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If you are searching for some time saving tips/tricks/hacks for DIY cleaning, then you have come to the right place. At Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast, we share some of the useful, effortless and thorough cleaning tips that will help you ensure a clean and hygienic environment. Let’s have a look at our cleaning tips knowledge centre:

How Often You Should Clean Everything In Your Home?

  • admin
  • 11 October 2019

Sometimes it is difficult to gauge how often should you clean everything in your home. This is because different surfaces accumulate dust and dirt at...

5 Reasons Why a Clean Workplace is Good for Business

  • Sarah
  • 27 September 2019

A clean and hygienic environment is incredibly vital for an office space. It not only leaves a good impression on clients but also increases the...

The Importance Of Hiring The Services Of An End Of Lease Cleaning Company

  • Sarah
  • 24 September 2019

End of lease cleaning companies play a pivotal role in the moving process. They provide high-quality service in a hassle-free manner so that you can...

The Best Ways To Clean Laminate Floors Without Damaging Them

  • Sarah
  • 12 September 2019

Like every other flooring, laminate floors too have come a long way! Today’s technology and advanced manufacturing techniques have made them more attractive and durable...

4 Tricks For Removing Marks From Walls At The End Of Lease

  • Sarah
  • 30 August 2019

Cleaning the walls of your rental property is an essential part of end of lease cleaning. If it is not done correctly, then you are...

5 Daily Tasks That Keep Your Home Clean Forever!

  • Sarah
  • 26 August 2019

Do you know the secret of keeping a house clean forever? Cleaning may seem a challenging task, but with little determination and right tools, you...