What Is A Good Grout Cleaner For Tile Floors?

What Is A Good Grout Cleaner For Tile Floors?

By : angelina
Have you noticed discoloured and black spots on your tile grout? These spots result from a buildup of dirt and grime over time on your grout and needs a deep and thorough cleaning. In such cases, it is best to avoid chemical cleaners as these harsh and toxic substances can damage your grout and indoor air quality.

Instead, you can opt for natural and eco-friendly solutions that will spruce up your grout and keep you and your family safe from toxic chemicals. Hiring bond cleaning Sunshine Coast experts who deep-clean the grout on your tiles using advanced and sophisticated cleaning equipment is safer if your grout has been cleaned for a long time.

Whether you hire bond cleaners or clean the grout on your own, it is important first to understand what grout is and then get down to cleaning and scrubbing it.

What Is Grout

Grout is a dense and porous material that fills and seals the space between your tiles. Firstly, this dense material helps seal your tiles to your walls or floors, and then it is used to seal the gaps between your tiles to help give them a crisp appearance. Grout can help strengthen your tile installation and keep them secure on your walls and floors. Four types of grout are used for tiles, including:

  • Sanded Grout
  • Unsanded grout
  • Epoxy grout
  • TEC Power grout
  • Out of these, the most common type of grout used in most homes is sanded grout, which is a mixture of cement, sand and water and is powerful enough to hold your tiles together for a long time. But over time, without regular cleaning and maintenance, this porous grout can start accumulating dirt and grime in its holes that can seep to the bottom of your floors or walls and damage them.

    Therefore, it is important to deep-clean your grout using eco-friendly cleaning products at least three to four times a year to remove all this debris and dirt and to keep your tiled floors and walls in good condition. Here are some expert tips by bond cleaning Sunshine Coast services on how to clean grout from your floor tiles:

    1. Gather Your Cleaning Gear

    First, you must gather your cleaning equipment to keep cleaning in a flow and not have to run back and forth to get your tools. Here are some cleaning equipment and solutions you will need to clean grout:

  • ½ cup of Baking soda
  • ¼ cup of Hydrogen peroxide
  • One tablespoon of Dish soap
  • Hot water
  • An old toothbrush or scrubbing brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Lemon juice
  • Cream of tartar
  • Squeeze-top container
  • Broom or vacuum
  • Damp cloth or mop
  • Detergent
  • Tip

    You can see how environmentally-friendly your cleaning cupboard is using these tips.

    2. Sweep Or Vacuum Grout To Remove Any Loose Dirt

    Since grout is porous, it has small holes where dirt and grime can collect and damage your floor tiles. Thus, it is best to start by sweeping or vacuuming your grout to remove this loose dirt and debris so that you are not spreading it around with the cleaning solution.

    3. Apply Protective Gear And Prepare Your Cleaning Solution

    Next, bond cleaners on Sunshine Coast recommend wearing rubber gloves as hydrogen peroxide can get into any cuts on your hands and cause a stinging sensation. Once you have worn your rubber gloves, mix ½ cup of baking soda with ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide in a squeeze-top bottle and let it mix.

    Baking soda’s abrasive and alkaline nature will remove tough stains and dirt from your grout. At the same time, all-purpose hydrogen peroxide is a natural alternative to bleach and will whiten and disinfect your grout. Next, add one tablespoon of dish soap to loosen the grease from your grout and mix the solution thoroughly.

    4. Apply The Cleaning Solution To The Grout And Let It Sit

    Once the solution has mixed properly, apply it to the grout with the squeeze-top container in fine lines and let it sit for five to ten minutes. This will allow the mixture to work its magic on the grout and you can then scrub the solution with an old but clean toothbrush or a soft-bristled brush.

    Next, use hot water to rinse the solution out and then use a mop or damp cloth with ½ spoon of detergent and water and clean the grout. Repeat the process if the grout needs a more deep cleaning.


    If you only need to whiten the grout on your floor tiles, bond cleaners recommend that you can use a tablespoon of cream of tartar mixed with a squirt of lemon juice and apply it to the grout. Leave this for five minutes, then rinse it with hot water to whiten the grout on your floor tiles.

    Some Precautions To Keep In Mind

  • Do not use white vinegar to clean grout on your tiles, as the acetic acid in vinegar is strong enough to damage the porous grout.
  • Avoid using bleach as it releases toxic fumes that can harm you and your family and can seep beneath the grout to your flooring, and damage the structure.
  • Use sealant regularly to keep your grout intact, making it easier to clean and maintain.
  • Conclusion

    Thus, using the natural cleaning solution and tips above, you can easily clean grout on your floor tiles. It is important to dust and vacuum the grout on your tiles regularly and use this cleaning solution at least four times a year to keep it in good shape and intact.