Cleaning Tips: How to Beat Germs All Over the House

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Cleaning Tips: How to Beat Germs All Over the House

By : angelina
When people clean their home, they usually focus on removing the visible dirt, dust and cleaning the clutter. But deep cleaning of the house is more than that! Your home is not safe for your family until you remove germs and harmful bacteria from it. But do you know how to do it efficiently? To remove the dirt and destroy the germs, people hire professionals who provide end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They use their experience and knowledge to get the job done is a perfect manner. However, with a little know-how, you can also do it on your own. Here are some useful tips to beat the germs all over the house. Let’s have a look!

Disinfect your bathroom

If you want to beat germs all over the house, you need to start it with your bathroom. This place has many harmful germs and bacteria such as streptococcus, E. coli, hepatitis, salmonella, shigella, etc. So, if you want to protect your family, clean your bathroom thoroughly and disinfect those places that are frequently touched areas like the toilet seat, flush lever and faucets. Cleaning your bathroom is a time taking, and difficult task, so many people prefer to hire professionals who offer end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They use modern equipment and products to get the job done correctly.

Destroy the germs in your kitchen

Once you are done with the bathroom, you need to focus on your kitchen. You cannot allow the germs and bacteria to flourish in your kitchen because it can affect the food you eat and leads to various stomach related diseases. Thus, you must clean your kitchen properly. After cleaning, you need to disinfect those surfaces that likely to have maximum germs like the handle of appliances. Whether it is your oven, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, dishwasher or any other appliance in your kitchen, disinfect the handles of all the appliances. Apart from the handles, you also need to clean and disinfect the kitchen countertop, sink and cutting board. Use disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces appropriately.

Clean the appliances that accumulate dirt and germs

Every household has a few machines that are used to clean other belongings like a washing machine to wash clothes, dishwasher for plates, cups, bowls, glasses, etc. and vacuum cleaners for remove dust and dirt from carpets, couch, etc. These things help you clean your home, but people always overlook the fact that these machines accumulate many germs and bacteria, so they also need cleaning. So, you must clean them at least twice a month. To clean and disinfect the washing machines and dishwasher, you can use white vinegar and baking soda. For vacuum cleaner, you need to use a brush to eliminate the dust.

Disinfect the cleaning supplies

Like appliances, you also need to clean the supplies such as toilet brush, scrubber, duster, etc. When you use these supplies to clean a surface, they remove dirt and germs. However, when you use them again without cleaning, then you are actually spreading it instead of removing because the germs are already there in the brush and scrubber. If you want to clean and disinfect them, you need to dip them in hot water with some vinegar. The temperature of the water and the acid present in the vinegar can destroy the germs and harmful bacteria, to make them as useful as they were once.

Banish germs from frequently touched surfaces

One of the most effective ways to beat germs all over the house is to clean and disinfect frequently touched places. These surfaces include doorknob, light switch, table surface, keys, wallets, kid’s toys, and other similar things. As these are frequently touched, they get very dirty and have harmful germs. So, you need to disinfect these spots with the help of disinfectant wipes. These surfaces act as a medium to spread bacteria all over the house through your hands. So, if you want to prevent the spread of germs all over the house, disinfect the surfaces and wash your hands frequently.

Wash your hand towel of bathroom and kitchen

The hand towel of bathroom and kitchen get quickly dirty, but people keep using them until they look very dirty. When you don’t wash the dirty hand towels for a longer period, it allows the germs and bacteria to flourish, and from there, it spreads over the entire house. Thus you must clean the towels properly and replace them frequently. It will not allow the germs to flourish on the towel surface. When you are washing them, use hot water and pour some vinegar into it.

Remove germs from the carpets

No matter how spacious or small your home is, the carpets always enhance the appearance of the room. But the problem is that the carpets get dirty pretty quickly as it accumulates a lot of dust, germs, allergens, pet hair, etc. Thus, it is essential to clean them perfectly. It will keep your family safe, particularly kids who spend a significant amount of time on these carpets. However, cleaning them is not as easy as you think it is. A little bit of mistake can cause damage to the fibre and colour of the carpet. That is why you should opt for professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They know how to clean carpets perfectly.

Disinfect your electronics

To eradicate the germs, you also need to remove them from the electronics that you use daily such as phone, tabs, laptop keyboard, TV remote and so on. These things can also spread germs everywhere so clean these items and then disinfect them properly using disinfectant wipes. It will prevent the spread of germs to other places.


If you want to beat the germs and make you home a hygienic place, getting rid of the dirt and dust will not help alone. You also need to disinfect all the surfaces that can have the maximum amount of germs. The cleaning tips mentioned here will help you accomplish your task quickly and effectively.