How Do You Clean A House At The End Of A Lease?

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How Do You Clean A House At The End Of A Lease?

By : angelina
When you move out of your rental property, you have to deal with various difficult tasks such as utility transfer, declutter, packing, etc. However, the most challenging task is to clean the rental property.

Being a tenant, it is your responsibility to clean the place thoroughly before you hand over the keys. However, when your mind is occupied with so many responsibilities, the cleaning task can get neglected. You should not forget that if your landlord is not happy with the cleaning standard, you can lose a hefty amount from your security deposit.

Therefore, you need to make sure that the property looks perfectly clean. If you don’t want to take any chance with your security deposit, it is advisable to hire professionals to get a thorough end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They will help you to pass the final inspection.

In case you are moving on a tight budget and want to clean on your own, you must follow the right approach.

Read on to know more about how to clean a house at the end of a lease period.

Follow a Checklist

When you want to clean a house at the end of a lease period, the first thing you need to do is to prepare a checklist. Include all the important spots of all the rooms that require cleaning.

The checklist will ensure that you clean every nook and cranny of the property, so it looks sparkling clean. You can also get the checklist directly from the website of a cleaning company. The professional cleaners also follow a standard checklist to ensure the best possible result.

Start From Kitchen

Your kitchen accumulates dust, dirt, grease, kitchen oil, spills, food particles, stains, etc., over time. Therefore, your cooking area requires more time to clean in comparison to any other area of the property. To clean the kitchen perfectly, you need to have some patience.

Therefore, you should not leave it for the last; otherwise, you will have to clean the area in a hustle, and that could lead to chaos. Landlords inspect this place very watchfully, so you need to ensure it looks immaculate.

Clean and Disinfect Bathroom

The bathroom is another place that requires vigorous scrubbing and washing at the end of the lease period. Tenants usually neglect this area, which allow the dirt to settle down and germs to flourish. As a result, the bathroom surfaces look dirty, and it also stinks.

A dirty toilet or a bathroom sink can be very annoying for the property owner. So, make sure that every corner of the bathroom is perfectly clean. Dusting and scrubbing of the bathroom can be time-consuming. To save your valuable time, hire seasoned end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast.

Focus On Area That Matters Most

When you are cleaning the rental living space, you need to understand the mindset of the property owner. So, focus on those specific spots that matter most to the property owners.

These places include the windows and blinds, carpets, walls, ceiling fans, toilet, oven, light fittings, etc. If you clean these spots properly, your property owner is most likely to get impressed by your efforts, and that in turn, will help you get back the bond money.

Clean Carpets at the Last

Carpet cleaning is one of the essential tasks at the end of the lease period. Over time, a carpet accumulates dust, dirt, pet hair, spills, insect droppings, etc., which make it look dull. A dirty carpet is a common factor for dispute between the property owners and tenants.

To get back your deposit money without any conflict, make sure you clean your carpet perfectly. You should always vacuum your carpet only a day before the final inspection, so your carpet looks perfectly clean.

Hire Professionals

If you want to clean your rental property in the best possible manner, you must contact a reliable cleaning company in Sunshine Coast. They use advanced equipment and the latest methods to clean a property. The professionals have experience and expertise in dusting all types and sizes of properties, so they understand the mindset of the inspection agents.

Thus, then clean the property according and help you to pass the final inspection. The cleaners not only give you the utmost quality result but also save your precious time. So, you get more time to focus on other essential aspects of relocation.

The Endnote

Cleaning the rental property is undoubtedly a challenging task because it demands a lot of time and elbow grease. Also, the refund of the bond money depends on it. To make the task easier and more effective, follow the ways that are mentioned above.

If you want to save your time and increase the chance of getting back your bond money, hire a trusted company that provides professional end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.