How to Clean Walls With Paint or Wallpaper

How to Clean Walls With Paint or Wallpaper

By : angelina
The walls make up the biggest area of hard surfaces in homes. Although they are vertical, they still get covered with dust, spider webs, etc. The spaces near the doors, as well as furniture, are most affected. They collect scuff and dust from hands and feet. Similar to cleaning floors regularly, your walls, whether painted or wallpapered, demand frequent attention.

If not, the dust mites found in dust particles can cause health issues such as a runny nose, asthma attacks and sneezing. However, cleaning walls is not an easy job. This is exactly why budget bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast use tried and tested methods. You will need to learn and utilise these methods for ideal results.

Here is how to clean walls with paint or wallpaper. Follow this process step-by-step to guarantee cleaner walls.

1. Eliminate Dust

Initiate the cleaning process by removing dust. It may not be clearly visible, but dust clinging to walls can make the walls look dark, even if they have bright paint colours.

Plus, there are also annoying cobwebs that seem to appear out of nowhere. The simplest way to remove dust from a wall is through a long-handled floor mop that is dry. Remove any artwork, photos, or small mirrors before starting the process.

Ensure the clean pad or cloth is attached to the mop. Use vertical strokes and make overlapping passes. Frequently check if the pad or cloth needs to be shaken out or replaced. This way, you will ensure the dust is not deposited back into the wall. This dusting method is also useful and effective for walls with wallpaper.

2. Remove Grime and Fingerprints

In the kitchen and dining areas, the spots around light switches and door jambs are often exposed to greasy dirt. That is why they need more work than just dry dusting. Once you have eliminated the surface dust, follow this process:

  • Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing warm water and mild dish soap.
  • Have a separate container for clean water, as that will be used for rinsing.
  • Dip a clean sponge or cloth in the solution and squeeze it well.
  • Start from the bottom and clean the three-foot square section of the wall.
  • To rinse the surface, rinse the sponge in clean water, squeeze it and go over the same surface.
  • Blot it dry or let it air dry.
  • 3. Tackle Scuffs and Stains

    It is a fact that surface smudge or stain just does not get washed away. You will need more than that when you come across such surfaces. It is recommended to try an eraser-type sponge for the job. Test it along with your preferred DIY stain remover on an unnoticed spot for safety purposes.

    To get rid of stains like crayons from paint, you can make use of baking soda paste. Apply the stain remover through a cloth and rub it lightly using a circular motion. Wipe away with a clean, damp cloth. For bond cleaning Sunshine Coast, you may need to repeat the process again to get the best results.

    4. Clean Washable Wallpapers

    For washable wallpapers, you can deal with them through many DIY methods. Once you have dusted them, preparing a solution using equal parts vinegar and water is recommended.

    Apply it generously to the surface using a cloth or sponge. Remember to conduct a spot test before applying it to the actual surface. Finish by rinsing the area with a damp cloth and wiping it dry. Experts often use such methods for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

    5. Dry Clean Non-Washable Wallpapers

    Dry cleaning is the best method to ensure the non-washable wallpaper is clean. It is the safest approach for delicate wallpapers. A vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or soft-bristled brush is ideal for gently lifting dust and dirt without doing any damage. Lightly brush the wallpaper in a vertical motion to effectively catch debris.

    Do not apply too much pressure, especially on fragile and textured surfaces. Such methods are best suited for wallpapers that cannot handle moisture or liquid cleaning solutions. Dry cleaning assists in maintaining the wallpapers in good condition, ensuring their longevity.

    6. Maintain the Walls All Year

    Professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast recommend following adequate methods for regular wall maintenance. Make sure that you spot clean as often as needed. Appropriately deal with light smudges and fingerprints when you see them. Immediate action makes the cleaning part easier.

    Running air purifiers and exhaust fans is also essential. It keeps the airborne dust and grease away, making them unlikely to settle on the wall. Furthermore, vacuum carefully and avoid bumping baseboards or banging into walls. Doing this all year round will help you maintain the walls in optimal condition.

    Wrapping Up

    To adequately clean walls with paint or wallpaper, you must utilise a gentle approach that gets the job done with minimal damage. Applying the tips from this article will help you clean the walls effectively and maintain optimal condition for a long time.