Quick Cleaning Hacks to Add to Your Bag of Tricks

beautiful woman wiping kitchen surface with sponge and spraying liquid with other hand

Quick Cleaning Hacks to Add to Your Bag of Tricks

By : angelina
Has your house been looking like a total wreck lately? With messy beds, stained surfaces, the piled-up trove of books, empty bottles and cans spread all over; does it appear nothing short of a hoarder’s paradise? Well, if that’s the case, try to understand the reason behind this first.
Most often, it’s the cumbersome nature of the cleaning chores or the lack of speed-cleaning hacks in your bag of tricks that compel you to skip the cleaning routine. Whether you are a compulsive cleaner or someone who wipes the place only when guests are expected, following a quicker route will surely add fun to the job.
Here is a list of few indispensable lazy girls’ cleaning tips by experts of the best cleaning company in Sunshine Coast for sprucing up your living space in the least possible time.

1. Prioritise the errands

To start with, cast a quick glance around the unsuspecting corners of the house. Locate the most offending sections and work on them on priority.

Also, clearing the clutter – sorting the laundry, making the bed, and doing away with the perished stuff will mostly make the space smoother to work. By proper planning, you command full control of the process and accomplish faster.

2. Organise the area

Run a quick glance across all the regions. Recognise and toss away the stuff that seems out of place such as the magazines, piles of clothes, DVDs, remote controls, etc. Before you initiate to vacuum, sweep, mop and scrub the floorings, make it a point to move the furniture items.
Besides, tidy up the counters and shelves by seating the stray items in the proper spot. Well begun is half-done. So, start by evacuating the floor of all the clutter and complete with perfection.

3. Use potent cleaners

You can also reduce the cleaning time significantly by applying the most powerful agents. The notable bond cleaning companies on the Sunshine Coast recommend all-organic and biodegradable products for safe and practical results. Such products not only hasten the cleaning process but also prevent a myriad of health conditions caused by harsh chemicals.
Lemons – Utilising the power of lemon to clean, sanitise and deodourise the garbage bins, cutting boards, combs, hairbrushes and other nasty surfaces will facilitate better looking and pleasant smelling house.
Baking Soda – The pillowcases and mattresses tend to accumulate a host of dead skin cells, sweat and hair over a period. Using baking soda on the fabrics will furnish them a much fresher and cleaner character altogether.
Vinegar – Acetic acid is another robust household cleaner. The stubborn mineral build-up and soap scum on the shower heads respond promptly to a vinegar soak.
Borax – From deterring the bugs, mice and cockroaches, washing the toilet bowls, treating sticky, gummy residues on porcelain and aluminium cookware to deodorising the refrigerator compartments, using borax is a bulls-eye way to save on your cleaning time.
Ammonia – To erase the stubborn stains off the carpets instantly, apply ammonia and finish using a clothing iron.


4. Learn the stain removal hacks

Just by scrolling through the following list of stain removal hacks, you too can work flawlessly like the pro bond cleaning companies on the Sunshine Coast and achieve a healthy and clean home in Sunshine Coast.

Ketchup: Remove the extra ketchup with a spoon. Force the stain out with a gush of cold water applied through the backside of the garment.
Mud: Brush off the excess. Treat with a liquid laundry solution and soak for a while. Launder as usual.
Ink: Sponge the area around the stain with rubbing alcohol. Apply some of it to the back of the stain after putting the fabric face down on fresh paper towels.
Wine: Hydrogen peroxide is a practical solution for wine stains. Employing detergent after blotting with water is another technique to deal with the tough wine stains.
Gum: Heat with the hair dryer, or press with household clothing iron and scrape to finish. Wash with detergent and rinse.
Lipstick: Clear with acetone-based nail polish remover, and follow with a detergent solution to get rid of the lipstick spots.

5. Distinguish the surfaces for adequate cleaning

Get acquainted with various surfaces and clean accordingly with suitable schemes. This will conserve time and boost the overall output.
The carpets: Your priced possession, the door-to-door carpet accumulates a lot of dust and hair over years of use. However, the delicate and diverse nature of the fabric makes cleaning it a challenging task.

The risky character of the work explains why countless people trust the professional cleaning companies on the Sunshine Coast with their expensive belongings.

However, if you wish to perform the task yourself, try a mild solution made with rubbing alcohol and salt. Vacuum the excess salt off once the exterior dries.
The bathroom and kitchen surfaces: The grease, grime and oils gathered on the kitchen appliances and bathroom corners are probably the toughest to tackle. Employing a degreasing vegetable oil and baking soda solution to the surfaces will, however, transform the arduous job into a manageable one.


There is no magic eraser to ward off the filth and stains from all the nooks and crannies of your house. Nonetheless, operating with the above-listed hacks will ensure smooth and hassle-free cleaning in a short span.
The most reputed cleaners, Bond Cleaning in Sunshine Coast, value your time and money. They recruit competent and trained workforce and offer a full-service guarantee at competitive prices; so that you don’t have to endure the tedious cleaning tasks on your own.