How To Get a Clean, Fresh And Odour-Free Bathroom

How To Get a Clean, Fresh And Odour-Free Bathroom

By : angelina
Do you know the foulest smell is of Hydrogen Sulphide? It happens when bacteria break down organic matter, and it smells like rotten eggs or sewage. Since the bathroom accumulates bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that mix with dust, grime and organic waste, this area can smell quicker and worse than any other room in your house. A dirty bathroom is not only smelly but unhygienic too, putting your and other household members at risk of contracting serious diseases. Renters moving out of a rental property can also lose their bond if the bathroom or other area is inadequately clean. They can hire a professional service for end of lease cleaning in the Sunshine Coast, but prevention is better than cure. Routine sanitation of bathroom surfaces and fixtures is necessary. Thus, here is your complete guide to keeping your bathroom clean, fresh and odour-free at all times.

Check Drain Water Supply in Bathroom

A low water supply can be the culprit if your bathroom has a persistent sewage smell. It can cause drain traps to collect grime and gunk because your toilet, sink or other fixtures cannot adequately flush contaminants and organic waste. Low water levels in the toilet bowl or frequent clogging of drains are signs of low water supply. Hire a plumber to get the issue fixed. Additionally, routinely sanitise drain traps with bleach. Pour hot water first, then a cup of bleach. Cover the drain for 30 minutes, then rinse with hot water again. Do this activity every few days even if the water level is normal, as bleach removes gunk and keeps bad odours & pests away.

Six Stages of Cleaning

Listeria, Coronavirus, Coliform, Staph, Salmonella and other harmful pathogens proliferate rapidly on bathroom surfaces and fixtures. You must follow these six stages of cleaning to remove them effectively.
  • Pre-clean: Vacuuming, dusting or wiping surfaces/fixtures to remove physical contaminants.
  • Main clean: Proper application of cleaners and scrubbing to loosen dirt, grime and stains.
  • Rinse: To wash the loosened contaminant, gunk and cleaner residues.
  • Disinfect: Apply a disinfectant to kill germs on the surface. If you want to avoid volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from commercial cleaners, steam is also a great disinfectant.
  • Final Rinse: Wait at least 10 minutes after applying disinfectant to give the product enough time to kill germs.
  • Dry: Air-dry the cleaned and disinfected surfaces/fixtures by ventilating the room well.

  • Experienced cleaners performing end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast completely sanitise bathrooms and other areas of homes. Thus, by following this method, you can get optimum results & keep your bathroom hygienic.

    Make a Daily & Weekly Bathroom Cleaning Schedule

    Bathroom cleaning without a plan is never a good idea because you cannot do anything efficiently and backtrack. Therefore, create a bathroom cleaning checklist for daily and weekly tasks. Outline them according to order and importance. For example, dusting, wiping and disinfecting commonly-touched surfaces/fixtures every day is essential. You must daily sanitise the countertop, sink, slab, knobs, handles, toilet etc. You can clean other things like the bathtub, shower glass, tiles and grouts every week. You can hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your bathroom if you need a fresh start every week or month. However, book a reliable end of lease cleaning service in Sunshine Coast when ending a tenancy.

    Avoid Backtracking

    If bathroom cleaning takes you hours to clean, it is not worth the time and energy. To save effort and get excellent results, avoid backtracking. Always start cleaning from the top to avoid dirtying the cleaned area. Dusting, vacuuming or washing bathroom fixtures/surfaces top to bottom saves time because residues, grime and water will go down. It is a professional trick end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast use to work effectively and efficiently.

    Keep Bathroom Well-ventilated

    Ensure the air vents or exhaust fan are on whenever you use the bathroom for bathing, showering or refreshing. Also, open doors and windows to let fresh air inside and reduce bad smells. Invest in a small diffuser that permeates the air with fragrance without making it overbearing. You can put any essential oil in the diffuser to make your bathroom smell nice at all times. Mould can grow rapidly on bathroom surfaces & fixtures if the room remains moist, dirty and dark. When you aerate it every day, the chances of wet areas developing mould decrease significantly.


    The bathroom has multiple surfaces and fixtures that are hot spots for illness-causing germs. Therefore, use this guide to clean and disinfect your bathroom like and prevent household members from falling sick repeatedly. However, for cleaning the rental property before the final inspection, avail a professional service for end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast and get your bond back without dispute.