Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning: Which One Should You Choose?

Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning: Which One Should You Choose?

By : angelina
Have you found your dream home on the Sunshine Coast and plan to move there soon? Before you start the process of packing and moving your belongings, there is another important task that you must complete first. This is an end-of-lease cleaning of your home where you must scrub each crevice and corner and wipe the dirt and dust from hard-to-reach spots to help impress your landlord and get your bond back.

If this sounds too overwhelming or you have too many moving tasks, you can hire bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast professionals to deep-clean your home.

These experts are well-trained and experienced enough to remove tough spots, stains, dirt and grime from all corners of your home. But with so many different options, it can be easy to fall prey to scams and choose the wrong bond cleaning service. Thus, to make this process easier, here are some useful tips to help you choose the right professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service:

1. Look For A Bond-Back Guarantee

When you perform an end-of-lease intensive cleaning, you aim to pass your landlord’s inspection and get your bond back. This rental bond in Queensland is generally 4 weeks’ worth of rent if your rental amount is $700 or less.

Thus, looking for and hiring a professional bond cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast that offers a bond-back guarantee is necessary. These professionals will not only do a deep cleaning of your home that matches your landlord’s standards but will also re-clean your home within 72 hours if needed.

2. Ask Your Loved Ones And Neighbours For References

Next, you must talk to your loved ones and neighbours and ask them for references and recommendations. If they have used a professional bond cleaning Sunshine Coast service and were pleased with their work, ask them for the company name and what kind of experience they have. You can even ask them what services the company provides, how long they take and whether they use organic cleaning solutions.

Lastly you can even ask your landlord for references as many cleaning services work with landlords themselves and know what kind of detailed cleaning they require.

3. Try To Find The Most Trusted And Reliable Cleaners

Next, you must go online and search for the most experienced, trusted and reliable bond cleaners in your area. Cleaning services with over 10 years of experience know how to handle any cleaning job and will help you get your home in top-notch shape.

These trusted and reliable cleaning services will also have many loyal customers happy with their services. You can even check their websites and third-party sites to see if these companies have good reviews and references.


Here are some reasons why it is important to hire professional cleaners.

4. Ensure The Company Has Insurance Coverage

Once you have seen the reviews and references and found a well-established and reliable bond cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast, you must examine their insurance coverage. Most reputed and trustworthy cleaning companies provide insurance covering damages to your goods and belongings during this cleaning.

This means you will not have to bear this extra cost in case of accidents or mishaps. You should also check to see if the company has workers’ insurance for their employees to cover any personal accidents or injuries that might occur while on the job.


Ask the cleaning service if they provide full-service insurance coverage that covers the costs of replacing an item or gives you full compensation in case your belongings get damaged.

5. Follow A Detailed And Approved Bond Cleaning Checklist

Next, choose a professional bond cleaning company with a detailed end-of-tenancy checklist. This checklist should be REIQ approved and include cleaning and scrubbing all areas of your home to remove even the toughest dirt and grime. You should review this checklist to see if it includes all the necessary services, like removing cobwebs from ceilings, deep-cleaning appliances, removing grease stains from kitchens, etc.

If you need additional services, like pest control or steam cleaning of your carpets, ask your cleaning company if they provide these services and at what cost.

6. Do Not Go For The Cheapest Cleaning Companies

Even though it is tempting to choose companies with the lowest prices, often, these turn out to be inexperienced or scam bond services. Instead, It is better to choose bond cleaners that offer average prices that match the market rates and are neither too high nor too low. You can also look at their contracts to see if they include the cost of tools and utilities, additional services and transportation.

Always ask if there are any hidden costs and read the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly. Lastly, you must never sign a blank contract as your cleaning company can add exorbitant prices after the service is complete.


When hiring a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning service on the Sunshine Coast, you must do a proper background check and see if they are experienced, reliable and have good recommendations. You should also look for a company that offers a detailed checklist and a bond-back guarantee, so you know that they will provide quality service to help you pass your landlord’s inspection.