What Is Pressure Washing /Cleaning? How Does It Work?

young man power washing the outdoor wooden surfaces

What Is Pressure Washing /Cleaning? How Does It Work?

By : angelina
Like many other great inventions in history, pressure washing was discovered by accident in 1926 by Frank WoldertOfeldt II. Since then, pressure washing machines have made deep cleaning various surfaces and areas of residential and commercial properties effective and efficient.

Besides being excellent for removing pollutants, this method is used by professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast and other cleaning experts because it is eco-friendly and cleans without dangerous chemicals and volatile organic compounds.

If you are considering getting your household spaces pressure washed, here is your complete guide outlining in detail what it is, how it works, and its benefits. Additionally, learn when pressure washing is required for your home.

What is pressure washing, and how does it work?

Pressure washing is a cleaning method that involves the use of water at high pressure for removing dust, dirt, grime, algae, mould and other stubborn pollutants from a variety of surfaces. A pressure washer mechanism is simple as water is sprayed from a nozzle at high speed using an electric motor or a gas engine to wash and clean any surface or fixture.

Most modern machines have a water inlet, pressure regulators, and different types of nozzles to help control water speed and intensity. Usually, the pressure is within 5 to 200 megapascal (MPa), but it can be more.

People often use pressure washing and power washing interchangeably, but the two methods are slightly different. In power washing, hot water is used because the machines have a water heating mechanism making a huge difference in how the methods are used. Besides this, all the functions and pressure used for power washing and pressure washing are the same.

What are the benefits of pressure washing?

Earlier, pressure washing was majorly used to clean automobiles and commercial buildings, but now people get their homes cleaned by this method. Many tenants use professional pressure washing service and end-of-lease cleaning service in Sunshine Coast to get their rental properties deep cleaned.

This service can also be availed for the regular upkeep of your house because pressure washing has the following benefits.

  • It is ideal for cleaning the porch, roofs, driveway, garage, deck, lawn, pavements, and outdoor walls of your house. It can remove stubborn dirt, dust, mould, algae, and many other types of persistent contaminants.
  • Pressure washing is a green cleaning method because, like steam cleaning, it can sanitise surfaces with water and without using harsh chemicals. You can use a mild and organic cleaner with pressure washers to get excellent results in no time.
  • It helps make homes sparkle and increase their curb appeal. If you are a property owner who is planning to sell your residential real estate, then get it pressure washed to clean it thoroughly from the outside.
  • It is a great preventive maintenance method because it helps keep your house clean and increase the longevity of paint and polishes. In addition, your property’s outdoor surfaces don’t accumulate a film of mould, algae, dirt, grime, and other pollutants that can affect its appearance and structural integrity.
  • Modern pressure washing machines have different kinds of attachments like a rotary brush, spinning wand spray, and many others.

Is DIY pressure washing a viable option?

To clean your house regularly, you can invest in a pressure washing machine, or you can rent one whenever the outdoor areas of your house become heavily soiled. However, when you live in a rented property, it is best to hire professional cleaners in Sunshine Coast for pressure washing after discussing it with your property owner or manager.

When to get pressure washing done?

As a tenant who is renting a house with a porch, deck, lawn, driveway etc., you may require pressure washing if the landlord or previous tenant had the outdoor areas pressure washed before your tenancy.

You have to return the property in the same neat and clean condition it was in at the time of occupancy. Thus make sure to ask the property owner or manager for a receipt to see whether the professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast performed pressure washing along with bond cleaning.

You can get pressure washing done when renovating or refurbishing your home because it can make your property look as good as new. To get the best results, hire professional cleaners as they have advanced machines and years of experience to use the equipment optimally and clean effectively and efficiently.


Pressure washing is a modern cleaning and sanitising method that is used for sprucing different areas of residential and commercial properties. Pressure washing service is often availed by tenants when they want to get their bond back. Also, many homeowners avail it for making their homes sparkle or increase its curb appeal.

Therefore, if you are considering getting your home pressure washed, use this guide to understand what it is, how it works, and should you hire professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast to perform it.