Need Quality Bond Cleaner? Ask These 9 Questions First

Need Quality Bond Cleaner? Ask These 9 Questions First

By : angelina
Are you ready to relocate and need your house deep cleaned from top to bottom? The best way to go about it is to hire bond cleaning Sunshine Coast to help you out, as these professionals are well-trained and skilled in cleaning every nook and corner of your home and will make it look brand new.

If you have never used a bond cleaning service before, you might have some questions about their services and what to expect from them. Here are some essential questions you should ask bond cleaning services before hiring them to get the best quality work for your house and to get your bond money back.

1. Are You Well-Experienced In The Industry?

The most important question you must ask a bond cleaning service is whether they have enough experience in the cleaning industry. This is because:

  •  If they are well-experienced, they will know how to clean any property and have a good work policy.
  • You should hire a cleaning company with over five years of experience to know that you are getting quality craftsmanship.
  • You should also check their website for customer reviews to give you an idea of how reputed they are in the industry.
  • 2. How Do You Hire Your Cleaners?

    Some cleaning services employ people based on a contractual basis who may not be well-skilled in cleaning your homes and can do a shoddy job.

    So, you must ask the cleaning service beforehand whether they have full-time staff or do they hire contractual workers. It would be best if you went for a company that has well-skilled staff who will be able to clean your home correctly and efficiently.

    3. What Kind Of Cleaning Services Do You Offer?

    You must also ask a cleaning service what services they offer when hiring them. This is important if you need specialised services like pest control, wall cleaning or pressure cleaning for your home. You will know what to expect from these cleaning services and can hire them accordingly.

    4. Does Your Company Have The Proper Licenses?

    Always ask a bond cleaning company on Sunshine Coast if they have all the proper business licenses and ask them to show all their licenses to you before hiring them. This is an excellent way to prevent scams and keep you and your home safe.

    You must also ask them if they have professional liability insurance that provides insurance if some of their staff break something in your house. If they have professional liability insurance, you will not have to pay for any damages as the company will cover them.

    5. Do you have a flexible schedule?

    While relocating, you might have many things still left to do and therefore should look for a cleaning company with a flexible schedule. Ask them if they can work around your scheduled date and time, and do they provide a readymade schedule of what their timings are and what days they can and can’t come.

    6. Do You Follow A Checklist?

    A good question to ask bond cleaning experts is whether they have a proper checklist when cleaning your home. Do they follow a specific routine, what rooms do they start with, can they tackle germ hotspots and how do they go about cleaning. This question will give you an idea of how they work, and you can even ask for customisations according to what you need.

    7. Have You Got Your Own Cleaning Supplies?

    You must ask a cleaning service on Sunshine Coast if they have their own cleaning supplies or do you have to provide them. Most reputed cleaning companies have their own good quality cleaning equipment like sponges, vacuums, brushes, microfiber cloths, squeegees and more. This will save you money on cleaning supplies, and you can use this money for your moving costs.

    8. Do You Use Eco-Friendly Solutions?

    Suppose you want to keep yourself and your family members safe when cleaning. It would be best to opt for companies that use eco-friendly solutions like natural and household cleaners as these products are non-toxic and good for the environment. Bond cleaning companies are now moving towards eco-friendly and green solutions, so it is good to inquire about this before hiring any cleaning service.

    9. What If I Need A Re-Clean?

    Lastly, you must always ask a bond cleaning service if they have options for re-cleaning. If you are not happy with a company’s service after cleaning your home, will they come back for a re-clean, or will you have to do it again yourself? This is an important question you must ask as you want the best quality cleaning service for your home so that you can get your bond money back before relocating.


    Once you ask these critical questions, you can hire a cleaning service that meets all these criteria to clean your home and make it look flawless before new tenants arrive.