How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine

By : angelina
Carpets add sophistication, comfort and character to homes, making them excellent flooring options. While these fixtures have many pros, they require routine cleaning to keep them sanitary and odour-free.

Cleaning carpets in your home regularly is crucial to increase their longevity, prevent microbial growth and maintain indoor air quality. What’s more, tenants must keep carpets in their rental properties neat and tidy to get a complete bond repayment and vacate the property without any stress.

Thus, most people hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast to adequately clean the carpets and other areas of their rental houses. The professionals have advanced equipment and high-grade products to get excellent results.

But, if you want to tidy carpets during regular house sanitation and don’t have professional equipment, here are tips for cleaning carpets without a machine.

Invest in a Napping Brush

Purchase a soft yet firm-bristled napping brush to remove dust, dirt, hair and other contaminants from carpets. Since the tool is wide and narrow, it can easily get into corners, under furniture and hard-to-reach spots.

To effectively and efficiently clean carpets with a napping brush, divide them into four quadrants and move from the centre towards the edges. It is a technique professional performing bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast use to save time and effort.

Dab Spots instead of Rubbing

When spot-cleaning carpets, a common mistake you can make is rubbing the stains or spills. This method smudges the spots and embeds the substance deeper into the carpet fibres, making them harder to remove.

Therefore, you should always dab spots while cleaning carpets to soak the stains or spills and remove spots without creating a bigger mess than before.

Additionally, make sure to tend to spills on carpets as soon as they happen to remove moisture and stains quickly and without applying elbow grease. This way, you also prevent stubborn stains and nasty smells in your household carpets.

Use Natural Cleaners

Use natural cleaning agents like white vinegar and baking soda to refresh dirty and smelly carpets instantly without using a machine or expensive products. You can make an all-purpose and mild carpet sanitiser by mixing water and white vinegar in equal proportions in a spray bottle. To increase the efficacy of the cleaner, add a few drops of a neutral soap like dishwashing liquid or Castile soap.

To dry clean carpets, sprinkle baking soda on the flooring and let it dwell for 30-45 minutes before brushing. Baking soda is an excellent cleaner and deodoriser that can remove grime, stains and smells from almost any surface without damage or toxicity.

Remove Pet Hairs with Rubber Squeegee/Gloves

Pet owners with carpets at home often struggle to remove the fur of their beloved pooches. One of the best ways to tackle this issue is to use a rubber squeegee to collect pet hair. Wipe the fixtures with the tool, and it will bunch the fur, making it easier to pick them up and throw them in the garbage.

Alternatively, you can dampen rubber gloves and wipe the carpets with your hands to pick pet hair from favourite spots your pooch sits and sleeps.

Vacuum in a ‘W’ Pattern

Sanitise carpets in your home like a pro by making a ‘w’ pattern while moving the vacuum cleaner back and forth. All you need to do is move the vacuum head in a straight line while pushing it forward and tilting it at a 45 º angle when pulling it back.

It is a professional technique experienced end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast use to remove dust, debris and food crumbs from carpets effectively and efficiently.

Know When to Hire Professionals

While you can use the methods mentioned above to eliminate common enemies of your carpet without a machine, you will still need professional help at the end of your tenancy. Having the carpets professionally cleaned will increase the odds of you getting your security deposit in full and without disputes. Most reputed companies offer carpet cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, and you can avail them any time of the year.

One of the best advantages of hiring professionals for carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast is you can choose different methods like dry cleaning, hot water extraction, carpet shampooing etc. To choose the correct method, ask your landlord about the carpets’ cleaning history or take the advice of the professionals.

The Bottom Line

Carpets, especially the ones in high-traffic areas, get dirty and smelly quicker. Keeping these fixtures neat and sanitary is crucial to prevent bad smells and communicable diseases. Thus, use the tips shared above to clean carpets without professional equipment.

However, take the assistance of experienced end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast when vacating a rental property to get a bond back guarantee.