When to Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

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When to Hire Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service

By : angelina
End of lease cleaning is a challenging and time-taking task, which directly affect the chances of getting back the security deposit. So, it is vital to hire professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.However, it is even more important that you know the right time to hire professionals. A lot of people find it confusing, which makes an impact on the entire moving process as well as the quality of the cleaning.

To know the right time to hire professionals, you should also know when to start the research and what is the ideal time to clean the property. Then only you will be able to understand the right time to hire the experts. If you want to know more, here is detailed information on when to hire professional end of lease cleaning service.

When To Start Research about End of Lease Cleaning Company

Before you hire professional end of lease cleaning service, it essential that you do in-depth research, and for that, you need sufficient time. So, you should start your research at least 2 months before your moving date.

Talk to your property manager and choose a date for the final inspection. You will hand over the keys of the property after the inspection, and if things go as it should be, your landlord will return your security deposit without any deduction or dispute.

You should always keep mind that getting back the refund of the bond money depends on the cleaning of the rental property, so you must do your research properly and hire the best professionals who perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast.

If you delay the research part, then you will hire professionals in a hustle, and that can make a huge difference in your end of lease cleaning. You should be aware of the right criteria to select a reliable cleaning company.

Parameters to choose the right company

When you are doing your research, consider the following parameters to analyse a cleaning company.

Online Reviews

When you are searching for a reliable cleaning company, always consider online reviews. Visit the comparison websites and read what previous customers have written about the company and what their overall rating is.

Experience Factor

End of lease cleaning is a complicated process. Thus, you should always look for seasoned professionals because they know what the property owners look for during the final inspection and thus, they clean the property accordingly.

Price Policy

Several cleaning companies in Sunshine Coast charge their customers on an hourly basis. This can be very costly for you because it is difficult to estimate the total time of cleaning. Always look for a cleaning company that provides a quote based on the property size.

Cleaning products

All the reputed company that perform end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast follow green cleaning. They use natural products that do not pollute the environment.

Cleaning checklist

Before you hire professional cleaners, ask them what surface is included and excluded in their cleaning checklist. You don’t want to hire a company that doesn’t clean essential spots in the rental property.

When to Book End of Lease Cleaning Service

You must take your time to do the research, but you also need to make sure that you do not take too much time in choosing a cleaning company. It is essential to book end of lease cleaning service at least a month before the final inspection.

If you delay the booking, then there is a possibility that all the reputed cleaning companies get booked before you make a decision. Then, you will have to compromise by hiring an average cleaning company or performing the end of lease cleaning on your own.

In both cases, the chances of getting back the bond money significantly decrease. That is why you should book the cleaning service at least four weeks before the inspection, and if possible, even earlier. Book a date which is one or two days before you are planning to hand over the keys.

Ideal Time to Clean the Rental Property

A lot of people face confusion about the right time to perform the end of lease cleaning. Whether you are cleaning the rental property or hiring the professionals who offer professional end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast, knowing the right time to clean the rental property is important. If you are opting for professional service, then you will have to mention the date when you will book the service.

Ideally, you should book the service one or two days before the final inspection because if you clean the property too early, then it will again get dirty. Clean it at the last moment so that it remains clean and the landlord gets impressed.

The last thing in the rental property that should get clean is the carpets because the property owner closely examines it. So, clean at the last so that it looks sparkling clean during the final inspection.

The Bottom Line

If you want to accomplish the cleaning task in the best possible manner, then it is imperative to hire professional end of lease cleaning service at the right. A delay in the hiring of the professionals can affect the quality of the cleaning, and that can lead to chaos. If you have any confusion about the when to hire professionals, follow the approach mentioned above.