Hydrogen Peroxide: An Environment-Friendly, All-Purpose Cleaner

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Hydrogen Peroxide: An Environment-Friendly, All-Purpose Cleaner

By : angelina
Bush Fire in Australia has done more than enough damage to the environment. In this scenario, your smallest initiatives and efforts can make a huge difference! With this thought, thousands of families across the nation have switched to eco-friendly cleaning methods and products.

These are not only safe for the environment but also a better option for your health and cheaper for your pocket. You might be familiar with natural cleansing agents like baking soda and white vinegar, but Hydrogen Peroxide is also a fantastic cleaner that is readily available.

It is an environment-friendly, all-purpose cleaner that is widely used by people for household cleaning. Professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast also use Hydrogen Peroxide to ensure efficient and safe cleaning.

Hydrogen Peroxide – An Eco-Friendly Alternative to Harsh Chemicals

Many household cleaners are available in the market, but most of them have harmful chemicals. These products release toxic substances in the air that pollute the environment and also affect your health. The good news is, there are several eco-friendly alternatives to these chemicals and Hydrogen Peroxide is one of them.

This effective cleaning agent is simply water with extra oxygen molecules and can easily break down into the water and a single oxygen molecule. It is formed naturally in the environment and found in small amounts in rain and snow. Here are a few things that you can clean using it.

1. Remove Stains from Marble

If your marble kitchen counter is unsealed, you are most likely to experience stains on it. Even water can leave behind stain marks on such surfaces. Do not use any commercial cleaners to get rid of such marks because most of the products contain strong chemicals that can damage the surface.

Instead, go for hydrogen peroxide. Prepare a paste of flour and peroxide, and directly apply it on the stained surface. Use a plastic wrap to cover that spot so that the paste doesn’t get dry. Allow it to settle down for at least 5 to 6 hours before cleaning up the paste. If the mark is still visible, repeat the procedure. Once the stain is clean, seal the marble to protect it from future stains.

2. Destroy Moulds

Mould growth is a common problem for thousands of families throughout the country. Dark, warm, humid places are considered as the ideal environment for the moulds. So, there is a possibility that they might be growing in your basement, kitchen and bathroom.

It is essential to clean them but instead of using expensive and chemically loaded cleaners, use Hydrogen Peroxide. It is an eco-friendly and effective cleaning agent that can kill the moulds and prevent their future growth. If you don’t want to clean it in your own, hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Make sure that they follow green cleaning methods.

3. Clean Your Toilets and Bathtub

Your toilet and bathtub can get quickly dirty. Thus, it is crucial that you clean it from time to time. The market is flooded with colourful and expensive bathroom and toilet cleaners. And it may seem like these products are the best way to keep your bathroom neat and clean.

However, you should not forget that most of these products have harmful chemicals that can be responsible for severe health issues. Thus, go for an eco-friendly cleaning agent like Hydrogen Peroxide. Many end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast use it. Sprinkle one cup of this product on the toilet and bathtub surface and allow it to settle down for at least 30 minutes. Then use a brush (for toilet) and scrubber (for the bathtub) to rub the surface gently. Finally, rinse it properly.

4. Sanitize Cutting Boards and Disinfect Surfaces

People use their cutting boards almost every day, but do not clean it properly. The tiny remaining food particles allow the growth of germs and bacteria in the cracks and crevices, which ultimately affect your health.

Thus, it would help if you cleaned it frequently. But what is the best way to clean it? Use hydrogen peroxide to your cutting boards periodically. That will destroy the germs and bacteria lurking on the surface of the board. After cleaning it, apply a coat of mineral oil on the board surface to extend its life.

Hydrogen peroxide is also very useful in regular household cleaning. You can easily use it to sanitize kitchen countertops, light switches, sinks, doorknobs and other germ-prone surfaces of your home. Pour 3% Hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle and apply it on the spot you want to disinfect.

5. Clean the Dishwasher

Hydrogen peroxide is also an excellent option to clean your dishwasher in an eco-friendly manner. For basic cleaning, you can simply spray peroxide directly into the appliance, allow it to sit for some time and then wipe out. For deep cleaning, make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, essential oil and baking soda. Then use an ice cream scoop to take out round balls. Allow them to dry overnight.

Place these round balls at the bottom of your dishwasher. Then mix liquid dish-washing detergent and white vinegar and in a ceramic bowl and place in the topmost shelf. When you run a cycle, the peroxide will deep clean the appliance. The baking soda scrubs it while the essential oil will eliminate all the bad odour.

6. Clean Your Carpets

Stubborn stains on the carpets make them not only unappealing, but also very difficult to remove. You might want to use a strong carpet cleaner or a brush to remove the stain, but it can be a bad idea. If you don’t want to damage your costly carpets, the best solution is to hire experts who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. If you’re going to do it on your own, use an eco-friendly cleansing agent.

In case you have spilled coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, fruit juice, or washable ink on your carpet, you can remove the stain using hydrogen peroxide. First, use a dry clean cloth to absorb the spill as much as possible. Then mix hydrogen peroxide (2 tablespoons) with dish soap (1 tablespoon) and apply it on the spot. Wait for some time and then wash the place. If required, repeat the process.


Hydrogen Peroxide is a beneficial natural cleansing agent that can be used to clean several things in your home. Use the above-mentioned information to clean your house in a better way. If you don’t want to clean on your own or want to save your time and efforts, contact professionals who offer eco-friendly end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They will give you high-quality cleaning in a hassle-free manner.