How to Clean a Carpet in An Eco-Friendly Way?

How to Clean a Carpet in An Eco-Friendly Way?

By : angelina
Dirty carpets are a common problem in households because the fixtures are constantly exposed to dust, dirt and grime. They look extremely bad and also smell unpleasant because bacteria start eating the contaminants instantly. Bacteria grow rapidly on carpets as the fixtures absorb moisture in your home’s indoor air, and the pathogen can double in number within 8 hours.

Pollutants and germs not only make the fixtures dirty but also reduce the shelf life of the carpets. Besides being a health hazard, dirty carpets are a major problem for renters, and you can lose your bond because of them.

You can hire professionals to sanitise them thoroughly for end-of-lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast at the end of a tenancyCarpets need regular cleaning and maintenance to remain fresh and plush all year round. Commercial carpet cleaners work effectively, but they have dangerous chemicals, which is why you should know how to clean a carpet using natural cleaning products.

Therefore, listed below are different ways how you can clean a carpet eco-friendlily.

Spot-Clean with Soap & Water

Before you reach for fancy carpet cleaners, you must try to get the stubborn carpet stains out with dishwashing liquid and water. Mix clear soap and warm water in a spray bottle and spritz it on the dirty area. Scrub a little with a brush, then dab until no residue comes off on the paper towel. Never rub stains, as it will cause the mess to spread and be harder to remove.

Sanitise Carpets with the Low Moisture Dry Cleaning Method

Carpets trap dust particles and smell, and to tackle these problems, all you need is rubbing alcohol and water. Rubbing alcohol is a pH-neutral cleaner that lifts dust, dirt and grime from surfaces, leaving them sparkling and squeaky clean. It is a natural cleaner that doesn’t harm the environment or cause allergies. To use dry carpet cleaning, follow these steps.

  • In a bucket, mix water and rubbing alcohol in equal proportions.
  • Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and an essential oil of choice (optional)
  • Damp a micro fibre cloth with the solution ensuring it is wrung well.
  • Wipe the carpets with the cloth until it gets dirty, then dip it again in the solution and wring it well.
  • After wiping the carpet, let them air dry before vacuuming thoroughly to have a fresh and dust-free carpet.
  • To remember where you have cleaned during bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast, do what professionals do. Divide the carpet into four quadrants and clean each quadrant from the innermost corner towards the edge.

    Get Stains Out of Light-coloured Carpets

    Off-white, beige, grey and other light colours are popular choices for carpets because they make the rooms look spacious. However, these carpets are harder to keep clean because stains and spots are more visible. Therefore, you must know the following method for naturally cleaning light carpets.

  • Mix hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid in a bowl and apply on the stain.
  • Wait 5 minutes, then wipe with a damp cloth. Afterwards, blot until the stain lifts.
  • Lastly, vacuum after the carpet is free of stains.
  • This method comes in handy when you have to spruce the carpet before end of lease cleaning in the Sunshine Coast & don’t want to spend on carpet stain removers.
  • Deodorise & Refresh Carpets With Baking Soda & Essential Oils

    Baking soda is known to absorb bad smells, moisture and dirt from surfaces. It is a natural cleaner that sanitises all surfaces without damage, scratches or discolouration.

    Thus, to make a natural household cleaner that works on carpets too, mix the powder with 10-15 drops of essential oil of choice to make a natural household cleaner. Mix until the oil has combined well and are no large clumps of powder.

    Next, sprinkle this mixture on the carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes. Once the dwell time is over, vacuum the carpet thoroughly, and you will have a bright and deodorised carpet.

    Steam Clean the Carpets

    When all other stain removal and sanitising methods fail, you can still revive your carpets with steam cleaning. Steam is a natural and non-toxic cleaner that reaches temperatures over 300 degrees Celsius and kills germs and smells instantly. It can effectively get rid of mould, pet smells, and built-up grime from carpets and rugs without toxic cleaners and help you avoid harsh chemicals.

    Therefore, if you have a steam cleaner, attach it to the right tool for carpet cleaning and remove dirt, dust and grime from the carpet. Ensure to use the right amount of heat, or you can end up burning the fibres.

    Wrapping Up

    Using commercial carpet stain removers and cleaners is what most people do because it is easy and the products are effective. However, these products harm the environment and aren’t great for your health. Therefore, switch to natural carpet cleaning methods and use this guide for help. With the tips above, keep your carpets sanitary and smelling fresh all year round.