Mastering The Art Of Cleaning And Organising Your Home 

Mastering The Art Of Cleaning And Organising Your Home 

By : angelina
According to official studies, a disorganised living space can create 80% of the clutter in your home. If you eliminate this clutter and organise your space, you will cut your housework by at least 40%.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow a cleaning schedule to keep your home free of dust and grime and to organise it, so everything is in order. To help you clean and organise your space, you should create tasks and sub-tasks and create a deadline for each task to help you finish.

Bond cleaners Sunshine Coast recommend that you follow a cleaning checklist to have all your tasks in one place, which will help you stay focused. Here are some useful tips to help you clean and organise your home:

1. Create A Schedule

The first and foremost thing you must do to clean and organise your home properly is to create a schedule. You can list all the tasks you want to do each day and create subtasks to make them manageable. You should also create a deadline for all the tasks and pick some good music. For instance, you can set a timer for 60 minutes and make sure you complete all your daily tasks by then.

2. Choose A Style

Next, bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast recommend that you must determine how you want to go about cleaning your home. You can either go room by room or pick a category of tasks and do that.

For instance, one possibility is to create a weekly schedule with kitchen cleaning on one day, bathroom cleaning on another, and so on. This is more of a deep cleaning and organising and will take a lot of time.

If your schedule is tight and you can only spare a few hours, try the second method: picking a task for each day. For instance, sweeping and mopping the floors on one day, dusting and organising on another day. If you want to clean your home quickly and efficiently, you should also use these house cleaning hacks.

3. Arrange Organising Items

To keep things tidy, you should gather some organising tools for your drawers and shelves. You can insert these organisers into your cupboards and cabinets to give you more space for your items. You should also pick up clear acrylic containers to place your loose household items in so that you see what you have stored.

4. Create Labels For Boxes

If you have placed your items in organisers and boxes, it is a good idea to label each box according to the room and contents. For instance, you can label an organiser in the kitchen as your spice box or a makeup container. This will help you place things back correctly in their respective boxes and thus stay organised.

5. Arrange Cleaning Equipment

To ensure you can clean quickly and efficiently, arrange your cleaning tools in advance. Here is a list of equipment that bond cleaning services on Sunshine Coast recommend that you keep when cleaning your home:

  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Baking soda
  • White Vinegar
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Lemon juice
  • Borax
  • Bucket of water
  • Spray bottles
  • Besides these, here are top 5 all natural cleaners you should use for your home.

    6. Declutter Your Space

    You must also spend time decluttering your space to get rid of extra items and things you do not need so that you can clean and organise faster. You can go through each room with a box quickly and look at all your belongings carefully.

    If you have trouble sorting the items, you should ask yourself if you will buy this item in the market again. If the answer is no, you should place it in a box and donate it to a local charity in Queensland, Australia.

    7. Clean Each Room Methodically

    Once you have decluttered your space, choose your cleaning method and set your timer. Once you complete a task, you should cross it off your list and take a small break as a reward. Make sure you concentrate on the room or task you are doing and try to complete your goal for the day. If you are tired or overwhelmed after a busy day, you can reduce your time for the day and schedule more tasks on the weekend. The main thing is not to tire yourself out but to follow a realistic and systematic cleaning regime.

    If you have trouble cleaning your kitchen, here are some cleaning hacks to make your kitchen look spotless.

    8. Disinfect Each Room

    Once you have cleaned your rooms, bond cleaners on the Sunshine Coast suggest that you should disinfect them to prevent germs and bacteria. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of warm water in a spray bottle and add a few drops of tea tree essential oil. Spray this on the surfaces and areas you have cleaned to kill germs and keep your home hygienic and safe. You should also use these three simple ways to disinfect your whole home.

    Additional Tips

  • Pick up items on the floor and put them back in the correct places.
  • Wipe and scrub shelves and countertops as soon as you use them.
  • Wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher at night so you wake up to clean dishes.
  • Make your bed every day as you get up to feel more organised.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter around you and use organisers to keep all loose items together.
  • Conclusion 

    Once you develop a cleaning schedule and timeline, you can master organising and tidying up your home in no time. You should also declutter your space before cleaning it, so you have less junk to tidy up. If you want more deep cleaning, you can always hire professional cleaners on the Sunshine Coast to help you spruce up and organise your home.