How Do Professionals Clean Windows Inside And Out?

How Do Professionals Clean Windows Inside And Out?

By : angelina
Are your windows streaked with dirt and grime and need a good scrubbing? Windows can collect dust and pollen over time, spoiling the curb appeal of your home and affecting your indoor air quality. Therefore it is necessary to wash your exterior windows at least once or twice a year and your interior windows every three to four months. If you live near the sea or industrial area and haven’t cleaned your windows in a while, they will be more prone to harmful deposits, and thus you will need to clean your windows more regularly. To help you deep clean your windows and remove all dirt, grime and harmful deposits, you can follow this step-by-step guide by professional bond cleaners Sunshine Coast:

How Do Professionals Clean Your Inside Windows

1. Remove Window Screens And Blinds The first thing that expert bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast do is to remove the window screens and blinds from your inside windows. This will prevent loose dust from falling onto the window panes when you dust and clean your screens. These experts will mark each screen and blind so they know which window it belongs to and then wipe them down with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. If there are stubborn stains and deposits on the blinds screens, a simple cleaning hack your professional cleaners will use is to spray vinegar and water on them, scrub them off, and let the screens dry. 2. Wipe Down Your Window Sills And Frames Next, your bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast will place sheets and newspapers below your window sills and frames to collect all the dust so that it doesn’t settle on your window panes. Once the newspapers are in place, these experts will use a dry brush or broom to dust each corner of your window frames and sills to remove loose dust. Tip Avoid using chemical cleaning solutions or vinegar on your frames and sills, as the liquid can damage and weaken the structure. 3. Dry Dust Your Window Panes With A Microfiber Cloth Once your window sills and frames are clean, your Sunshine Coast bond cleaners will dust your window panes with a clean microfiber cloth. First, the dry dust must be removed as it could stick to your cleaning solution and create sludge on your windows. Professional cleaners also advise using a toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt from the edges and corners of your windows. 4. Spray White Vinegar To Dissolve Stubborn Deposits Professional bond cleaners also prefer using eco-friendly and natural cleaning solutions for your home as these do not release any toxic chemicals that affect your indoor air quality. White vinegar is one of the best natural cleaning solutions for cleaning your windows, as the acetic acid in vinegar can dissolve even the toughest deposits on your window panes.
  • To make this solution, professional cleaners mix two parts of distilled water with ¼ cup of dish soap and ½ cup of white vinegar in a spray bottle.
  • Next, spray this on your window panes and do not let it air dry, or it could leave streaks.
  • Use a squeegee and wipe off the solution in an S formation to cover a large area.

  • 5. Dry Your Window Panes With A Clean Cloth Lastly, professional cleaners will dry the windows with a clean microfiber cloth to remove the solution completely and to buff and shine up your windows. It is necessary to dry your windows completely as moist windows can attract damp mould spores that could damage the structure of your windows.

    How Do Professionals Clean Exterior Windows

    Professional bond cleaners will have to use a little more elbow grease for exterior windows as your outside windows can attract dirt, chemicals, bird droppings and pests. To clean your outside windows, professional cleaners will use the following steps: 1. Remove Outer Coverings And Screens Like your inside windows, professional cleaners will remove screens and outer coverings from exterior windows as these may contain bird droppings, and grime that will dirty your window panes. The best way to clean these outer coverings is to dry dust, spray them with a garden hose, and then scrub the dirt off with an abrasive sponge. Once the dirt comes off these screens, your professional cleaners will let them dry completely while they clean the window panes. Tip Here are some more tips on how to clean window screens like a pro. 2. Use A Telescopic Pole To Dry Dust Your Window Panes If you have large and high exterior windows, professional bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast will use telescopic poles to dry dust the panes. Starting from the corners, they remove all dirt and grime so it does not stick to the cleaning solution. 3. Use A Garden Hose To Remove Stubborn Stains These experts will now use a garden hose to spray your windows, slowly moving from one corner to another and immediately dry it with a microfiber cloth. For more stubborn stains, these professionals will mix three drops of dish soap with 6 cups of water and dip a microfiber mop in this solution. In circular motions, they will then wipe your windows with this microfiber mop from top to bottom. Tip It is important to let the water not become too soapy as it could leave soap suds on your windows, which will be hard to remove. 4. Dry Windows With A Squeegee Lastly, your window cleaners will rinse the solution with a garden hose or a bucket of cold water and use a large squeegee to dry the windows. The best way to do this is by forming an “S”, as it covers the entire window and does not leave streaks. Make sure you use a dry microfiber cloth to buff the outside windows and make them look shiny and dirt-free. Tip Here are some of the best window cleaning tools on Amazon to help you clean your windows like a professional.


    The above tips will help you see how professionals clean your interior and exterior windows to improve your curb appeal and keep indoor air quality healthy. It is important to remember to avoid cleaning your windows on a sunny day as the sun will dry up the solution quickly and leave streaks. Thus, cleaning your windows on a cloudy day is best as you can see the dirt marks clearly, and the solution will not dry fast.