How to Hire the Best Local House Cleaning Service

How to Hire the Best Local House Cleaning Service

By : angelina
It can get tiring to come back after work and clean up your entire home, especially if you have kids and pets. Instead, you can hire a local house cleaning Sunshine Coast service where professionals will tidy up your home so you can come back to a clean space. If you are worried about how costly it will be, there are many budget-friendly local cleaning services that will match your price range without compromising quality.

But since these local cleaning professionals in Queensland provide a wide range of services like bond cleaning Sunshine Coast services or spring cleaning services, it is important to choose the cleaning company that has the kind of services you need.

When hiring these local house cleaning services, you have to not only look at the costs of the cleaning service but their experience level and professionalism as well as the services they offer. To help you hire the best local cleaning services for your home, you can use the below tips:

1. Determine What You Need From The Cleaning Service

Your first step should be determining what you need the cleaning service for. Is it to do a bond cleaning before you move homes on the Sunshine Coast, do a deep cleaning of your home for the holidays, or do you want a general daily cleaning done? Once you determine what services you need, you can narrow down your search for the best local bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast.

2. Book A Professional Cleaning Service For Legal Protection

If you hire individual house cleaners, you must check for workers’ compensation, business insurance and training certificates. Thus, it is always safer and legally better to opt for a certified house cleaning service as they perform background checks on their employees and provide workers’ compensation and insurance.

3. Get Recommendations From Your Friends And Family

Next, it is always best to ask your friends and family who live in the same neighbourhood for recommendations on local cleaning services. Since they have already used these services, they will be able to tell you exactly how their quality of service is and how their performance was. You should tell them exactly what you are looking for, like a reliable and insured company, so that they can give you suitable recommendations.

4. Go Online And Look At Third-Party Reviews And Sites

When you go online and look at the website of the local cleaning service, you might find all positive reviews. Most companies hire people to write reviews, so don’t just go by these ratings. It is better instead to do a local search on these cleaning services and look at third-party reviews. Compare the reviews on these sites, and if the company has mostly high ratings and offers the same services you need, book them.


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5. Ask The Company For Referrals From Previous Clients

If the bond cleaning service on Sunshine Coast that you are hiring is too small or doesn’t have a website, you can always ask them for referrals from their previous clients. Once you contact these clients, ask them to give an honest opinion of these cleaning services, what areas they are good at, and if they will use them again.

6. Look For Companies With Bonded And Insurance Policies

When hiring a local cleaning service in Queensland, you must look for bonds and business insurance policies. This is important because bonds cover any employee theft, and insurance will cover your home if there is any damage to your property during the cleaning. You can also ask the company if they have workers’ compensation, which will cover any employee injury while cleaning your home.

7. Check Whether The Employees Are Trained And Full-Time

Even if the company has good referrals and recommendations and matches your budget, it is best to ask their customer service a few questions. Keep a small questionnaire ready with all your queries, and contact customer service before you hire them.

You must ask your local house cleaning service whether their employees are trained and full-time or contractual labour. The main difference is that trained full-time employees will be highly professional and qualified, while contractual employees might need to be more efficient and trained.

8. Get A List Of All Their Included Services

Once you have asked them your questions and narrowed your search down, getting a list of their included services is good. You should see what all they cover in their house cleaning services like dusting your surfaces, scrubbing and mopping your floors, wiping light switches and baseboards and more. If you want to remove or include services, you can inform the customer service of the local cleaning company so they know what services you need.

If you are hiring these local house cleaning professionals for a bond cleaning service on Sunshine Coast, you can ask them if they follow a certified REIQ-approved checklist of tasks to help you get your bond back. You can also ask them if they will add on services like steam cleaning your carpets, garden maintenance in their bond cleaning checklists.


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9. Ask Them About The Cleaning Supplies They Use

Lastly, you should check whether the local cleaning company uses their own supplies and tools or if you must provide this. If they have their tools, asking them whether they use organic and green cleaning solutions that will protect indoor air quality and keep your kids and pets safe is a good idea. You can also tell them if you have any sensitive surfaces like granite countertops and laminate flooring and see if they have products that suit these surfaces.


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Once you have followed the above tips and found the cleaning service you choose, you can call and book them for the days and timings you need. It is best to ask them if they will re-clean an area in case you are not happy with the service, and make sure you get an estimated quote of the costs involved to plan your budget accordingly.