Beachside Living: Cleaning Challenges and Solutions for Sunshine Coast Homes

Beachside Living: Cleaning Challenges and Solutions for Sunshine Coast Homes

By : angelina
Having a beachside home on the Sunshine Coast is a blessing as you get to enjoy beautiful ocean views and a magnificent coastline. Not to mention the amazing water sports and beachside activities you can enjoy at your own pace.

But owning a beachside home also means you must constantly deal with elements like sand, sun, wind and salt that can damage your outdoor and indoor structures.

If you are at the end of your tenancy and must leave your beach home in optimal condition for the next tenants, you can hire professional bond cleaners Sunshine Coast. These professional experts will wash and clean your decks and patios, wipe down all your furniture, pressure wash your exteriors and deep-clean your carpets and windows to ensure your home is sparkling.

For more regular maintenance of your beachside home, here are some cleaning tips that can help you out:

1. Use Door Mats And Rugs To Prevent Sand

One of the biggest challenges when living near a beach on the Sunshine Coast is dealing with sand in your home. When you enter your home from the beach, sand can get stuck to your shoes and feet and get embedded in your carpets and floors. This is very difficult to remove, and you may need to call a professional bond cleaner on the Sunshine Coast to help you out.

You can, however avoid this problem by using strong coir doormats on your entrances that trap sand before you enter your home. You should also keep buckets and pails outside your home where you and your guests can leave your shoes and outer gear so that you do not track sand inside your home.

2. Ventilate Your Home To Prevent Mould Growth

The humid beachside air and sun are favourable conditions for mould growth in your homes. To prevent mould, you should ventilate your home regularly by opening the windows and using a fan to circulate air. You should also use a dehumidifier in places like your bathroom and basement, which get damp and musty easily.

If you find mould spores in your home, spray these areas with hydrogen peroxide and scrub them with a brush to keep your indoor air quality clean and hygienic.

3. Spray Vinegar On Your Windows To Remove Salt Residues

The humid temperatures and salty air can leave a cloudy mess on your windows, lowering their ability to reflect sunlight into your home.

Thus, you must keep your windows clean by spraying diluted white vinegar onto the glass panes and frames and leaving it for a few minutes. The acetic acid in vinegar will loosen the grimy mess and make it easier to remove. You can then take a plastic brush, scrub your windows, and dry the area with a microfiber cloth. For exterior windows, use a hose pipe and then dry them with a squeegee.


These tips will help you keep your window screens clean.

4. Clean Debris From Your Air Ducts And Filters Regularly

Over time pollen, dirt, sand, soil and salt can enter your air ducts and vents and hamper your indoor air quality. You can keep your air ducts clean by using a microfiber cloth attached to tongs or by using a vacuum attachment.

You should also clean your air filters and replace them after every two to three months so that your air ducts function to their optimal capacity. If your air ducts are soiled, call an expert bond cleaning Sunshine Coast service to eliminate this debris.

5. Use A Pressure Washer To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Clean

Your outdoor furniture and decks are the most prone to damage as they must deal with sun, sand and humid air. You can keep your outdoor furniture clean by wiping them down regularly with a microfiber cloth and dish soap.

In extreme cases, when the sand has got embedded in your furniture and decks, use a pressure washer to remove this dirt and then scrub the area with a brush.

Bond cleaners on the Sunshine Coast also recommend using more durable fabrics and materials for your outdoor furniture so that it lasts longer and does not fade easily in the sun.


Here are some tips for pressure washing and cleaning your home.

Some Additional Tips

  • Remove leaves from your gutters to prevent fire hazards
  • Hire professional cleaners to wash your roofs and siding
  • Get a pest inspection done to keep your home free from rodents
  • Polish materials like timber and oak wood to keep them shining
  • Use more wicker furniture outside so that it is easier to clean
  • Spray your metal surfaces with lemon juice to avoid rusting
  • Conclusion

    A beachside home on the Sunshine Coast is an enjoyable experience as you can experience the beauty of the coastline and the warm and sunny weather.

    But you must also regularly clean and wipe down the surfaces inside and outside your home to get rid of sand and salt. You should also prevent mould, use more durable outdoor fabrics and materials and keep door mats and rugs to prevent dust inside your beachside home.