Paw-some Cleaning: Keeping Aussie Homes Pet-Friendly and Sparkling

Paw-some Cleaning: Keeping Aussie Homes Pet-Friendly and Sparkling

By : angelina

Maintaining a clean home as a pet owner has got to be one of the toughest tasks. Pets are known to bring dirt into a residence, leaving almost everything needing a deep clean.

Moreover, your furry friends are responsible for the fur you see on surfaces like furniture, especially during the shedding season. No matter how much you like your pet, it is unlikely that you will adore the stains, paw prints, etc, around your home.

Pet-related cleaning tasks need to be a part of your pet ownership. These cleaning tasks include dealing with dust and dirt, plus maintaining a clean and hygienic home. According to the budget bond cleaners Sunshine Coast, the procedure is fairly simple.

Here is how to keep your home pet-friendly and sparkling. Apply these tips to keep your home clean.

1. Stick to a Cleaning Routine

Sticking to a cleaning routine is paramount if you have a pet that constantly makes the house dirtier. You will need to consistently clean the house. The frequency of cleaning is as important as the cleaning procedure itself. At a minimum, your routine should include basic tasks like vacuuming or sweeping pet hair, cleaning food bowls, wiping down surfaces, etc.

A weekly deep clean is also crucial, especially when it comes to pet areas. You can divide the work into small yet manageable tasks to avoid overwhelming yourself.

2. Treat Stains Immediately

Stains must be treated immediately if you want to prevent them from settling and becoming stubborn. This stays true whether you are cleaning a carpet, cleaning upholstery, or want to get the stains out from the mattress topper.

According to expert bond cleaners Sunshine Coast, when you have pets, sooner or later, stains will happen. Prevention is paramount, but if an accident occurs, you must know how to clean it up. Deal with it promptly by following these steps:

  • Blot using a clean towel so that the liquid is absorbed.
  • Prepare a solution by mixing ½ white vinegar with ½ water.
  • Pour the mixture onto the affected spot.
  • Use a brush and scrub the surface.
  • Use a paper towel or clean cloth to blot the surface dry.
  • 3. Keep your Pets Groomed

    Regularly bathing your pet will help you cut the amount of dirt and dander in your home substantially, according to the experts who do cheap bond cleaning Sunshine Coast. Gentle grooming is also essential if your pet gets all muddy after an outdoor adventure. Remember to wipe their stomach and wash their paws.

    Use warm water to wash their coat. Brush your pets in an outdoor space to capture loose fur before it makes its way indoors. Invest in a high-quality brush designed specifically for your pet’s coat type. Regular grooming is ideal to ensure there is no fur on your furniture and floors.

    4. Use a High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

    Woman in maroon long jacket and blue jeans holding a vacuum cleaner in her hand

    Undoubtedly, a vacuum cleaner is a must-have for pet owners. Pets are renowned for their hair, especially during shedding season. This is where using a vacuum often can help a lot. Dogs are known to shed towards the end of the winter season.

    So, you should prepare for it by investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. Ideally, you should vacuum every day because the floors can collect fur at a rapid pace. Moreover, use this machine in areas where your pet spends the most time. You should use it regularly on carpets, upholstery, as well as pet bedding. This will allow you to keep the fur situation under control.

    5. Wash your Pet’s Toys and Bedding

    Keeping your pet’s blankets, bedding, and toys clean is highly recommended. It is an essential part of maintaining a clean home and helps you keep the pets in a healthy environment. You can just toss their bedding in the washing machine and utilise white vinegar in the wash. The vinegar will serve as a stain and odour remover. You can use the washer to clean the toys.

    Alternatively, hand wash them using a natural soap and warm water. Finally, let them air dry completely.

    6. Upgrade the Sofa

    It is a fact that keeping your pet away from the couch is not always possible. The primary issue here is that your couch is a fur-attracting magnet.

    So, if you want to keep the fur away, it might be ideal to upgrade your furniture. To ensure the one own is pet-friendly, look for materials like leather. You can also look for tight-woven materials that have a similar colour to your pet. There is also the option of purchasing pet-friendly covers that you can easily wash.

    7. Allow the Fresh Air to Come in

    Letting fresh air into your living space is just as vital as keeping it clean. The professionals who do cheap bond cleaning Sunshine Coast recommend opening the windows and doors regularly, ideally every day, to air out your home. They will help eliminate any unpleasant odours that might have built up. In fact, just a few minutes of fresh air will make a massive difference.

    Keeping Aussie Homes Pet-Friendly and Sparkling

    Info on Keeping Aussie Homes Pet-Friendly and Sparkling

    Wrapping Up

    Owning a pet is definitely rewarding. Pets bring joy and happiness into their owner’s lives. However, they also bring a lot of dirt to your residence. Knowing the right way to clean is important. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to keep your home pet-friendly and sparkling.