How To Clean Polished Concrete Floors?

How To Clean Polished Concrete Floors?

By : angelina
Polished concrete floors are a popular flooring in Australian homes and commercial spaces owing to their durability, low maintenance and ability to complement most indoor settings. These floors are also sustainable and eco-friendlier than synthetic or wood floors, which is why more and more environment-conscious people opt for them during home building or renovations.

Thus, you must know how to clean polished concrete floors effectively and efficiently during detailed bond cleaning Sunshine Coast or routine house sanitation.

Polished concrete floors look modern, sleek and pristine whether they are in your home or rental property. Although these floors are easy to maintain, cleaning them routinely is necessary to increase longevity and prevent dullness or damage.

Dirty and damaged floors attract illness-causing pathogens, mould and pests, making them health hazards. Additionally, such floors often cost renters their bond money at the end of a tenancy.

Get Rid Of Loose Physical Contaminants on The Floors

Floors are among the dirtiest areas in your home because they are exposed to dust, dirt, scuff marks, food debris and other contaminants that fall from household surfaces or fixtures.

Therefore, before you spot clean or mop the floors, get rid of loose contaminants on the floors. You can use a broom to sweep the floors and collect dust or debris in a dustpan. Alternatively, you can dry mop or vacuum the surfaces thoroughly to ready the floors for further cleaning.

Do this activity every day to maintain the sanitation of the fixtures and keep them from becoming hotspots for germs that cause bacterial and viral infections.

Create a Natural & Gentle Floor Cleaner

Using harsh cleaning products/tools on polished floors tarnish their shine and cause scratches, swirls and scuff marks. Using commercial cleaners made specifically for polished floors is advisable if you don’t want to make a cleaner yourself. But most commercial cleaners contain volatile organic compounds and dangerous chemicals.

Therefore, you should consider making the following natural and gentle cleaner for mopping your polished concrete floors during routine house cleaning or bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

  • In a bucket, mix warm water and add a cup of baking soda
  • Next, to increase the solution’s efficacy, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid, a pH-neutral cleaner.
  • Baking soda is an organic and non-toxic cleaning agent that gently scrubs surfaces and removes grime, bad odours and dust. Additionally, dishwashing liquid is a mild degreaser and cleaner ideal for sanitising floors.

    Spot Clean Floors & Remove Stains Before Mopping

    During bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast, you must carefully inspect the floors for spots, stains and marks as they are among the dirtiest household surfaces. Doing this inspection before regular floor cleaning is also beneficial. You can remove most stains with dishwashing liquid and water. But for stubborn stains, use a paste of baking soda and liquid soap.

    Apply the paste on the dirty areas and scrub with a sponge in a circular motion. It is a professional technique bond cleaners in the Sunshine Coast use to get the best results.

    Mop The Floors Daily

    Once you have spot-cleaned and removed stains, you can mop polished concrete floors using homemade natural cleaner. Use a microfibre mop to capture dust and remove grime effectively.

  • Dip the mop in the solution and wring it well to clean floors using the low moisture method.
  • Mop in long strokes from the innermost corner making your way out of the room.
  • To avoid streaks or residues, work on one section at a time.
  • Pay extra attention to the floors in high-traffic areas as they are grimier than other areas with less footfall.
  • Rinse, then Dry The Floors and Vacuum (Optional)

    To remove cleaner residue and maintain the shine of polished concrete floors, fill the bucket with clean, warm water and mop the floor again. Next, dry and buff the floors with a dry microfibre mop. This step helps bring the lustre back to the surface.

    If you have time and want to ensure the floors are squeaky clean, vacuum to remove any remaining contaminants or loose dust which is invisible to the eye. This step is recommended when sanitising floors for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

    Wrapping Up

    Polished concrete floors are common in households and commercial buildings in Australia. They are low maintenance, sturdy and modern looking. Therefore, if you have them in your own home or a rental property, use the insights above to keep them clean and sanitary at all times.

    However, if you cannot, hire professionals for routine house or bond cleaning to adequately clean these and other surfaces in your property.