How to Steam Clean a Couch

How to Steam Clean a Couch

By : angelina
A steam cleaner can be very useful to clean various household surfaces, but it is most effective for surfaces like a couch. People usually use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface and overlook the significance of a steam cleaner. It is because they are not aware of the correct technique to use the machine.

However, neglecting the deep cleaning of your couch will make things harder for you. The negligence will also promote the growth of germs, bacteria and mould, which can lead to different types of allergies.

Many people prefer to hire professionals who offer the best end of lease cleaning Sunshine Coast. They have expertise in removing dirt, dust and stains from surfaces like your couch. The professionals are usually hired by tenants after the end of lease period, but you can call them whenever you need their help to clean your house. If you want to perform the cleaning on your own, you must have knowledge of the correct technique.

Read on to know more about how to steam clean a couch.

Preparing to Clean

Before you steam clean your couch, it is important that you prepare for the cleaning in the correct manner. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired result.

Vacuum the Couch Properly

First, use a vacuum cleaner on the surface of the couch to remove dust, dirt, allergens, trash, pet hair, dander, etc. Some of these things can make your couch even dirtier if they get wet during the cleaning process.

Pre-treat the stains

If you see any stains on the couch, then it is advisable to pre-treat it. Apply spot cleaner over the stains and leave for some time so that the solution can break down the stain. After that, use a soft cloth to blot the spot to absorb the stain and remove the moisture of the spot cleaner. It is one of the best tips for removing common household stains.

Cleaning the Couch

Once you are prepared, it is time to clean the couch surface. Using the right tools and following the correct technique will help you complete the task in a hassle-free manner. As a result, you will get the best result.

Choose the right steam cleaner

There are various steam cleaners in the market to clean different kinds of materials. The best steam cleaners for the couch are upholstery steam cleaners, handheld steam cleaners and fabric steam cleaners. People hire professional bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast because their professionals always have the right cleaner.

Prepare the machine

To use the machine, first, you need to add cleaner and water to the machine. The proportion may vary depending on the model you have, so you should follow the instruction in the manual. In general, you need to remove a container from the machine and fill it with upholstery cleaner and warm water.

Begin with the cushions

A couch generally has removable pillows, so you should start cleaning them first. All you need to do is to turn on the machine and press a button to release the steam on the surface of the cushions. After that, use other attachments to suck all the excess moisture from the surface.

Steam clean the rest

After cleaning the cushions, you need to clean the rest of the couch surface. Apply the steam over a small surface and suck the excess moisture. Cover the entire surface in the same manner.

Let your Couch dry

Once you are done with the steam cleaning, you must leave the couch to get air dry. Turn on the fan of that room and if possible, open the windows for some time. It is one of the smart cleaning tips that you should always follow.

Removing Remaining Stains

After cleaning the surface of the couch, a stubborn stain can still be visible. You need to make some extra effort to get rid of them. Otherwise, you can opt for a certified end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast.

Clean the stain with water and soap

If the stains are still visible, dip a sponge in water and wring it properly. Apply a little liquid soap and blot the stained area. Then clean the spots using a damp cloth and leave it to get air dry.

Use vinegar

Instead of using soap and water, you can also use vinegar. Pour some vinegar on a piece of cloth and rub the sports gently in a circular way. It will most like to remove the stains from the couch.

Use heavy-duty cleaner

If none of these works, then you need to use a store-bought product and use it as per the instruction. However, it will be a much better option to hire seasoned end of lease cleaners. They have expertise in removing such stains using natural products, which is beneficial for the health of the environment.

Take Away

Steam cleaning a couch can be a challenging task, particularly if you are doing it for the first time.

However, you can make it a lot easier for you by following the ways mentioned above. To avoid the complication and stress involved in the cleaning process, contact professionals who offer reliable end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. You will get the best result.