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    Spring Cleaning Services

    Our Cleaning services follow 4 basic rules being Professional, affordable, experienced and available 24/7 for all your requirements. Spring cleaning can take an awful lot of time if you are not sure from where to start and how to complete the whole house properly. Our experienced staff will actually make sure that your house is left sparkly clean without any mess or dust to point out. Make your life easier by letting the professionals do the job.…

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  • office-cleaning-2

    Commercial & Office Cleaning Services

    Are you looking for professional Office Cleaners in Sunshine Coast? We at BondCleaninginSunshineCoast offer an unmatched cleaning service in sunshine coast and the surrounding suburbs. We have a Custom build checklist for all commercial and office space cleaning. We know how working in a clean office can improve the productivity of your staff, so why wait? Book now and get 10% off for your first clean!…

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  • oven-cleaning-2

    Oven & BBQ Cleaning Services

    Get your oven and BBQ cleaning for as little as $90! Our Specially trained staff knows how to remove the build in fat and grime from your oven including the grills. We actually give your Oven and BBQ a wash after cleaning so that it is ready for use instantly after we finish the cleaning. So hurry up and book an Oven Or BBQ Clean and invite your mates for a Barbie!…

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    Bond Cleaning Sunshine Coast

    Experience the services of Professional Bond Cleaners Sunshine Coast, our experienced staff will always make sure that you get the value for your money and leave your house sparkly clean. We have helped numerous people get their bond money back. Want to know more? Then Visit out Bond Cleaning page to view our Custom Cleaning Checklist build while considering the REIQ requirements for a property bond cleaning.

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  • shutterstock_62372536 100x100

    Well, I had a very good first impression of your cleaners. They had a really pleasant attitude and were patient even when I requested a little extra work to be done in some places. Keeping it short, overall it was a great experience. I hope I’ll get the same kind of service the next time too!

    Nikki Ward -
  • shutterstock_146694722 100x100

    Fine service. Received a call the day before they came over to make sure I would be at home, and a pair of cleaners arrived on time, as promised. Amiable folk, and from what I saw, careful with the house and thorough with the cleaning. Quite pleased with the result.

    Rob Cabogna -
  • shutterstock_62372542 250x376 100x100

    I’m so glad I chose to call your company! Simply put, the whole property was polished up the way I never could, and of course. Thank you so much!

    Melanie Roberts -

Cleaning Tips

  • Kitchen Cleaning
    8 Cleaning Hacks to Make Your Kitchen Look Spotless! Dec 07, 2015 0 Comments

    If running a home is one thing, keeping the home clean is another. Even the best of them give up when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of the home. Especially, if it is the kitchen under the question, most of us literally dread cleaning…

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  • Women Cleaning
    How to Properly Clean Your Oven Jul 29, 2015 0 Comments

    After some regular months of roasting and baking, it happens that your oven tends to get coated with a fairly black grimy carbon. The oven gets the grease built up in it and the charred food accumulation while cooking turns into black solid carbon, which…

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  • Women Cleaning
    End of Lease Cleaning Guide for All Tenants Sep 13, 2017 0 Comments

    Being a tenant, anyone can understand how difficult is to clean up the entire lease property within a short time span. But if you want to secure your bond money, you will need to hire professional end of lease cleaners that can help you get…

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