Rental Inspection Guide And FAQs: What Landlords Look For

Rental Inspection Guide And FAQs: What Landlords Look For

By : angelina

To successfully manage a property, paying attention to detail is always crucial. This is where rental inspections play a huge role. They help protect the integrity and value of a property while enhancing the owner’s commitment to offer a safe and perfect environment for the tenants.

These inspections focus mainly on the property’s readiness to welcome the new tenants by looking for things like visible damage. This way, they are able to safeguard their investment and make it easier for the next occupant to move in immediately.

Many landlords also conduct inspections regularly to check property maintenance and identify the problems early on. This helps them tackle the issues immediately without disrespecting the tenant’s privacy, keeping the property in pristine condition.

So, as a tenant, it is essential to know what such inspections include to prepare the residence for it. Here is what landlords look for during a rental inspection. Use this guide to ensure you get all your bond money back.

The Rental Inspection Guide

Landlords check the property’s condition before returning the bond money to the tenant whose tenancy has ended. However, they also conduct occasional inspections to ensure the tenants maintain the residence properly. Not doing so may keep them unaware of any sort of damage. The longer they stay unaware, the worse the situation can get.

Frequent inspections provide them peace of mind that the tenant is following the terms and conditions of the agreement. Following the guidelines will enhance your chances if you want to extend your lease. But if you want to leave the property at the end of the lease period, you can just repair the damages and ensure a thorough professional bond cleaning Sunshine Coast.

Things Landlords Look for During Inspection

The most important thing landlords look for during inspection is the damages. If such issues are found early on, it is easier and inexpensive to fix them. However, if they find it during the final inspection, landlords are likely to deduct money from your security deposit. Here are the other things they look for:

  • Any visible signs of wear and tear or deterioration. It includes inspecting the residence’s exterior and interior.
  • Safety and security concerns by looking for any safety hazards, including faulty locks, loose handrails, and trip hazards.
  • Confirming the toilets, faucets, and showers are maintained and function properly. They also check electrical outlets and lighting fixtures for any problems like faulty components.
  • The condition of appliances provided with the rental residence, like dishwasher, stove, washer, dryer, etc.
  • Structural and cleaning issues with walls, ceilings, and floors.
  • Ensuring the windows and doors are working properly.

Lastly, hire expert bond cleaners Sunshine Coast to ensure experienced professionals handle all the cleaning tasks.

Rental Inspection FAQs

As a tenant, you are likely to have plenty of questions related to rental inspection. Clearing your doubts is important to ensure you get your bond money back in full. Here are the common questions among tenants:

What Happens During a Rental Inspection?

The landlords usually inspect the property’s overall condition during a rental inspection. They also evaluate cleanliness, look for damages, and inspect the appliances and fixtures to ensure proper functionality. So, keep everything in the best condition. For cleaning tasks, it is ideal to hire a company that offers services like best bond cleaning Sunshine Coast.

What is the Purpose of a Rental Inspection?

The major purpose of an inspection is to confirm the property’s condition. If it is an end of lease inspection, the primary focus would be on whether the residence is ready to be occupied by the next tenant. If no issues are found, the previous tenant gets all their bond money back.

What Should I Do to Prepare for an Inspection?

To make sure the residence is prepared for the inspection, check for any issues and address them immediately. Confirm everything is working properly and all the repairs have been done. Keep the home tidy and clean. You can hire budget bond cleaners Sunshine Coast for the same.

How Long Does a Rental Inspection Take?

The duration of the inspection depends on several factors, such as the size of the house. A complete checklist will be followed, so you can expect the process to take quite a bit of time. An end of lease inspection always takes more time than a regular inspection.

Can Landlords Take Images and Record Videos During an Inspection?

According to rental laws in Queensland, the landlord or the property manager can take photos or videos as part of their inspection, especially if they find any issues. If they think you have breached the agreement, they may take photos. If you are unaware of why they do this, it is better to ask them and clear your doubts.

Wrapping Up

As a tenant, it is your responsibility to keep the residence in prime condition. This will make it easier for you to get your bond money back in full when you are near the end of your tenancy. Keep every element in mind when preparing the property for the inspection.