Stress-free Cleaning Tips To Get The Bond Back Money

Stress-free Cleaning Tips To Get The Bond Back Money

By : angelina
Getting your bond money back at the end of a tenancy is crucial, as it is up to four weeks of rent when your rent is $700 or less. It can be higher if the weekly rent is over $700.

Therefore, many people lose sleep over it because to claim a complete bond refund; tenants must return the rental premises in a clean state. The rental property also shouldn’t have damage, mould, pests, or maintenance problems.

As a renter, you must keep and leave the house/apartment in the same state mentioned in the entry condition report. Hire professionals for bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast if the property was professionally cleaned before your tenancy.

Additionally, follow these stress-free cleaning tips to get the bond back money without dispute.

Know What Needs Professional Cleaning

Renters are obligated to hire professional cleaning services if the previous tenant or the rental providers had hired professionals for bond or end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. Discuss with your landlord what services you need to book.

For example, if the carpets were professionally cleaned but the rental property wasn’t, you need to do the same. Similarly, if pest control, pressure washing or any other additional task was performed, you should get the receipt for proof and arrange for the same at the end of your lease agreement.

Refer to the Entry Condition Report & Make a Bond Cleaning Checklist

Bond cleaning is completely different from routine house cleaning. To manage it adequately, you must refer to the entry condition report to know what needs how much cleaning.

  • You don’t have to make any surface or fixture cleaner than it was.
  • Look at the pictures and videos, then identify problem areas in the property.
  • Create a bond cleaning checklist by writing the tasks you must complete
  • If possible, download a professional bond cleaning checklist to give yourself a head start.
  • Categories tasks by rooms and sort them according to the right order and importance.
  • Skip this step when hiring professionals for bond cleaning Sunshine Coast because experienced cleaners use REIQ-approved checklists to meet industry standards and expectations of rental providers.

    Put Together a Cleaning Caddy

    Keep cleaners, tools and equipment on hand while bond cleaning with a caddy. Get a large container with sections to keep soaps, microfiber cloths, brushes, sponges, disinfectants, and more.

    To simplify the cleaning process, you can make an all-purpose caddy or different ones for the kitchen, bathroom and living rooms. Whatever you decide, keep a complete stock of items to perform bond cleaning without a hitch.

    Clean an Empty Property

    For regular house cleaning, furnishing is normal, but the house should be empty for bond cleaning. It reduces the hassle of lifting or shifting heavy furniture, appliances and household items. You can clearly see dirty areas and get to work immediately.

    Moreover, you can move around freely and reduce the risk of falls, contact with objects and other injuries. Even if you hire professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast, they will ask for assurance that the property will be empty on the job date.

    Test Products Before Using

    Bond cleaning will require you to use new cleaners and tools. To ensure they don’t damage surfaces or fixtures, test them first on a small inconspicuous spot. Wait for 10-15 minutes and check the results.

    While testing products, follow the user instructions on the label to use the right amount and appropriate dwell time. Read the caution section to prevent harm to yourself or your family members while using the products.

    Hire a Service Offering Bond Back Guarantee

    Reputed companies offering bond cleaning services in Sunshine Coast have a bond-back guarantee period valid after the cleaners perform an end of lease clean.

    Usually, this period is 48-72 hours long, but some companies can extend it to a week. During this period, the professionals can perform multiple recleans to ensure the renters get their bond back without deductions.

    Therefore, book a cleaning company that offers a bond-back guarantee to ensure your bond clean happens without stress. Additionally, check if they give 100% service assurance. Spend a little extra if you have to because it can prevent you from losing hundreds of dollars.


    Bond cleaning is one of the most important end of tenancy tasks, and you must complete it adequately. If you don’t, your chances of getting your bond back in full reduce significantly.

    Therefore, most renters take the assistance of professional bond cleaners in Sunshine Coast. You can do the same in addition to following the stress-free cleaning tips shared above. It will eliminate a lot of challenges and ensure your bond money gets refunded without deductions.