Bond Cleaning Tips For Families With Pets

Bond Cleaning Tips For Families With Pets

By : angelina
Keeping your house clean with pets is challenging. No matter how often you clean, it will not be enough, especially if you do not use the optimal methods. From removing pet hair to ensuring they are off furniture, there are plenty of cleaning tasks to be done. Additionally, if you are leaving your rental residence soon, you must keep it in the best possible condition. This will ensure you get your bond back in full. Although hiring bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast is recommended for pet owners, they can use DIY methods to get the best results. It is essential to understand that the cleaning process is not as complex as it looks. You just need to learn a few valuable tricks. In this guide, we will go through the bond cleaning tips for families with pets. Apply them to clean your home efficiently.

1. Tackle Stains and Pet Odours

It is common for pets to leave unpleasant odours and stains that require special attention. Addressing it immediately is crucial, especially when it comes to bond cleaning. Use DIY and non-toxic cleaners appropriate for eliminating stains and suitable for the type of flooring and surface. For instance, carpets might need pet stain removers specifically prepared for piercing and removing tough stains. For odours, homemade enzymatic cleaners will be the best choice as they are known to neutralise the smell by breaking down the organic matter. Remember to check for stains on the carpets and walls, floors, upholstery and other similar spots that may have come in contact with your pet.

2. Pay Attention to Pet-Occupied Areas

Pets move around the home often, but there are a few spaces where they spend the most time. Those areas need special attention during bond cleaning. Use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of pet hair from the carpets, curtains, and upholstery. If your pet has a specific bed, ensure to clean it deeply and tackle the odours. Do not forget to look at the corners or doors, as they are likely to have gathered dirt and grime. Expert bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast recommend paying special attention to these areas. This will lead to deeper cleaning, leaving the residence in a visually appealing condition.

3. Purchase a Lint Roller for Every Room

Most pet owners know that fur gets everywhere, even in the areas where your pet does not visit often. A lint roller is among the most underrated yet effective tools for this job. Using it is one of the best cleaning hacks for your home. Buy a multipack of the product and stash them throughout the home. This way, you can save time and annoyance of finding your nearest roller. This product is designed specifically to eliminate pet hair, dander and other similar particles from surfaces. Before these particles settle, make sure to remove them using the roller. Just roll it over curtains, upholstery, clothing, bedding, etc.

4. Repair Visible Damage

It is no secret that energetic pets can cause quite a bit of damage to your rental residence. Pet owners commonly see chew marks on furniture, scratches on the floor, or damaged windows. However, it is crucial to take care of them before the final inspection of the property. Firstly, identify all the surfaces and items that need repairing. Then, analyse them to confirm if they just need repairing or replacing. Do what is necessary to ensure there are no deductions from your bond.

5. Clean the Outdoor Areas

If your pets spend a lot of time in the yard or other areas, these spots will likely get dirty often. So, it is essential to clean them. Get rid of the pet waste from the surfaces and responsibly dispose it. Use suitable homemade cleaners to eliminate the unpleasant odours. Furthermore, inspect the outdoor areas to ensure everything is in the best possible condition. Whether it is lawn holes or any plant damage, make sure to address such issues quickly. If you need professional help, then contact expert bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast. This way, you will ensure that your property is shining during end of lease cleaning.

6. Keep Your Dog Clean

The best way to keep your house clean is to prevent it from getting dirty frequently. This can be done if you bathe and groom your pets regularly. Getting a pet is not cheap by any means. So you need to take care of them. Once they are clean and well-groomed, you will see a reduction in the amount of fur and dander they shed. Schedule a complete grooming and cleaning session for your pets and stick to it as often as possible. Furthermore, a bath will ensure that they are clean and fresh. This will minimise the odours as well. Lastly, trim their nails to ensure they do not scratch surfaces.

Wrapping Up

Getting your home ready for final property inspection is never easy. A lot of cleaning needs to be done, especially for people with pets. However, if you apply the tips from this article, you can certainly keep your home neat and clean. Plus, if possible, it is best to get help from expert bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast.