How To Clean Your Carpets And Upholstery Like A Pro

How To Clean Your Carpets And Upholstery Like A Pro

By : angelina
Keeping your carpets and upholstery in a state of cleanliness has far more benefits than just aesthetics. One of them is creating a healthy environment for you and your family members. However, the cleaning part is not as easy as it may appear, especially the cleaning of carpets and upholstery. They accumulate dirt, allergens, and hidden particles fairly quickly. There are multiple methods you can use to carry out the cleaning. It will depend on how dirty your carpets and upholstery are. If you are leaving your rental property soon, then it is good to hire bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast. However, for maintaining cleanliness at other times, it is vital to learn a few techniques. Here is how to clean your carpets and upholstery like a pro. Follow these tips to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

1.   Learn about the Fabrics and Materials

Start by digging deeper into the complexities of fabric types. It can be anything from a synthetic fibre such as polyester to a natural one like wool. Different types of fabric require different cleaning approaches. If you use the wrong one, it can impact the material’s durability negatively. It is also worth noting that a lot of fabrics are sensitive to certain cleaning agents. It is best not to use them. Acquiring adequate knowledge about fabrics and their maintenance will help you use the best cleaning methods, leading to optimal results. This will also ensure that the materials will not get damaged during cleaning and will help in maintaining hygiene.

2.   Invest in Quality Cleaning Equipment

To achieve the ideal level of cleanliness, you will need the best possible cleaning supplies and equipment. Consider buying high-quality equipment such as a strong vacuum cleaner. Do not forget to get the several attachments for specific surfaces. Get a carpet cleaner that removes stains effectively and upholstery cleaner that is designed to be effective while being gentle. Also, prepare homemade and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for different types of fabrics you want to clean. Make sure they are suitable for the intended use. Opting for the best possible supplies ensures that the carpet and upholstery are properly cleaned without getting damaged. Due to their effectiveness and efficiency, expert cleaners who offer bond cleaning Sunshine Coast use these tools.

3.   Vacuum Regularly & Clean Surfaces

Begin the cleaning process with a basic yet important step, i.e. regular vacuuming and surface cleaning.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with adequate attachments to efficiently remove the loose dirt, grime, and pet hair.
  • Keep doing it until all the particles are removed from the surface and fibres of the carpet and upholstery.
  • While you are at it, do not forget high-traffic spots.

  • As for surface cleaning, use appropriate cleaning agents to treat the visible stains immediately. Use the blotting technique to prevent the stain from settling. For this, use a clean cloth and a suitable cleaning solution for the fabric. This will ensure you have cleaned your upholstery and carpets in an eco-friendly way.

    4.   Use the Deep Cleaning Techniques

    Just cleaning from the surface level will not be enough. Deep cleaning will be required. You can use techniques such as steam cleaning. Here is how:
  • Start with vacuuming the carpet and upholstery to eliminate the loose dirt.
  • Fill water in the steam cleaner’s tank along with an adequate amount of cleaning solution.
  • Start from one end of the area and gently press the steam cleaner across. Let the steam and cleaning solution release into the fibres.
  • Let the steam loosen up the dirt before extracting the moisture using the machine.
  • To facilitate drying, ensure the carpet and upholstery has proper ventilation.

  • Now, your carpet and upholstery is cleaner than ever. This method is so effective that it is common for most bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast to use it for professional purposes.

    5.   Remove the Tough Stains

    Stain removal is crucial as it can settle on the carpets and upholstery easily. The key here is to deal with it as soon as possible before it becomes a bigger headache. For water-based stains such as coffee or juice, follow these steps:
  • Use a mild detergent and ensure it is suitable for the fabric and the stain type.
  • Apply it to the stain starting from the edge, working your way towards the centre.
  • Blot using a clean cloth, rinse and repeat until you can no longer spot the stains.
  • Similarly, to deal with oil-based stains like grease, follow the steps below:
    • Apply a tiny amount of dishwashing detergent to the stain.
    • Use a clean cloth to gently work the cleaner without scrubbing with too much pressure.
    • Rinse and let it dry.

    • 6.   Practice Proper Maintenance

      Just cleaning the carpets and upholstery is not enough. Ensuring it stays that way for as long as possible is equally important. Firstly, just like you need sun protection, the fabrics in your home need it too. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as it can cause material to fade and may weaken the fibres as well. Also, get fabric protectors, as they help create a barrier against stains. For application, follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Lastly, consider hiring professional cleaners such as bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast for proper cleaning. They have all the tools and experience to help you keep the carpet and upholstery in the best possible condition.

      Wrapping Up

      Cleaning your carpet and upholstery is essential for your health and for maintaining cleanliness. However, most people are not aware of the correct method, which makes the problem worse. Following and applying the tips from this guide will help you get rid of dirt and stains, making your carpets and upholstery cleaner than ever.