How To Clean And Organise Your Fridge For Easy Maintenance

How To Clean And Organise Your Fridge For Easy Maintenance

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A clean and organised refrigerator looks visually appealing and makes meal-prepping easier. Without regular upkeep, food remnants and stains can build up both on the inside and outside on drawers and shelves.

Similarly, the forgotten perishable food items at the back side can give off unpleasant odours each time you open the door. This makes it crucial to keep it clean. For a deep clean, this appliance requires more than just a quick weekly wipe-down.

You need to equip yourself with the required knowledge to handle the work. According to budget bond cleaners Sunshine Coast, you can take care of the cleaning tasks by using DIY cleaners and a simple procedure. Here is how to clean and organise your fridge for easy maintenance. Use this step-by-step approach to get the best results.

1. Unplug the Refrigerator

To minimise the chances of electrocution, the first step is to simply unplug your refrigerator. This step is quick and easy but highly important. It will help you prevent injuries. The professionals who do the best bond cleaning Sunshine Coast always follow this step before starting the cleaning process.

2. Ensure Each Shelf is Empty

The next step is to empty each shelf. Remove every product from the fridge. Remember to actually remove the containers instead of just moving them to a different side of the fridge.

3. Get rid of Any Expired Food Items

The perishable items can easily get lost in the mix by either getting pushed back or staying hidden behind other stuff in a big refrigerator. If anything is likely to get spoiled, do not save it. You should consider getting rid of things like opened jars and cans by throwing them in the trash.

If you are in doubt, just throw the stuff out. Any food item or ingredient you have not used in a long time or do not plan on using should also be tossed in the trash.

4. Wipe Down the Refrigerator’s Interior

Woman is looking into the interior of her fridge.

According to professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Sunshine Coast, you should fill a bucket with warm, soapy water and get your preferred sponge for this cleaning task. Extremely absorbent microfibre cloths are ideal for scrubbing down each inch of your fridge’s interior and eliminating messes that might have accumulated since your last cleaning session.

If you are having difficulty reaching stuck-on stains and grime in narrow corners, using a simple toothbrush can be a great option. This is because they have soft bristles that are strong and flexible, helping you reach into tiny spots and scrub away the dirt. Once you have wiped the fridge’s interior, rinse using clean water.

5. Disinfect the Surfaces

Over time, bacteria and mould can accumulate in a refrigerator. So, it is important to disinfect this appliance’s surfaces. Ensure you are using a food-safe sanitiser because you will need to place items back eventually. Because you have already wiped the interior, there is no need to go overboard with sanitising.

6. Vacuum the Condenser and Coils

Dust and debris accumulation on your refrigerator over time can end up clogging air intake. This way, the condenser and coils will need to utilise much more energy to take in air and ensure the fridge is cool. This will result in a less efficient appliance and higher utility bill. It is easy to solve this problem. Just regularly get rid of dust on the refrigerator coils.

Begin by removing the protective grill that can be found either on the bottom or top of the unit. Brush the fan unit and coils to make them dust-free. Utilise a high-quality vacuum cleaner to get rid of all the debris and reinstall the grill.

7. Keep the Surrounding Areas Clean

It is as important to keep the fridge’s areas clean as it is to clean the unit itself, according to experienced bond cleaners Sunshine Coast. Mop the floor thoroughly around and under the fridge. If your unit has casters, remember to pull them away from the walls so that you can reach the walls and floor. Moreover, remember to dust the unit’s top as well.

8. Organise the Refrigerator

After you are done with the cleaning procedure, it is time to place the items back. Here is how you can stock your fridge:

  • Use the top shelf to place ready-to-eat foods, pre-cooked foods, butter, condiments, etc.
  • Position seafood on the second shelf.
  • Use the third shelf for raw pork.
  • The fourth shelf can be used for fish and ground meat.
  • Utilise the bottom shelf for poultry.
  • For further organising this appliance, you should add labels to the opened products. It will help you track the item’s freshness so that you can dispose of it once it expires. Regular audits will also help you keep the refrigerator organised. Remember to recycle whatever you can and take the trash out as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasant odour in your home.

    Cleaning And Organising Your Fridge For Easy Maintenance

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    Wrapping Up

    Once your refrigerator and freezer are clean and organised, you will begin to see the advantages of maintaining a neat unit. It will help you save money and reduce waste like food waste. Follow the steps mentioned in this article to clean and organise your fridge for easy maintenance.