Importance of Routine Cleaning For Your Rental Property

Importance of Routine Cleaning For Your Rental Property

By : angelina
Maintaining a clean, organised and damage-free rental property is pivotal at the end of a tenancy. This can help tenants claim their full bond without getting into a dispute.

According to the Rental Tenancy Act in Queensland, renters must return the rental property to its original condition, i.e. clean, shiny and germ-free. For sparkling results, routine cleaning and maintenance is a must.

Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and tackling stubborn stains on a regular basis can prevent grime accumulation, built-up grease, gunk, mould and germs. It will also help you reduce unnecessary property repairs in the future and keep you in good books with your property manager in Sunshine Coast.

Here are some key reasons to help you know the importance of routine cleaning for your rented property. This guide will encourage you to stay consistent with cleaning chores throughout your lease.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Promotes Healthy Indoor Space

Routine dusting and cleaning of surfaces can prevent the spread of dust particles, pollen, allergens and lethal germs. It can keep your family healthy and hygienic.

It is good to set a schedule for dusting hard surfaces, including:

  • Ceiling walls and fans
  • Light fixtures and fittings
  • Clean Your Air vents
  • Hard-to-reach Kitchen Spots
  • Window treatments
  • Cabinet top and shelves, etc
  • Tackling spills and splatters can also prevent germs, infestation, and contamination. So, it is good to set a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning routine to keep your rental property sparkling clean without a hint of stress and ensure a healthy environment.

    2. Protection Against Property Damage

    When you dust or clean your kitchen and bathroom surfaces frequently, you will get an opportunity to check and fix minor repair work, such as clogged drains, leaky faucets and pets, faulty wires, etc.

    This can help you prevent major damages and accidents. For example, if you have overlooked a leaking pipe for over a month, it can damage your walls and ceilings.

    It is good to do necessary repairs (except normal wear and tear) before a quality bond cleaning Sunshine Coast.

    You can hire a proper handyman in your local area and get things fixed to get your full bond back at the end of your tenancy.

    3. Saves You Money in the Long Run

    Routine maintenance or cleaning helps you know the current condition of the property. You can immediately report the issue to your landlord, and they can fix it- helping you save time and money.

    For example, if you forget to report an issue in your HVAC system, it can stop working. After that, you will have to arrange money to install the HVAC system in your rented property if you fail to report the existing issue.

    However, it is always good to check and fill out the entry condition report when moving into a rental property. This will help you identify existing damage and dirty spots you are not liable to fix or repair.

    Let your property manager know if there are any damages to your roofs, drainage system and kitchen appliances as soon as possible and save your future expenses.

    4. Prevents Mould Infestation

    Do you know mould and mildew are common fungi that grow in dark, humid and dirt-laden surfaces? The black spores are commonly found on bathroom tiles, shower curtains, areas under your kitchen sink, basement walls and carpets.

    However, routine cleaning of bathroom and kitchen surfaces can help you maintain a clean, healthy, humid-free and hygienic environment.

    You can also tackle mould stains using 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide and a warm water solution. Apply the product, let it sit for a while, scrub it using a brush and rinse it. Make sure you dry the surface to prevent the re-growth of mould.

    5. Tenants are Legally Bound to Maintain a Clean Property

    According to the Residential Tenancy Laws in Queensland, tenants must maintain a clean and germ-free living space throughout their lease.

    It is good to read the tenancy agreement before signing it and know the cleaning responsibilities of a tenant. Make sure you strictly adhere to property cleaning and maintenance tasks because landlords can conduct a routine inspection once every three months during the tenancy.

    6. Simplifies End of Lease Cleaning Process

    It requires minimum effort to conduct a meticulous bond cleaning Sunshine Coast at the end of your tenancy when you regularly wash windows, dust hard surfaces, tackle spills and disinfect bathroom surfaces,

    Since there are no stubborn stains, mould and built-up grease to tackle, you can easily pass the rental inspection and claim your bond back without any disagreement.

    7. Strengthens Tenant-Landlord Relationship

    When you keep the leased property in a shiny state by routine cleaning, you will keep your landlord or property manager happy. This is especially true when you are at the end of your tenancy.

    A spotlessly clean rental property can help you get your bond back without any dispute. This will also help a landlord attract new tenants quickly and at higher returns.

    The best part is that it can help you get positive reviews when you need references from past landlords when moving into a new rental property on the Sunshine Coast.

    That’s why it is always good to hire seasoned bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast who can deep clean every nook and cranny according to the pre-approved checklist to impress even the fussy landlord.

    Wrapping Up

    As a tenant in Queensland, you are legally responsible for routine cleaning and maintenance for your rental property. This will simplify your move-out journey, build a healthy tenant-landlord relationship, avoid rental disputes and help you get a full bond with ease.