How A Cleaning Company Can Help Get Your Bond Back?

team of your professional sprucing up a house

How A Cleaning Company Can Help Get Your Bond Back?

By : angelina

The move-out process requires a lot of time, proper planning and efforts. Among all other important factors to consider, returning the rented property in a flawless condition is the most imperative task to get the full bond back. Most people forget to spruce up the important spots and end up losing a part of their hard-earned deposited security.

Even if you consider yourself a cleaning pro, make sure you book a trusted company which specialises in a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast according to the REIQ-approved checklist. Professionals not only bring cutting-edge equipment and tools but also spruce up every nook and cranny to help you get the bond back without any dispute.

So, here is the complete guide that will help you know how an experienced company can help you pass the rental inspection with ease.

1. They Follow a Standard Checklist

Highly-trained end of lease cleaners focuses on each and every corner of the rented premises to meet all the cleaning requirements. The best part is that they follow a standard checklist approved by REIQ. This means all the areas will be cleaned according to the checklist which includes:

  • A living area
  • Bedrooms
  • A kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  • A Laundry room
  • Patio Area
  • Garage Area
  • And hard-to-reach areas.

These companies have the potential to impress even the fussiest landlords. Apart from this, they inspect the entire property and clean accordingly. So, the chances of getting the bond back increases when you take assistance from professionals.

2. Experts Clean From Top to Bottom

When you carry out the cleaning task, you would randomly remove the dust from surfaces. This is a wrong technique. On the other hand, professionals clean the property in a top-to-bottom way. First, remove the accumulated dust from the ceiling fans, cobwebs from walls, grime from the light fittings and fixtures, and then make their way towards windows, blinds, carpets and floors.

This way the entire property will be transformed into a sparkling beauty before the final inspection so that you can impress your landlord.

3. They Use New-Age Technologies

A reliable cleaning company always use cutting-edge technologies to complete the cleaning job in half a time. From heavy-duty vacuum cleaners to floor scrubbers, they come fully-equipped with all the latest tools to treat tough stains, mould and mildew.

They will do everything within a given time frame so that you can focus on the other important things related to your move.

4. Thoroughly Spruce up the Kitchen

A kitchen is undoubtedly one of the dirtiest rooms in a residential property. It hosts lethal germs and bacteria and also causes harmful health diseases. Professionally-trained end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast know the right methods to remove built-up grease, oil splatters, tough stains, burnt food particles, and other grime from the entire kitchen.

Most tenants lose their bond money because they forget to clean the kitchen appliances, such as microwave and oven. If you want to protect your security deposit, then hire cleaning experts because they clean all the appliances, countertop, stovetop, sink and faucets.

5. They Clean and Disinfect the Bathroom

Trained cleaners pay special attention to bathrooms because landlords thoroughly inspect the areas where germs and bacteria lurk. From showerhead to glass door, bathtub to tile grouts, counter to sinks and faucets, walls to floors, toilet to other germ-harbouring areas, professionals cover every inch to give you a sense of relief along with your bond money.

6. Professionals Can Restore Your Window’s Shine

Gloomy windows are one of the major reasons behind rental disputes at the end of the tenancy. You should focus on hiring a company which specialises in a thorough cleaning. They will clean the windows using eco-friendly products to bring back its lost shine.

They first remove the loose dust from sills and frames. After that, white vinegar and dishwashing liquid will be applied to remove tough stains and grime. Instead of wiping newspaper, they use microfiber cloths to get sparkling results.

The best part is that they will clean the window blinds and curtains to help you get the bond money back without any conflict.

7. Vacuum the Carpets and Rugs

A reliable cleaning company has years of experience in removing accumulated dust and dirt from delicate floor coverings. If you want to pass the rental inspection, then take professional assistance from trained cleaners because they can vacuum the carpets and rugs in no time.

They can restore the pristine look and feel of your plush carpets so that you can easily pass the inspection.


There is no rocket science behind a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Professional cleaning companies pay full attention to the rental premises, and can help you get the bond back with ease.