The Best Ways To Clean Laminate Floors Without Damaging Them

woman standing on laminate floor with a mop in hand

The Best Ways To Clean Laminate Floors Without Damaging Them

By : angelina
Like every other flooring, laminate floors too have come a long way! Today’s technology and advanced manufacturing techniques have made them more attractive and durable than ever before. This is perhaps the most crucial factor for its growing popularity among property owners.

These types of floors offer numerous advantages that may be worth considering for your upcoming wood flooring project. However, when it comes to cleaning, you cannot use traditional methods on such materials, such as a scrubber. Thus, you require a little know-how about its cleaning methods.

People often opt for end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast as they have experienced professionals. But you can also do it on your own. Here are some methods that can help you to clean laminate floors without damaging them. Have a look!

How To Clean Your Laminate Floors In General?

If you don’t clean such floors frequently, they can accumulate dirt and dust over time and look dull. Thus, they require cleaning from time to time. To make sure, it remains clean, follow the methods mentioned below.

  • Take a dust mop and then sweep it across the floor to get rid of the everyday dirt. Although such flooring is scratch-resistant, debris, hair and too much dirt can cause abrasions. Regular sweeping of the floor prevents such marks.
  • Another smart way to keep it clean is by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. It is more useful and safe in comparison to a dry dust mop.
  • It is not advisable to use any types of floor brush. You might not realise but the stiff, straw-like bristles of the brush can damage the floor surface.
  • Always sweep in the direction in which the tiles of the laminate floor were laid. This will let you collect the debris that gets stuck in between the gaps of the flooring pieces. If you go for end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast, you will find that most of the professionals use this technique.
For Any Spills
  • Use a piece of cloth or any dry sponge to clean up any spills.
  • You should not allow any liquid, even water to stay on the floor for a long period. Otherwise, it can harm the protective layer.
  • Always use a wet cloth or sponge to clean any spills. It will help in removing the remaining residue.
  • Do not forget to dry the spot using a soft, dry cloth.

How To Clean Your Laminate Floors With Hot Water?

Hot water can be an excellent option to clean such floors without causing any damage to them. You should clean the floor thoroughly with water every few months or whenever you spot a layer of dirt on the surface. Follow the procedure mentioned here:

Take Hot Water

Fill a bucket with hot water. The temperature of the water should be between too hot and lukewarm. If properly done, hot water does not leave any streaks. And as it is the mildest cleanser possible, it is least likely to damage the floor’s protective coating.

Soak Your Mop

Take a sponge mop and dip it in hot water. Then squeeze it properly to make sure that it is only mildly damp. You can also opt for a traditional-style mop, but sponge mops are useful because you can control its saturation level.

Start Cleaning

Give a thorough cleaning to the floor. Start from whichever corner of the room you want and finish on the other side. But you cannot start from the exterior of the room and work towards the centre. As it is barely damp, soak it and squeeze it a few times during the cleaning process.

Remove the Moisture

You cannot allow any moisture to settle down on the floor as it can create a risk of mould to grow. So, after cleaning it, use a dry cloth to wipe off the excess moisture from the floor surface.

How To Clean Your Laminate Floors With Vinegar?

Vinegar is another excellent option to clean such floors because unlike the commercial cleaners, it does have harmful chemicals. It gives the floor natural cleaning without causing any damage to the surface. Let’s have a look at the procedure.

Prepare the solution

Pour 50 to 60 ml of white vinegar into a spray bottle (940 to 1000 ml). Then fill the bottle with water and mix it well. Vinegar can be too harsh if it is used in its pure form, so you must mix it with water.

Spray the solution

Spray the water-vinegar solution onto the surface in areas not more than 1-foot squares. Do not spray on the entire floor because after spraying, you need to wipe off the solution almost immediately.

Wipe off the solution

Take a damp cloth or sponge mop and wipe the specific area where you have applied the vinegar solution. Make sure you do not use any abrasive piece of cloth. Otherwise, it can damage the surface.

Dry the floor

If some water has been left behind due to the wet cloth, use a dry microfiber cloth to get rid of the excess moisture. Then allow it to air dry. You should not take any chances with laminate floors, so if you are not sure about the procedure, opt for end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

How To Clean Your Laminate Floors With A Mild Detergent?

A mild detergent is easily available in any of your nearby stores in Sunshine Coast. It doesn’t have any harsh chemicals, so it is entirely safe as well as effective on the floors. Let’s look at the cleaning procedure.

Take Water

Take a large bucket and fill around 4 litres of warm water in it. You don’t require steaming hot water, but it should be more than just lukewarm.

Add Mild Detergent

Then, pour around 30 ml of mild liquid dish detergent into the water. In case you don’t have a mild detergent, you can also use baby shampoo. Try to avoid scented or dyed dish detergent as they can create streaks or cause harm to the surface.

Clean the surface

Take a sponge mop and soak it in that soapy solution. Now, squeeze it thoroughly, so that it remains only mildly damp. Unlike the previous method, here you need to spray it on the entire floor and not work on small areas.

Dry the area

As you have used a small amount of water, it should get dry quickly but if the moisture is still visible, take a dry piece of cloth and remove the excess moisture.

How To Remove Stubborn Stains From Laminate Floors?

The following are some stubborn stains that people often struggle to remove. Try these tactics to get rid of them and keep your floor clean.

For Blood Stain: Use window cleaner to get rid of the problem. Spray a small amount of this solution on the stain and clean it immediately. The sooner you will attend it, the quicker it will get removed.

For Chewing Gum: All you need to do is remove the gum using a plastic knife. After that, wipe off the surface with a soft, damp cloth.

For Wine, Ink or Crayon Marks: Such things can be a little tricky, so go for end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast. However, you can try to clean it with a mildly wet microfiber cloth.

For Shoe Polish and Nail Polish: Pour some nail polish remover on a piece of cloth and rub it on the stain until it gets removed.

For Heel Marks and Scuffs: All you need is an eraser. Rub it over these marks until the marks come off the laminate floor. Then clean the surface with a wet cloth.

For Grease Spill: You need to apply an ice pack on the spot until the grease spill becomes hard. Then scrub it with a plastic knife. Then wipe off the surface with a damp cloth.

Additional Tips

Apart from the methods mentioned above, here are some tips to keep the floor clean.

  • Use entry mats as they collect the dirt, grit, sand and other similar substances. In the absence of mats, these can spread onto your floor.
  • If you have pets, particularly dogs, trim their nails to prevent the scratches on your floor.
  • Before you start cleaning, read the instructions of manufacturers or supplier of your laminate floors.
  • If you are confused about any cleaning procedure, do not take any risks. Instead, opt for professional end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

Laminate floor cleaning is not that difficult if you are aware of the right procedures to clean the surface. Regular dusting of the floor can keep away the dust and dirt, which make deep cleaning much easier. The methods mentioned here are effective as well as safe for the floors, so you can follow them without any hesitation.