inside the machine that collects all the dirt and dust. Broken pieces of the glass can not only make a hole in the bag but also damage the hose of the machine. Always use a broom and dustpan. After removing the big pieces, use a wet paper towel to eliminate the small pieces.

2. Loose Hardware and Coins

People sometimes vacuum loose hardware and coins accidentally. Such things can damage the bag inside the vacuum cleaner, which accumulates dust, as well as the motor of the machine. It is a costly cleaning tool, so you do not purchase it every other day. Therefore, it is essential that before you clean any surface, carefully check it and make sure that there are no coins, loose hardware, and even small plastic items. If you find anything, remove it first and then vacuum.

3. Wet Carpets

There are some latest models of vacuum cleaner in the market that comes with the ability to clean spilled water, but if you have a regular vacuum cleaner, make sure you use it carefully. Sometimes, people use the vacuum cleaner on wet carpet to remove the water quickly, but this can be a huge mistake. People usually do not have the habit of cleaning the vacuum cleaner thoroughly. So water inside the machine can drastically increase the chance of mould and mildew that can affect the performance of the machine. If the carpet is soaked in water due to some pipe leakage, then hire professional who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

4. Long Hair

When people clean the floor and carpets, one of the most common things they found is long broken hair. It is a common issue in almost every house, and most of the people believe that the best way to deal with this problem is a vacuum cleaner. However, experts do not feel the same way. According to them, if you use your vacuum cleaner to clean such things for a long time, the long hair can clog your machine. This blockage and make an impact on the suction ability of the machine.

5. Construction Dust

A lot of people use their vacuum cleaner to remove the heavy dirt and dust after renovating the home. However, you should never ever use your machine to clean such things. Majority of the people use a standard vacuum cleaner are designed to clean basic household dust, so it is not right to use them to clean such level of dust. If you want to deep clean your house after the remodelling, many reputed companies perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They will help you to clean your house in a hassle-free manner.

6. Flour

Avoid using your vacuum cleaner to clean up flour a small amount of flour might not cause any harm to the device, but if you have the entire pack, make sure you clean it manually. Otherwise, you will end up damaging your machine. Too much of flour can block the filters get inside the engine and make it disable.

7. Electrical Wires

If you think that you can thoroughly and quickly clean the dirt and dust on the electrical wires with the help of a vacuum cleaner, think again! The nozzles and the power of the vacuum cleaner are strong enough to damage the chords and tear small wires. These tears can lead to a short circuit or an electric shock. Moreover, the wires can end up in a machine as a tangled mess, and that can be a challenge to solve.

8. Cosmetics

Cosmetic items like powder, foundation, highlighters, eyeshadow and other cosmetics looks dry, actually contain different types of oils and other substances that can melt due to the hot air and it will clog the mechanical parts as well as filters. It can be impossible to clean from inside, and sometimes, replacement becomes the only option. Thus, cosmetic items are considered as one of those things that you should never ever vacuum.

9. Soil and dry parts of plants

If there are too much soil and small dry parts of plants on the carpet because of your kids, pets or your carelessness, then you need to make efforts to clean the carpets thoroughly. However, you need to make sure that you do not use the vacuum cleaner because wet soil can allow the moisture to the entire machine. Moreover, the small dry parts of the plant can block the filter and even the hose. First, remove the soil any other things from the carpet with the help of brush and then vacuum the carpet. Experts who carry out the end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast also follow the same approach.

The Bottom Line

A vacuum cleaner helps you to keep your home sparkling clean and make your cleaning task a lot quicker and easier. However, it comes with a hefty price tag. This machine is not something that you can purchase every other day. So, if you to extend its life and want it to perform exceptionally well, maintain it properly.