Easy Cleaning Tips To Help You Get Your Bond Back

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Easy Cleaning Tips To Help You Get Your Bond Back

By : angelina
When you are vacating a property, it is important to leave it in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Otherwise, getting back the bond money can be challenging. Moving to a new place is always exciting as you eagerly wait to start a new phase of life.

At that point in time, cleaning your old house can feel like a burden. On top of that, the physical exertion and emotional turmoil can make it an unbearable task. Since the security deposit is a hefty amount, it is always a smart idea to hire professional bond cleaners in Mountain Creek for a thorough cleaning to ensure full retrieval of the bond.

However, if you want to do it on your own, make sure you do not leave any spot dirty. The inspection agents always look for chances of deducting an amount from your security deposit. Here are some useful tips to help you get your bond back without any fuss. Let’s have a look.

Clean Your Kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen is quite challenging as it is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. However, it is also necessary because the landlord observes everything very carefully during the final inspection. So make sure that you clean every part of your kitchen. Remove everything from the shelves and cupboards.

Clean-up all the crumbs and deposits and then, wipe off the inside and outside of the cabinets thoroughly using a clean wet cloth. Also, clean the countertop, sink and walls of the kitchen. Make sure there are no cobwebs at the corner of the ceiling. Avoid using anything that can damage the surface of the cupboard and cabinets.

Look At Your Oven

The oven is one of those things that we use quite frequently, but hardly take out time to clean it. Thus, on the final day of cleaning, we find thick deposits of food spills, grease, household dust and burnt food inside it. When you are moving into your new home, the last thing you want to clean is a dirty oven for someone else.

However, it is necessary, or you won’t get back the bond money back. So clean it properly! Start with the racks then clean inside the oven, the glass door and finally the tray.

Experts believe that when your security deposit is at stake, it is better to hire the best bond cleaner in Mountain Creek. You will be surprised to know that property managers usually check it first during the inspection process.

Do Not Forget The Bathroom

We often overlook the cleaning of our bathrooms, but realise our mistake on the final day of inspection. As we do not clean them regularly, it becomes dirty and a challenging place to clean. If ignored for a long time, it can become a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

To avoid this situation, start with the bathtub and shower glass, then clean the toilet and make sure there are no stains. After that, clean the sink as well as the faucets. Do not forget to clean the walls, ceiling and the floor.

Pay Attention To Windows

Cleaning the windows of the house is another vital point that impresses the landlord. For cleaning glass and windows, alcohol and vinegar are the two best ingredients to use. Before you start cleaning, sweep the dirt and dust from the window frames using a vacuum cleaner or a brush.

Then use the alcohol and vinegar solution to clean the glass and frames properly. Make sure that you clean them from inside because sometimes it is difficult to clean it from outside. For that, you can contact a professional bond cleaning company in Mountain Creek.

Clean Your Carpets Thoroughly

Cleaning of carpets is always a significant factor when it comes to final inspection of the property. Thus, you need to make sure that there are no food particles, coffee stains, or pet hair on the carpet.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dirt, particularly dust and pet hair. Give your machine enough time so that it can absorb as much dirt as possible. One quick pass would be enough for the low-traffic areas, but in high-traffic areas, you need to run the machine a couple of times.

Hire Professionals

When vacating your rental property, you get involved in so many responsibilities, and it becomes almost impossible to clean the property. If you still manage to clean it, the chances are high that you might miss some important places.

And this will make it very difficult to get back the bond. Thus, experts always suggest hiring experienced bond cleaners as they have technical knowledge as well as modern cleaning tools.

Other Important Tips

Take Pictures Before You Move In

This step is essential because it will help you to avoid any penalties for the damages in the property that already existed before you moved in. So, the moment you find any damage, take a picture and talk to the landlord immediately.

Fixing any such issues is your landlord’s responsibility. When the rental agreement is over, these pictures can be beneficial in claiming your bond money.

Perform Cleaning Task Time To Time

Do not keep the cleaning task for the last moment. Make it a habit to clean the rental property whenever you get time. This will reduce the workload on the final day. Also, whenever you find spills, stains, and dirt, clean them immediately. By maintaining cleanliness, you can stop the buildup of dirt.

Be Extra Careful If You Have Pets

Although pets are adorable, they can make your home look quite dirty, particularly with their hair. Not only that, they are also responsible for weird smells in the house. And this is not something that most of the property managers will appreciate.

In fact, in many rental agreements, there is a term which doesn’t allow a tenant to have a pet. So, if possible, try not to have a pet in your house, even if there is no such point in your agreement.


Cleaning your rental property can be a massive challenge on the final day. Thus, to reduce the burden, you should clean it once in a while and maintain the cleanliness of the property. Although professional bond cleaners are the best option to save your bond money, you can follow the tips mentioned above and get your bond back in Mountain Creek.