How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

By : angelina
Vinyl floors have gained popularity since the 1950s as they are durable, resilient and affordable. Therefore, even today, you will find many houses and apartments with vinyl plank flooring. If you have them in your home, it is important to routinely clean the flooring to prevent it from becoming dirty and grimy.

Moreover, vinyl plank flooring can get damaged due to moisture, dust and dirt. If you don’t clean the flooring routinely, its damage is irreversible, and you must pay for a replacement. It is a big issue, especially when you are a renter.

You must keep the vinyl flooring in your rental property adequately clean. Hire professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast to these fixtures and the entire property sanitised and get your bond back without stress or hassle.

However, you must still know how to clean vinyl plank flooring expertly to increase its longevity and keep it sanitary. Thus, here is your complete guide outlining different ways to sanitise these synthetic surfaces.

Gather Cleaning Supplies

Vinyl floors don’t require expensive cleaners or equipment for upkeep. You will need a mild cleaner, preferably one without harsh chemicals and volatile organic compounds. Additionally, you will need the following items.

  • Microfibre mops
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Bucket ad spray bottles
  • A soft sponge for spot cleaning
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • Essential oil of choice

Dry Mop or Vacuum Vinyl Plank Flooring

Dust can gather in the plank lines, making them appear crusty and unkempt. To tackle this issue and avoid losing your bond money, sweep the floors with a dry microfibre cloth daily. You can vacuum instead of mopping as well.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are suitable for keeping vinyl plank flooring sanitary and dust-free all year round, as you can schedule them to clean the floors any time of the day or night.

Spot Clean with Soap & Water

Vinyl plank flooring is sensitive to moisture which is why washing this type of flooring is not a wise solution. Therefore, if you have grime, stains or spots on vinyl planks in your home, use a soft sponge, dishwashing liquid and water. Dampen the sponge with soap and water to scrub stains and remove grime from the flooring while ensuring the sponge isn’t dripping.

Also, after scrubbing, wipe the spot immediately with a dry mop to prevent moisture from seeping into the planks and causing swelling, ripping, mould or dampness.

Make a Natural Vinyl Floor Cleaner

In a bucket, fill a litre of water and add one cup of apple cider or white vinegar. To make this natural cleaning product more effective and fragrant, add 5-10 drops of an antimicrobial essential oil like tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon etc.

Mop the flooring with this solution but ensure to wring the mop for low moisture cleaning. Since vinegar has acetic acid, it can degrease surfaces and kill certain bacteria strains, eliminating biofilms. Avoid adding soap or disinfectant to this solution, as it is effective against grime and germs.

Buff the Flooring with Olive Oil

Many people swear by WD-40 for buffing and polishing scuffed or scratched vinyl plank flooring, but not many know that olive oil is a natural substitute for WD-40. All you need to do is apply a light smattering of oil on the floors with a spray bottle and wipe with a microfibre cloth.

Shallow scuff marks and scratches will immediately disappear after this activity leaving behind a shiny floor. Ensure to pre-clean before buffing for the best results, especially when performing bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

Clean Spills Immediately

Accidents are inevitable, and most things spill on the floor, particularly when you have small children and pets. Therefore, keep cleaning supplies on hand to treat messes as soon as they happen.

Taking quick measures ensures the flooring remains smooth, stain-free and shiny all year round. Avoid using cleaners or harsh tools to clean spills that have dried. Saturate the stains or spots with a mild cleaning solution specially designed for vinyl plank flooring.

Note: If the floors need professional attention, hire experienced cleaners for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast to avoid further damage to the floors and get your bond back in full.

Never Use Ammonia or Bleach for Cleaning Vinyl Plank Flooring

Many people use these products for cleaning most surfaces and fixtures in their homes. But if you have vinyl plank flooring, it is best to steer clear of ammonia or bleach.

Both products can react badly with the synthetic coating of vinyl plank flooring and damage it irreversibly. These products and synthetic coating can produce volatile organic compounds known to cause respiratory illnesses.

Wrapping Up

Vinyl plank flooring is known for its durability, affordability and shiny appearance. However, if you don’t clean these floors routinely, they can easily lose their shine and sanitation. Therefore, use this guide to clean vinyl plank flooring in your home like a professional cleaner and ensure it remains sanitary all year round.