The Busy Mom’s Guide To Cleaning House

young mother and her daughter sprucing up a property

The Busy Mom’s Guide To Cleaning House

By : angelina

Balancing a professional and personal life for busy moms can be challenging.  Either you are busy chasing toddlers around all day or working on some important projects at your office. It is hard to get time for moms to keep a house clean and organised.

If you are also overlooking housekeeping chores because of your kids, then prepare a schedule and cleaning checklist to achieve a hygienic home environment. Many women even prefer hiring seasoned professionals for a dedicated end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast to alleviate their stress and pay more attention to their children.

However, we are sharing a complete guide that will help all busy moms to clean up their homes on a regular basis. The best part about these cleaning tips is that you don’t need to spend all your day scrubbing off surfaces.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Prepare a Cleaning Schedule

Being a mother is a full-time job. It is hard to get enough time for a thorough house cleaning. That’s why it is good to create a schedule and keep things organised.

Setting cleaning goals will keep you stay focused, and you will also get time for your kids. Instead of wasting hours sprucing up the entire home, you should pay attention to quick yet effective cleaning methods.

For example, you can wipe off the kitchen countertop after preparing your meals or do dishes. This will save you a lot of time.

Apart from this, a daily and weekly checklist will also help you in maintaining a tidy living space.

Tip: Assign a day for different rooms, such as Monday for a kitchen , Tuesday for a bathroom, etc.

2. Dedicate 20-Minutes Each Day

According to cleaning experts, you can spruce up your house in 20 to 30 minutes every day. So, decide how much time you will be able to dedicate to sprucing each day, and set a timer.

Quick cleaning is all about getting rid of mess around the house, removing visible dust and stains, making a bed and disinfecting high-tough areas. So, this won’t take a lot of time.

There is no rush to deep clean the entire home because you just need to maintain the clean and organised look of your abode all day long. So, change your cleaning habits and include simple yet effective tasks into your everyday cleaning checklist.

3. Involve your Kids

Doing all the household tasks for busy mums can be tiring and stressful. In such a situation, you can ask your kids to help you in housekeeping chores. Since sprucing a big house is not a one-person job, make sure you include your little ones and spend fun time with them while ensuring a clean abode.

Start with simple tasks that they can perform without any hesitation. Depending on the age of your kids, you should assign them cleaning tasks. This will make things easy for you too. Setting work like doing the dishes, putting laundry in the bucket, drying plates, dusting tables and chairs, etc can also make your kids responsible.

4. Get Rid of Excess Belongings

De-cluttering a house is one of the best ways to reduce your cleaning hours. According to the KonMari method, it is good to keep things in your house that brings happiness and joy. This means purging out unnecessary items is one of the best ways to enhance the overall look and  feel of a living space.

It is much easier to clean if you have lesser belongings. So, stop stock up unnecessary things and simplify your life.

If you are prepping your leased property for the final inspection, then get rid of unwanted stuff and hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast for a quality cleaning at the best price.

5. Pay Attention to High-Touch Areas

Make sure you clean and disinfect your house during the COVID-19 outbreak. Of course, you are a busy mum, but maintaining a healthy and hygienic indoor environment is also your topmost priority.

So, make a routine and target high-tough areas, such as doorknobs, light switches, tabletops, toys, faucets and sink, toilet seat, countertop, etc.

To save time, you can use disinfecting wipes or sprays that have at least 70 per cent of alcohol concentration to kill germs, bacteria and viruses.

6. Vacuum Carpets Twice a Week

Carpets can get dirty quickly when you have kids. It is important for you to keep your floor coverings neat and clean. Make sure you vacuum your carpets twice a week using a brush attachment to get rid of dust, pollens, allergens, dead skin cells and other loose debris accumulated deep inside the fibres.

To treat stubborn stains, you can hire professional carpet cleaners in Sunshine Coast. They can offer you the best steam cleaning service to bring back the lost shine and beauty of your plush floor covering.


Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs, especially if you have small kids. Apart from taking care of your children, make sure you keep a house clean and organised. The tips mentioned-above in this article will make this better for you. If you are vacating the property at the end of your lease, hire experts for a detailed end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast and get your bond back with peace of mind.