How To Clean Skirting Boards?

How To Clean Skirting Boards?

By : angelina
Skirting boards are one of the most beautiful additions to the décor of any interior space. These can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room when incorporated with moulding.

Unfortunately, skirting boards are the most overlooked areas, but these tend to accumulate dust, dirt, dander and grime over time due to the proximity to the floor.

The worst part is that untreated spills and stains on the boards can harbour lethal germs and bacteria. Thus, it is good to gather all the necessary cleaning supplies to remove dust, dirt and stains from skirting boards to maintain a spick and span abode.

Here are some cleaning tips to keep in mind if you want to achieve sparkling results and maintain a good hygiene at home:

1. Remove any Obstacles (Plants or Furniture)

It is good to remove a couch, table, houseplants or any other obstacles near the skirting boards. This can help you perform a thorough cleaning process without any hindrance. Also, ensure the floor is free from dust and debris.

You can ask other family members to assist you in removing large furniture pieces to prevent injuries. Make sure you do the same when preparing your rented property for a thorough bond cleaning Sunshine Coast. Empty the room before the arrival of professionals, as they don’t want any distraction or hindrance when tackling dirt and stains.

2. Remove Dust with a Long-Handled Microfiber Duster

You can easily find a long-handled microfiber duster on Amazon. Use it to remove loose dirt, dust, and other contaminants from skirting boards. The best part is that you don’t need to bend to tackle dust.

Use a broom with nylon bristles if you don’t have a microfiber duster. It can get into nooks and crannies and dislodge dirt in no time.

3. Vacuum Cleaning is Important

There is no denying that HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaners are handy, effective and can do wonders in removing tiny dust particles, pet hair, grime and debris in no time.

You can use a brush attachment to fetch stubborn dust and dirt from the corners of skirting boards.

Unlike a microfiber or feather duster, a vacuum machine won’t leave dirt behind on the floor, and that’s why it is the most effective dusting technique.

Make sure you keep your cleaning tools germ-free if you want to achieve sparkling result.

4. Use Warm Soapy Water For Spills

This is one of the basic cleaning hacks to remove spills and mild stains from almost all surfaces, including skirting boards. You can prepare the solution at home:

  • Mix one teaspoon of dish soap in a bucket
  • Add one part of water and mix well
  • Dip a sponge and wring out excess solution.
  • Wipe off the surface across the board
  • Cover nooks and crannies
  • Repeat the process if required
  • Finish the process by wiping the surface with a clean sponge to pick up foamy residue.
  • You can use the same solution to clean vinyl plank flooring and other surfaces with ease.

    It is good to hire trained bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast if you are preparing the leased property for the final inspection. They follow the proper checklist and bring all the necessary supplies to clean all areas, including skirting boards of all rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

    5. Tackle Stubborn Stains with Vinegar Solution

    Avoid harsh or harmful cleaning products containing ammonia, phosphates and other hazardous chemicals. These can pollute the indoor air and may wear out the polish of your skirting boards.

    Instead, prepare your own cleaning solution using:

  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 4 cups warm water
  • Dip a microfiber cloth and wring out the excess solution. It is good to test the solution in an inconspicuous area. This helps ensure the vinegar doesn’t cause any damage.

    Wipe the surface to remove stubborn stains and caked-on grime. Do it gently and achieve sparkling results because vinegar can remove common household stains with ease.

    6. Use Disinfecting Wipes to Kill Germs

    The accumulated dirt and untreated stains on skirting boards can harbour germs and bacteria. So, after cleaning the surface, you can kill germs using disinfecting wipes. It is one of the easiest ways to disinfect the skirting boards of all rooms.

    You can also prepare a natural disinfectant using rubbing alcohol and warm water. Dip a sponge and wipe off the area.

    7. Dry the Skirting Boards

    Leaving skirting boards wet can lead to mould infestation. It is important to prevent moisture damage, so you should wipe the entire surface using a dry microfiber cloth.

    The general rule is to give your skirting boards a deep clean every 3-7 months. If you are at the end of your tenancy, hire a seasoned team for a quality bond cleaning Sunshine Coast because they cover all nooks and crannies according to the REIQ-approved checklist to help you get the full bond back.

    Wrapping Up

    Maintain the shine of your skirting boards by regularly dusting or vacuuming them to tackle dust and grime. Also, wipe down spills immediately using a microfiber duster. You can follow these simple yet effective tips to keep skirting boards clean and shiny.