Cleaning Secrets of Professional Cleaners in Sunshine Coast

two men and one woman in blue jumpsuits mopping the floor and wiping light fixtures

Cleaning Secrets of Professional Cleaners in Sunshine Coast

By : angelina
Having a clean and healthy environment is extremely important to maintain both mental and physical well being. The health of the family is enhanced by an uncluttered atmosphere and to lead a healthy and hygienic life; it’s imperative to keep your house clean regularly. It’s difficult to focus on the tasks when your home is dirty or disorganised. Cleaning is indeed a tedious task and Keeping up with the daily routine of house cleaning is overwhelming in a busy city like Sunshine Coast.
However, Professional cleaners have brilliant tricks to clean every room of the house much more efficiently. They know how to get the job done as these cleaners have years of experience. They know what makes a house look great as they pay close attention to the minute details and ensure that floors are shiny, all windows are spotless, and no corners are left dirty. Hence if you have some professional cleaning secrets, you will be able to clean your house using the right strategies so that you don’t end up spending several hours on cleaning.

People have hectic schedules including work and family commitments and hence maintaining regularity with cleaning schedule is arduous. However, taking assistance from well reputed and reliable Sunshine Coast Cleaners is vital as house cleaning is a wearisome task that involves much more than dusting and mopping.
When you are hiring Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast, you are hiring a professional. Their methods are systematic and organised that delivers top-notch cleaning. They have devoted professionals having more than ten years of experience who provide green cleaning services.
Here are some cleaning secrets of professional cleaners in Sunshine Coast to help you go pro in your house cleaning sessions:

1. They Clear the Clutter first

Clearing the clutter is one magic tip of professional cleaners which cleans the room in minutes. Clearing the clutter gives a blank slate to the house and then cleaning it becomes much easier. You can start with emptying the trash, removing the towels, linens and anything else that is lying on the couch, bed or anywhere else.
In the bathroom, you should start with clearing the bathmats, laundry, towels, bottles and everything on the counters. Decluttering automatically cuts down the time of overall cleaning of the house.

2. Vacuuming and Moping

Vacuuming and moping are the essential parts of the cleaning process. One secret here is that professional cleaners prefer vacuuming before they mop. It is important to get a neat cleaning through vacuuming before you mop as that the wet hair or anything else gets stuck to the floor which gets difficult to remove.
Also, make sure that you start from the far corner and make your way to the door when you are mopping. One easy tip to follow here is to mop the entire house in one go to cut short the overall mopping time.
Vacuuming the right way- Not everyone knows but there is a proper way to vacuum. Instead of starting at the farthest part of the room and vacuum yourself out professional cleaners always advise vacuuming into the room over the high traffic areas and then vacuum yourself out so that you hit the most walked on areas twice and hence clean them better.
Pro Tip: If you use lightweight hand extensions, it will be easy to quickly vacuum mantels, shelf surfaces, railings and inside of the drawers.

3. They do the Bathrooms Last

Bathrooms are undoubtedly the dirtiest place in the house, and therefore extra care is needed for them. However, one significant tip from professional cleaners here is that you should always start cleaning bathrooms at the end of your cleaning routine, as this will minimise the bacterial transfer to the other regions of the house. It is best to start with the bedroom and other areas rather than the bathroom.

4. Keep Proper Tools Ready

It is essential to keep all the cleaning tools and products ready at all times, just like the professional cleaners. Expert cleaners keep everything they could need on their handy carts.
Take all the items that you feel are necessary for your house cleaning and keep them in a plastic bucket or bin to stay organised and save time.
Keep all your cleaning supplies, brushes, sponges, mop, detergents, rags, sprays etc. in this kit and keep it at a place within your reach so that you can use it whenever you need. This will cut down the time that otherwise you may waste in finding all your cleaning supplies at the time of cleaning.

5. Have a Proper System

There is no need to keep one whole day for cleaning, instead, make a proper system of your cleaning. Expert cleaners say that having a routine method for cleaning and following that regularly will cut down a great amount of total time spent on cleaning.
Clean the house in the same order every time. Start working in one room, then move to another, star and finish at the same spot in a room so that you don’t have to run back and forth and waste time.
You can clean the house in half the time by having a proper system for cleaning. Being consistent with it is an intrinsically better way to clean because the speed comes from the method instead of from rushing.

6. They Believe in Green Cleaning Techniques

Professional cleaners nowadays are using green and proper cleaning methods as much as possible so that their practices don’t harm the environment. Instead of using harsh chemical it’s easy and much better to use natural ingredients just like the expert cleaners. Things like vinegar, baking soda, lemon etc. are natural materials which are also known as best cleaning agents.

A well-reputed cleaning company always follows eco-friendly methods. These cleaners help in preserving the environment by not using harsh chemicals that can have the unfavourable effects on not only the environment but also people living in that area. Hence it’s crucial for all of us to be conscious of the biological concern and hire cleaners in Sunshine Coast who believe in protecting the environment.

7. Giving Enough Time to the Cleaning Products

All the professional cleaners are well aware of the time cleaning products take to work. Most people wash or wipe off the applied cleaning agents in a few seconds only, whereas professional cleaners say that these agents need time to start working.
Therefore, let your cleaners work for you. After you have sprayed down the toilet or the shower walls with the cleaners, you should leave it for several minutes to do their job. Use this time to clean the windows, mirrors, cabinets and everything else around. After you are done with other things in the room, go back and wash off those wet surfaces.

8. They Prefer Microfiber Cloth

The secret to efficient dusting is using a proper clean cloth. Most of the professional cleaners prefer microfiber cloth. However, if you don’t have it then a hundred percent cotton rag will also work. You can also use a slightly dampened clean cloth, an old t-shirt or an old pillowcase.
One professional tip cleaners give in this case is that refrain from using polyester or terrycloth towels because they tend to create more dust.

9. Cleaning from Top to Bottom

Professional cleaners always recommend starting cleaning from top to bottom. Work your way down the walls from the top towards the baseboards. Same goes for the floors as well.

10. Cleaning Supplies Professionals can’t live without

These are some cleaning supplies that all the professional cleaners always use, and you should also have them in your cleaning kit:

  • Nylon Bristle broom– Always keep a broom with nylon bristles. It doesn’t splash on the walls and doesn’t lose its bristles.
  • Backpack Vacuum– Professional cleaners prefer using a backpack vacuum as they are easy to carry and move quickly from room to room while cleaning.
  • Microfiber Mop– Expert cleaners always say that using a mop made of microfiber cloth is much better than using any other material. It is cheaper and great for picking up dust in high and low corners.
  • Microfiber Towels– Microfiber towels are much better than paper towels as they are affordable and don’t leave any dust behind.
  • All-Purpose Cleaner– An all-purpose cleaner is a must in your cleaning kit.

Cleaning is laborious and time taking if you don’t know the professional tips and tricks. You can end up wasting several hours while cleaning without a proper system and right techniques. Lack of enough time and energy to do it all by yourself leaves you with the most beneficial option of hiring professional cleaners in Sunshine Coast.
It becomes essential in case of the end of lease cleaning so that you don’t lose your bond money. Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast has been in the cleaning business for more than ten years now and is famous for exhibiting complete professionalism, value for money, and outstanding cleaning services.