How Cleaning Can Be Fun With Mr Clean Magic Erasers?

Mr Clean Magic Eraser

How Cleaning Can Be Fun With Mr Clean Magic Erasers?

By : angelina
Spots and stains are a part of your everyday life, especially when you have small children and pets. No matter how regularly you clean different household surfaces and make sure tidiness is maintained, spills and marks are hard to avoid. Keeping your abode sanitised at all times can be challenging, but it can be managed using the right cleaning supplies. A versatile cleaner like Mr Clean Magic Eraser should be a staple in your cleaning kit. It is a multipurpose cleaning tool that is useful in removing spots, stains, marks, and much more from a variety of surfaces. By using such effective products, you can get excellent results like professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast. Cleaning can be fun with Mr Clean Magic Eraser. Want to know how? Here is your complete guide outlining what this cleaner is made of, how it works, and different ways in which you can use it to make cleaning exciting and stress-free.

What is a Mr Clean Eraser, and how it Works?

Launched in the 2000s, Mr Clean Magic Eraser is a cleaning product manufactured with melamine foam, formaldehyde and sodium bisulphite. These components, when combined make a potent cleaning tool that is safe-to-use and can sanitise a variety of surfaces and objects. The eraser can be used dry or with water to remove dust mites, dirt, scuff marks and various types of spots and stains. To understand how these cleaners work, note the product is a type of open-cell foam. The microscopic filaments and cavity-ridden structure of the eraser make it flexible yet firm at the same time. The product is abrasive like super-fine sandpaper as the melamine resins are cured into the foam. Note: Although Mr Clean Magic Eraser can clean almost any type of surface, it is best to avoid using it on sensitive, polished, and painted areas. It can cause discolouration, scratches, and massive damage to such surfaces due to its abrasive qualities.

How can Cleaning be Fun with Mr Clean Magic Erasers?

The best part about using this cleaning product is that it can sanitise a host of surfaces and reduce the amount of elbow grease you apply. Want to know how you can use this versatile tool like the professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast to get excellent results? Here are different ways you can use it.
  • Remove Permanent Marker and Crayon marks
Accidently got permanent marker stains or crayon streaks on the table, floor, countertop, or any other surface? Remove these spots and streaks in a few minutes by rubbing them with Mr Clean Magic Eraser. The cleaner is perfect for getting rid of old as well as new messes caused by permanent ink and crayons.
  • Get Rid of Scuff Marks
On household floors, baseboards, and walls, scuff marks are inevitable, and they make them look unkempt and dirty. Professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast often use abrasive and non-toxic products like this to spot-clean different types of surfaces and objects. Similarly, you can use the eraser wet or dry to gently rub the marks and get rid of them.
  • Clean Microwave and Ovens
Due to continuous cooking, microwaves and ovens accumulate grease, stubborn splatters and food carbons. These can be hard to remove with soap and water. By using Mr Clean Magic Eraser, you can get rid of greasy and grimy stains/build-ups in an instant. It will help you sanitise either of the cooking appliances with minimum effort and get maximum results.
  • Spot Clean Walls
Walls in different areas of the house have different types of stains and spots which all can be removed using one product. You can apply it to remove greasy carpet stains, splatters, dirt, grime, marks, streaks, and much more. Note: Before using the product on your wall, please test it on an inconspicuous area to make sure no damage is caused.
  • Sanitise Stove Top or Hob
Boil-overs and splatter are common while cooking, but they can leave behind stubborn and burnt spots and stains on stovetops. The best way to keep the hob clean after cooking a delicious meal is to immediately scrub the surface with a magic eraser and wipe away the residue.
  • Remove Glue and Sticky Residue
When you have children at home, it is common to have glue stains and sticky residues anywhere in the house. To get rid of these spots, you can use the eraser. The abrasive nature of the product is ideal for getting rid of stubborn residues like these.

Wrapping Up

Mr Clean Magic Eraser is multipurpose, safe to use, and a readily available cleaning product. It is an excellent cleaner that you can use to sanitise a host of household surfaces like professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast. If you haven’t used it, follow this guide to understand how this product works and how you can use it to make cleaning more comfortable and fun.