How to Prepare for End of Tenancy of Your Office Space

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How to Prepare for End of Tenancy of Your Office Space

By : angelina
Being a business owner is thrilling as well as daunting. You have to take care of many things simultaneously, as you have to look after business and a team altogether. When it comes to ending tenancy of your office space, it becomes quite stressful. However, it depends on individuals, as some businessmen are new to finding office space while others have considerations such as extension due to the growth of the company.
It is not easy and can be unnecessarily expensive if you don’t pay attention to important factors. Such as hidden costs and restrictions veiled in many leases. However, planning correctly and taking expert advice will help you well. If you don’t give back your office in its best condition, then your estate agent will get chance to cut off your bond money. It’s better to take assistance from best cleaners for Office Cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They have experience in the field and can perform the job even after you have shifted to your new location.
To avoid any issue, take a look at some tips to prepare for the end of tenancy of your office space:

Mental Preparation

It’s imperative to prepare your employees mentally for the move. They have set themselves in a routine, and now suddenly they have to visit a new place on a daily basis. Your employees’ convenience is most important for your business in Sunshine Coast.

Besides, you should prepare information set including details about the new office. It can include information about the new location, how to get there by personal and public transport, new functionalities, new room arrangements etc. This plan should be prepared well and shared in advance.


When you are moving your home, it is still more comfortable, but when it is the end of lease of your office then, it can be much more complicated. Most of the time people don’t realise how much time is required for the whole process. There are many tasks involved such as moving the IT equipment, disposal of furniture, collection of all essential documents etc. The larger the company is, the more complicated the whole process is. Thus, plan it properly.

Check The Agreement

You must have signed an agreement before taking the property on lease for office. Check the financial costs of leaving. Sometimes estate agents add extra provisions in the agreement about which we aren’t aware. If you don’t want to get caught in any such money making provision, it’s important to check the agreement thoroughly.

If you find anything fishy, talk to your estate agent and make it clear. Sometimes, such a provision can financially dent moving plans by considerably increasing costs related to leaving the engaged space.


All the offices go through certain modifications during the lease term in Sunshine Coast. So it is vital to collect all documents relate to work done in the office. Also, a problem might arise if some changes have made in the office without informing the owner. So, take care of it at least a week before your move.

Good Communication

You should primarily focus on your employees. Take into consideration their convenience and inconvenience. When moving your office, you have to maintain a good communication system with your employees and clients. You should know when to inform them. Prepare them for changes.
The moving date should not come in for any business appointments or meetings or any premeditated event. A good communication system also includes engagement of the employees in the whole process. If not all of the employees, then you can include representatives of each department. These representatives will tell the requirements of their particular departments.


When you have to move your office, the first thing that becomes critical is the packing. These are not household items that you can stuff them in some boxes and you are done. You have to deal with IT equipment and office furniture. You cannot afford to dent any of them.
It’s better to take professional help in this case and hire removalists in Sunshine Coast, so that nothing gets cracked or damaged during your office move. Remember to take back up of all your official details to avoid any loss of useful data. Don’t forget to ask your employees about data archiving and digitisation. One wise step of action is hiring the best removalist you can. Office moving can be critical. All the equipment are so crucial that you cannot handle yourself. They will not only help in packing all the stuff but will rearrange them also in your new office.

The End of The Lease Cleaning

Office cleaning is much more crucial than house cleaning. While you are ending your term of tenancy, you need to clear your space so that there is no hurdle in getting your bond back. Your property agent will want his property to be properly cleaned so that they can further give it to the next tenants, but if they find it improper or unclean; they might charge a large sum of money. You don’t want to add extra costs while moving. Hire professional cleaners like Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast to make your office brand new again.

New Office Space

Analysing how much space you need is also very important here. You have to see that the new office will fit your needs or not. Also, offices spaces turn out to be more expensive than expected as the landlord includes space that tenants regard as unusable. Usually, you will not be able to use all the space, only 70 to 90 percent space for what you pay will be used. Rentable office areas include elevators, closets, lobbies, stairways and more. So be sure what space you will use as these things will cost you extra money.
One more notable point here is the no of employees that might be adding to your staff. Estimate the number of employees you’ll have in next three years. How many employees do you have now? How many you will hire in next 2-3 years. You cannot sign a 2-3 years lease agreement without thinking about your growth needs. Also, don’t forget to check the parking space. Check how much of the parking space you need.

Wrapping Up

End of tenancy of your office space can be intricate. It is a big decision for you and your employees as well as clients. If not done correctly, it can affect your entire business. Making your office completely clean for the end of your tenancy is fundamental if you wish to get your bond back.
Landlords and estate agents want their property in its best condition. To make sure that everything goes on smoothly hire expert cleaners of Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast. They have the best people of the field with a lot of experience and expertise. Just keep the above tips in mind, and the whole process will be effortless for you.