How to Find Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home?

How to Find Non-Toxic Cleaning Products For Your Home?

By : angelina
Most people don’t even realise the types of hazardous chemicals they bring into their homes in fancy cleaning solvents, powders, sprays and mists.

Regular use of store-bought cleaners can seriously affect human health and the environment. These products release VOCs (Volatile Organic compounds) into the air, leading to respiratory disorders, asthma attacks, skin allergies and even chronic diseases.

It is good to avoid buying cleaning products that contain ammonia, chlorine, sulphates, Triclosan and Phthalates. Instead, you can buy non-toxic cleaning products that contain no harmful chemicals.

Unfortunately, some companies use green or environmentally-friendly branding by advertising their products as safe, eco-friendly and chemical-free.

If you are looking for genuine non-toxic cleaning products for your home, keep the following tips in mind and maintain a healthy and hygienic indoor environment.

Let’s get started.

Key Tips to Find a Reliable Non-toxic Cleaning Product

Whether you are looking for a natural degreaser or a disinfectant, keep the following hacks in mind and find a genuine green cleaning product for your home in Sunshine Coast:

1. Look For Genuine Brands

Be cautious about marketing gimmicks when buying “green” or “non-toxic” cleaning products. It is good to conduct thorough research on different brands that specialise in eco-friendly cleaners. You can search for good companies online and gather all the necessary information related to manufacturing and resources.

This may seem difficult, but it will help you pick the most reliable cleaning product for your home.

2. Read the Label Carefully

Whether you have booked professionals for a bond cleaning Sunshine Coast or doing it yourself, it is always good to read the product labels.

Turn the bottle around and check the ingredient list carefully. Do not buy it if it contains:

  • Ammonia
  • Phthalates
  • Bleach
  • Chlorine
  • Parabens
  • Sulphates,
  • Triclosan
  • Petroleum-based chemicals, etc
  • Do not overlook these clear red flags and make the right decision by avoiding hazardous products.

    3. Consider Certifications

    This is also a great way to check whether the cleaning solution is eco-friendly or not. Some of the prominent certifications to look for when buying store-bought cleaners in Sunshine Coast, QLD, are:

  • Environmental Choice Australia or ECA: It is a pioneering eco-label in Australia. It verifies that a specific product meets strict environmental standards.
  • Good Environmental Choice Australia or GECA: It is also a well-renowned certification program to help you find the authenticity of green cleaners.
  • Australian Certified Organic or ACO: This particular label is for organic products or cleaning solutions that are made of plant-based ingredients.
  • 4. Read Customer Reviews

    Read customer reviews before buying any non-toxic cleaning product. This will help you get clarity on what other people say about that particular product and these effective for removing common household stains without releasing toxic fumes.

    5. Buy Non-fragrant Products

    Strong fragrances added to cleaning products are not environmentally friendly. Such products contain synthetic chemicals to add pleasant fragrances. These can cause allergic reactions and even irritate your respiratory system.

    Tips to Make Best Non-Toxic Cleaning Products at Home

    You can use natural cleaning ingredients in your kitchen pantry and tackle stubborn stains, grease, grime and mould without polluting the indoor air.

    Here are some of the most common DIY eco-friendly solvents or powders to help you spruce a house like a pro:

    1. White Vinegar: To Prepare Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

    The acidic property in vinegar cuts through stubborn stains, grease and mould, leaving your surfaces sparkling. However, avoid using it on natural stone, stainless steel and unfinished wooden surfaces, as its acid could cause damage. To prepare this solution, you will need:

  • One part of white vinegar
  • One part of warm water
  • 2 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid
  • Mix and spray the solution to tackle stains and grime. Leave it for 10 minutes before wiping it off using a clean cloth. If you still see stains or grime in your rented property, hire trained bond cleaners Sunshine Coast and secure your hard-earned bond money.

    Tip: Clean carpets using eco-friendly products, including vinegar to achieve sparkling results.

    2. Borax Powder: To Make a Heavy-Duty Scrub

    It is also non-toxic ingredients that can help you tackle rust stains and hard water stains from porcelain and enamel surfaces.

    Dip the lemon into the borax powder and scrub the surface. Rinse and wipe it off. However, it is not safe for granite, limestone and marble surfaces.

    3. Baking Soda: To Refresh Your Upholstery Furniture & Carpets

    This pantry staple is a versatile product that can help you tackle stains, kill common household germs and banish unpleasant odours. You can use it as it is to freshen up your carpets, rugs, couch and other upholstered furniture.

    You can also use it to remove limescale from marble, remove grease, gunk and stains from your oven and microwave.

    4. Hydrogen Peroxide: To Tackle Mould and Mildew

    It is also a non-toxic cleaning agent that can help remove mould and mildew from all surfaces. Pour 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide onto the mouldy surface and leave it for half an hour.

    Take a non-abrasive scrub and remove the mould. Rinse and dry the surface to avoid mould re-infestation. It is good to do necessary property repairs before the arrival of professionals for bond cleaning Sunshine Coast.

    Wrapping Up

    Choosing the right home cleaning products is crucial to maintaining a clean and hygienic indoor environment. You can consider these basic aspects when looking for genuine non-toxic cleaners or preparing DIY alternatives at home. These small efforts can help you create a better and healthier place for your family.