Why You Should Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

Why You Should Deep Clean Your New Home Before Moving In

By : angelina
Relocating is stressful, and you don’t want to add to your distress by moving into a dirty house. Whether you are moving to a newly built property or one previously occupied by an owner or tenant, you should deep clean your new home. It can make a sea of change because clean surroundings boost your mental well-being and promote health.

Hire professionals performing house cleaning and end of lease cleaning in Sunshine Coast to sanitise your new home before moving in. You can also do it yourself if you have the time and energy to clean the house. Whatever you choose, here are the reasons deep cleaning your new abode before moving in is crucial.

Get Rid Of Residual Contaminants

If your new property is newly constructed, you must get it deep cleaned by professional cleaners before moving in. Even though the construction workers clean the premises by removing raw materials and debris, fine particles, wood shavings, sawdust, and other bric-a-brac can remain in corners, crevices and hard-to-reach spots.

By hiring experienced professionals offering deep cleaning and end of lease cleaning services in Sunshine Coast, you can sanitise your new home thoroughly. The professionals have the equipment, skills and experience to remove dust, dirt and debris from almost every nook and cranny of homes.

Avoid Falling Sick

Often when people move into a new house, they fall sick immediately, making settling in harder. It is because the indoor air quality suffers without regular cleaning and becomes stale when a property remains empty for long.

Additionally, the household surfaces & fixtures gather dust, dirt and allergens that aggravate asthma, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases. Thus, you must deep clean the property before occupying it, even if the previous tenant or the property owners sanitised it.

Reduces Allergies 

People suffering from allergies must clean their new home thoroughly before living in it to minimise the chances of a flare-up. Pollen, dander, dust mites and other allergens permeate the indoor air increasing your or other household members’ chances of getting allergic reactions.

Thus make sure to dust the household surfaces, vacuum carpets, wipe countertops and shelves, wash hard floors, sanitise the windows and manage other deep cleaning tasks before you move into the new house.

Maintain Household Sanitation Better

A new home is a fresh start for everyone, meaning if you failed to clean your house regularly before, now you can do it daily. Start by creating a daily house cleaning checklist to outline necessary chores.

Next, divide the tasks among household members to perform them before moving in and don’t forget to set deadlines for the tasks. Once you understand how deep cleaning of a house is done, you can manage it regularly and prevent your home from becoming too dirty.

This way, you can develop good habits and keep your new home in a much better state than the previous one. When your home is sanitary at all times, you are more productive, healthier and happier.

Feel More Comfortable

An unclean house attributes to mental stress and physical fatigue, making it harder for you to feel comfortable and settle in the new home. If you want to be at home immediately after moving in, ensure every room is neat and tidy. When the house is sanitary, you can easily keep your furniture, home decor items and other things.

Hence, you can relax, have peace of mind and sleep better from day one. Furthermore, by cleaning your new house, you can ensure it is welcoming for your family and anyone else who comes to visit.

Kitchen & Bathroom Are Hot Spots For Germs

The kitchen and bathroom of any home have the dirtiest areas where multiple illness-causing pathogens proliferate. You can never clean and disinfect these areas enough, which is why deep cleaning these rooms is vital for a healthy home. While cleaning these areas, make sure to do the following.

  • Clean top to bottom. It is a professional technique used by professional end of lease cleaners in Sunshine Coast to avoid recontamination of cleaned areas.
  • Always clean and then disinfect surfaces to prevent physical contaminants from shielding the germs when you apply the disinfectant to kill them.
  • Don’t forget to sanitise high touch points like the faucets, handles, knobs, countertops etc. You will reduce the transmission of germs significantly this way.
  • To keep pests and bad smells away from drains, pour a cup of bleach into them and cover for 30 minutes before rinsing with hot water.
  • Conclusion

    Getting a new home is fun and exciting only when you don’t need to worry about living in it and getting sick. Also, for the other reasons mentioned above, it is crucial you deep clean your new home before moving in.

    Thus, you should either take the assistance of experienced cleaners offering house cleaning and bond cleaning in Sunshine Coast or clean it yourself.