What to Look for When Hiring Bond Cleaners At The End Of Tenancy?

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What to Look for When Hiring Bond Cleaners At The End Of Tenancy?

By : angelina
Moving out of a leased property means the thorough end of lease cleaning. No matter how big or small the premises is, make sure you hand over the property in a pristine condition. Clean all the rooms from top to bottom, remove stains and spills from carpets and hard surfaces, and sanitise your kitchen and disinfect your bathroom in order to secure your bond money.

But the real challenge arises when tenants face difficulties in finding a reliable and affordable bond cleaner in Peregian Springs. With hundreds of options available in the competitive market, it becomes tough to choose the best bond cleaning company that can help you get your full security deposit back without any dispute.

Since you are doing it everything for the first time, you find hurdles in making the right decision and could also end up hiring an unprofessional company. If you really want to get your bond money back, then keep reading this blog post.

Below are some useful tips that you should consider while searching for the best end of lease cleaners in Peregian Springs.

1. Check For Their Professionalism

Do thorough research and look for the professional bond cleaners who can assist you throughout the cleaning process and return the property in a pristine condition to match the property condition report. People with a professional approach always strive to deliver the best possible results regardless of the complicated situation.

If you want someone who can remove stains and build-up grease from your carpets, countertops and walls with perfection, then search for the one who’ve years of experience in cleaning rental properties – both commercial and residential ones. The best part about their professionalism is that they can complete the assigned task within a given time period and provide you with peace of mind.

2. They Should Provide Bond Back Guarantee

You should always look for the bond cleaning company which has a proven track record of successful services with a bond back guarantee. Whether it is a small unit or a duplex, they should clean the property from top to bottom – leaving no stains behind for the sake of your deposited security.

Make sure they re-clean the property if they or the landlord is not happy with their first clean. You should ask them and clear all the doubts related to getting your bond back along with their terms and conditions.

3. Local-friendly Cleaners

Hiring a local company means you get the team of reliable local cleaners who know everything about the different areas of the city.

The best part about hiring local-friendly cleaners is that they come to your place on time and get the job done quickly and easily. So, make sure you look for this quality whenever you are searching for the bond service in Peregian Springs.

4. They should carry REIQ-approved Checklist

Professional and experienced bond companies in Peregian Springs always works in compliance with the REIQ-approved cleaning checklist. And their cleaners know what the landlords expect from the end of lease cleaning.

And that’s why they thoroughly clean the property from the top and makes their way down to the windows, carpets and floors to create spotless places. They clean according to the checklist and cover every inch of the premises to give you quality service with a sense of relief.

5. High-end Cleaning Equipment

Make sure your hired bond cleaners come fully-equipped with cutting-edge cleaning technologies. If you moving are out of a leased commercial space, ensure you consider this tip because office cleaning requires high-quality and fully-functional technologies to clean floors, high-rise surfaces and windows.

6. Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Products

When you are hiring a bond cleaning company, make sure they use safe and sound cleaning products. Try to hire a company which uses only biodegradable products that are free from dangerous fumes and chemicals.

Professionally-trained cleaners are fully-skilled with providing a range of natural cleaning products that are not damaging. The best part about these products is that they can remove the stubborn stains, grease, grime, mould and mildew without any damage or abrasive results.

7. Robust Customer Service

Look for the customer testimonials and get a better picture of the company you are going to hire for an end of lease cleaning. Make sure their customer service is quick and robust. The good staff take work seriously and ensure that their customer is treated well from the start to the end of the journey. No matter how tough the job is, they take all your queries and resolve them as quickly as possible.

8. Affordability

After choosing the best five companies, don’t forget to compare their quotes. This will help you find the best option within your estimated budget. Ask them to provide you with the estimated quotes and evaluate your requirements to get the best deal. Make sure your hired company believes in transparent pricing policy.


The entire process of hiring an end of lease cleaners in Peregian Springs requires apt knowledge, patience and quick decision-making skills. You can take assistance from all the tips mentioned above in this post to make your job easier and be stress-free to perform all other moving tasks easily and smoothly.